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Good morning, health is coming! [2020.7.7]

[CLD related thrombocytopenia treatment, entered the era of oral medicine "Xin". Shanghai Fuxing medicine (Group) Limited by Share Ltd recently announced that its first small molecule innovative medicine, Su Kexin (commonly known as maleic acid, a

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Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.29]

The latest research: "simulating fasting" diet or helping breast cancer chemotherapy. According to a new randomized controlled phase II clinical trial published by natural science international journal Nature communication, the fasting mimicking d

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/29

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.27]

Staying up late to brush your cell phone can really affect the development of retinal cells and even lead to blindness. With the development of science and technology, the popularity of smart phones and the popularity of APP in various entertainment and g

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Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.25]

The average yield is 766.62 kg per mu. The record of yield per unit of super strong gluten wheat in China was born, with an average yield of 766.62 kg per mu. This is the highest yield of super gluten wheat that "Jimai 44" has just created. In Jun

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/25

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.24]

[-196 C focus on embryo freezing "black technology"! The world's first intelligent, automated, cryogenic cryopreservation system is approved by the European Union CE. After 5 years of self-developed BSG800A automatic cryopreservation system an

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/24

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.21]

Chinese scientists use new microcapsules to develop high performance cancer vaccines. Using approved materials and ingenious designs to develop safe and effective biologics can accelerate the process of clinical transformation. Scientists from the Institu

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/21

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.20]

[gut bacteria have aging clock] researchers at Harvard Medical School and other institutions in the United States have carried out genome sequencing of thousands of intestinal bacteria to develop and verify the depth of aging clock. The results showed tha

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/20

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.17]

People who don't eat regularly watch out! Late meals are more likely to increase body weight and blood sugar levels. Recently, a study published in the international magazine Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, scientists from Johns Ho

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/17

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.13]

[natural] assessment of the impact of prevention and control policies on the new crown virus pandemic. British Nature magazine published a report on the 8 day, which quantified the large-scale anti infection policies adopted by 6 countries, including poli

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/13

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.12]

Scientists suggest that it is better to be "quiet and sober" than to try to fall asleep. I can't sleep, I can't sleep and I can't get up. In fact, rest does not necessarily have to sleep. When you lie down in bed, even if your brain is

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/12

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.11]

[new research reveals the mechanism of drug resistance in cancer cells] a new study conducted by the Australian team has found that once exposed to targeted anticancer drugs, the genes related to cancer cells will increase the chance of mutation in the pr

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/11

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.8]

[research] there is still a long way to go before the world population is "group immunity". Many new attempts to estimate the actual number of new coronavirus infections show that there is still a long way to go for the world population to achieve

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/08

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.7]

Is it easy to be depressed when you brush your cell phone before going to bed? Xue Tian / Zhao Huan reveals the neural mechanism of nocturnal Blu ray "depression". In addition to producing vision, light can also regulate various physiological func

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/07

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.6]

Watch out! Even natural products can be harmful to the fetus. The products of pregnant women are decomposed into chemicals by intestinal flora, some of which can pass through the placental barrier and reach the fetus. These foreign substances can cause ha

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/06

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.6.1]

Exposure to "beneficial bacteria" during pregnancy can reduce the risk of autism. A new animal study conducted by researchers at University of Colorado's boulder University shows that mothers in stress at the end of pregnancy can contact some

nxwjkang @ 2020/06/01

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.5.31]

[new research to solve the mystery of cancer spread, or gene driven cause] in cancer treatment process, whether patients or doctors, the most concerned problem is the metastasis and proliferation of cancer cells. But it is puzzling whether the metastasis

nxwjkang @ 2020/05/31

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.5.30]

The first case in the world! Only 6 days after birth in Japan, the baby was successfully transplanted into a fetal stem cell transplant. Japanese doctors successfully transplanted hepatocytes from embryonic stem cells into a newborn baby, the first time i

nxwjkang @ 2020/05/30

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.5.25]

Hypertension can be avoided. With age, almost every adult will face the health problem of hypertension. If uncontrolled or not diagnosed in time, hypertension can lead to heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease or other major health problems.

nxwjkang @ 2020/05/25

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.5.24]

[direct artery embolus is expected to cure stroke more quickly] recently, Liu Jianmin, director of Department of Neurosurgery, Changhai Hospital of the Naval Medical University, led the organization's "evaluation of the efficacy of direct arterial

nxwjkang @ 2020/05/24

Good morning, health is coming! [2020.5.23]

Neuronal aging will aggravate DNA damage. Recently, neuroscientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that an enzyme called HDAC1 is critical to repair age-related DNA damage. Previous studies have shown that in Alzheimer's patients and h

nxwjkang @ 2020/05/23