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News | led by the new continent -- Fujian Province's major scientific and technological projects passed the acceptance

News from our journal: Fujian Province Science and technology major special project "research and development and application of Internet of things cloud platform using big data technology" has been successfully accepted. The project is led by Fuj

newland000997 @ 2020/08/10

News | new continent won the bid for the special project of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" and integrated development of manufacturing industry of the Ministry of industry and informat

Xu: the Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) recently launched a special bidding for manufacturing "innovation and entrepreneurship" and integrated development in 2020. A consortium composed of new continent Digital Technology Co

newland000997 @ 2020/08/05

News | the party and government delegation of Weinan City, Shaanxi Province visited the new continent

Weinan municipal Party and government delegation led by Wei Jianfeng, Secretary of Weinan municipal Party committee of Shaanxi Province, recently visited the new mainland to conduct in-depth research on broadening the channels of economic and trade exchan

newland000997 @ 2020/07/31

News | new land software company won the bid for the collaborative research and experience promotion center project of MIIT in 2020

News from our journal: the Ministry of industry and information technology has completed the bidding for the collaborative research and experience Promotion Center Project in 2020. The investment scale of the project reaches 130 million yuan. The consorti

newland000997 @ 2020/07/29

News | Fuzhou's first "Internet card + smart community" went online, benefiting Fuzhou people

Fuzhou's first "network card + smart community" application scene in Mawei District new land No. 1 online! This is the first pilot community after Fuzhou municipal government has fully launched the "Internet +" trusted digital identity

newland000997 @ 2020/07/23

News | new continent education "1 + X + y personnel training research" project was selected into the first batch of national vocational education teachers teaching innovation team research pro

News from our journal: the Ministry of Education recently issued the notice on publishing the first batch of research projects on teaching innovation team of national vocational education teachers. The project "research and application of 1 + X + y ta

newland000997 @ 2020/07/21

New world education held Online

News from our magazine: new continent education company will hold the online training of "Internet of things technology" of new continent education from July 20 to 21. The training will be aimed at teachers and students of Internet of things, comp

newland000997 @ 2020/07/15

News | "new continent sprouts new" successfully landed on "land"

News from our magazine: the "landing camp" of new land Technology Group's 2020 school recruitment training for new employees was successfully completed on July 12. The training lasted for four days. More than 160 fresh graduates were recruited

newland000997 @ 2020/07/14

News | new land is awarded the first level application cooperation organization of "Internet +" trusted identity authentication platform

News from our magazine: Recently, new continent (Fujian) Public Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as new continent public service company) officially received a partner certificate granted by the Ministry of public security of China shield Anxin,

newland000997 @ 2020/07/09

News | remote management skills of pattern unlocking terminal

News from our magazine: new continent automatic identification company recently launched a new mobile device management (MDM) software - ndevor, which builds a one-stop information open platform for enterprises, which can intelligently control the life cy

newland000997 @ 2020/07/08

NEWS helps Fuzhou build a trusted digital identity application demonstration city -- Fuzhou's first "Internet +" trusted digital identity application project landing on the southeast big d

China News: Fuzhou's first "Internet +" trusted digital identity authentication project pilot project recently landed on the southeast big data Industrial Park. The pilot project was jointly constructed by the new continental technology group

newland000997 @ 2020/07/01

NEWS, new world science and technology group and its five units are listed on the list of leading enterprises at the provincial level.

China News and information: the Ministry of industry and information technology of Fujian has released the announcement on the promulgating of the list of leading enterprises of Fujian provincial industry and information technology in 2020, new world tech

newland000997 @ 2020/06/23

NEWS 36 new mainland projects were approved by the Ministry of education in 2019 for the second batch of cooperative education projects.

The cooperative education project of industry university cooperation and cooperative education project is jointly organized by the Department of higher education of the Ministry of education and supported by universities. The aim is to deepen the integrat

newland000997 @ 2020/06/16

NEWS, Fuzhou City People's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the new continental technology group, Fuzhou to build a credible digital identity application demonstration city

China Daily: 5 morning, the municipal government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the new mainland technology group. Wang Ning, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and CEO Jing Wo

newland000997 @ 2020/06/09

NEWS, new world education was awarded the "excellent training institution" of the Ministry of industry and industry in 2019.

This paper: the Ministry of industry and information technology education and examination center commended the outstanding collective and advanced individuals of the 2019 annual training work. The new continent education company was selected as the "e

newland000997 @ 2020/05/27

NEWS, new world software company passed CMMI5 level review.

CMMICMMI certification is recognized by the world as a standard for quality management and quality assurance of software products. It is also one of the most authoritative evaluation indicators of software engineering development capability in the interna

newland000997 @ 2020/05/25

Focus, important news and Fujian's first creation: the new world's construction of the "intelligent brain" project in Mawei area has successfully landed.

Click on the picture to see the details of Fujian's first creation - the new mainland construction Mawei area "intelligent brain" project successfully landed in the new world wing code technology (833614) 2019 year net profit increased 489.91%

newland000997 @ 2020/05/23

NEWS 2020 National University bionetwork design competition starts - gold medal partner new world participation proposition

The National University Biological Networking Design Competition "National University Biological Networking Design Competition" is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of education's computer professional teaching steering committee of the Minist

newland000997 @ 2020/05/18

NEWS, innovation is the only way to develop the new world won the barcode technology core intellectual property patent dispute.

December 9, 2019 is bound to be an unusual day. On the same day, the Supreme People's Court of People's Republic of China ruled that it would reject the retrial application of the Honeywell Metrologic Suzhou Technology Co., Ltd., regarding the inv

newland000997 @ 2020/05/08