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Dog Kingdom: golden mouth can plug 6 tennis balls at a time, and is expected to break Guinness's record.

Many dogs love playing balls, but this golden hair is not unusual for playing with balls. It's called Finlay. It's from New York, America. The only hobby is catching balls. The big mouth is the king of dog kingdom. Feel Finlay's mouth almost o

nuannanjinmao @ 2020/04/18

The golden hair of someone else's family is a big warm man.

Although warm uncle always sends some "others' golden hair" to abuse you, but this time, it's my turn to abuse myself. Remember that this golden fish that caught fish before was able to be self-sufficient. Yes, in the warm uncle's hear

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/12/20

How did this golden hair get hot?

First, let's review what golden hair looks like, big face, and small eyes. When you get angry, you change shoes and boots. This should be the golden hair that most people are familiar with. But do you recognize this golden hair called Polly? The face

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/12/15

"Jin Mao heard people say it was fat, and immediately hid their faces..."

They all say golden smart. Where is the smart? Uncle Wen has seen such a few stories on the Internet and shared them with you. @silvia I said I was going to school, and it was reluctant to... When I went out to find the key, I saw it sneaking at me. So it

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/12/04

For Jin Mao, it is inversely proportional to appetite and courage.

For Jin Mao, it can be eaten and demolished, and fighting power should be exploded, but some of them are nothing to eat and nothing to do. Well, netizens say that his dog is three years old, and even now they dare not jump. Even a lot of friends who have

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/10/09

The owner raised a big bastard, and his face was not happy: How did he get along with this thing?

Today's main character is Fufu, a golden hair from England. Recently, Fufu met with a worry: it's a small master, and a big bastard Fufu can't understand. How can there be such a slow tortoise species in the world? Chat, slow! Take a slow road! Eat someth

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/08/10

In an interview with the international trainer, secret dog is how to act

23 dog actor Wu Nan movie director "in the heart" look down upon everybody else, 23 dog actors are from the "game of Thrones", "Wolf Totem" Trainer "wolf king" under Andelumen. As Garnett disciples, they take the drama Huan

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/04/20

Chi Chi, thank you for coming to......

I do not know whether we still remember the only known as "dwarf" golden retriever. It is called Chi Chi, is a therapy dog in america. Chi Chi a 5 year old boy, but he looked than the general golden short, if you look at it carefully, you will fin

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/04/04

Nine family portrait shooting, press the shutter when there is a dog ""......

Below the big golden retriever named Willow. Willow has a special hobby, is particularly love the photo, we are going to see every photo cougerenao. This day, the family together to eat dinner, someone suggested to take a family portrait, when everyone po

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/04/04

Give you enough money, you want to sell your dog?

(a) the word "face", is said to have come from the town of Hankou in Qing dynasty. The old people are sick injured, to fill a prescription, so, then as now, the medicine of the hospital, and the medicine is divided into upper, middle and lower thr

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/04/03

"I lost light, but... But you..!"

The golden retriever named Charlie, 11 years old this year. With the increase of age, the body of Charlie also appeared in a variety of conditions...... a few years ago, Charlie had glaucoma, had had enucleation surgery, thereafter, Charlie live entirely

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/03/25

Don't throw the dog hair comb, are useful!

The bird nest is built "Golden Nest" ah By/DY/Maureenmmm

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/03/22

Man in spite of dog owners advice insisted on ice to save the dog: you don't panic! I learned to swim in the siberian!

The cold winter, many owners will play with their own dog hit the ice on the lake, but as the weather gets warmer, and the ice has become a very dangerous thing...... a foreign friends recently holding his home two golden dogs go out to play, see the icy

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/03/16

Because of this incident, I was almost killed in Tibetan mastiff......

My name is Yu Feng, a playwright. Like many happy family, I love my wife, his son, also have a lovely gentle dog named nicole. However, such a quiet life, but was not only a rope dog, thoroughly stir into a pool of muddy water...... that morning, I clean

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/03/06

The old golden retriever everyday squat down at the intersection of view: Master, what time do you go home......

A Taiwan netizen, two years ago he often saw a golden village lying in the intersection, like waiting for a friend who... Ask... After that, the dog's owner married a few years ago, at first she is walking with the golden retriever dog, but with incre

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/02/23

The big golden Cooper birthday gift... Friends: live like a dog..!

The golden Cooper at the age of four, the owner made a special birthday gift for it: it will be to cut into a video record growth! Across the screen can see that Cooper has a super happy dog born!

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/02/18

Why do you keep golden...... because it's a big smile!

The Golden Retriever is really an angel there to see them every photo, face unconsciously with aunt laugh! The big golden retriever named Mostarda, is a super good guy, his love pinch its face, no matter how you roll it "will not be angry! See the gol

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/02/10

Jin Maocheng Wanghong dog, with hundreds of thousands of fans, the reason was actually because of a "small black"?

We usually see the Golden Retriever is like this! In fact, there is a "special" golden retriever, because the gene mutation resulted in his hair and skin color. Only the name Enzo small golden retriever because of gene mutation in a black birthmar

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/02/07

In fact, a golden retriever is raising happy ah!

The golden retriever with his lovely appearance, docile personality by more and more people love. A foreign woman said, since raised a golden retriever, realized what is the real happiness, because the dog hit don't allow you not happy! When you are s

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/02/01

The big golden squinting at the door waiting for master work: come and hug me......

The golden retriever named Kula, it has been 11 years old this year. Although the facial hair is gray, but the heart is still very sunshine. One thing will do Kula every day, is in the home owner at the door waiting for her for 11 years, never stopped. Ju

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/01/21