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It's been a few years since they split up. Can they get together?

Because of love, Zheng Shuang, 28, has been a hot spot in the entertainment circle. After all, Zheng Shuang and the three failed history of love, Zhang Han, Hu Yanbin or Zhang Heng have been known to be hot with Zheng Shuang on the screen or in the report

nd_ent @ 2020/05/22

On the one hand not to lose weight, and urged to reduce, fans really broke the heart for AI beans.

On the evening of the 26 night, Wu Xuanyi, a rocket young girl, took out Po from the micro-blog on the 12th palace. He called his face round, and put the weight down to the end. Judging from recent photographs, Wu Xuanyi has no signs of becoming more and

nd_ent @ 2020/04/28

Zheng Shuang's predecessor, +1, couldn't get together well with +1. Why is this girl so difficult?

In the afternoon of December 18th, some media reported that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng had split up from a number of people familiar with the matter. Over the past two years, the controversial love affair has been declared over. In addition, the insider

nd_ent @ 2019/12/20

"Xun power power" plus hammer, "inspiring Koi" Wei Daxun is equally wonderful!

In the early morning of December 10th, "Yang Mi Wei Da Shun" boarded micro-blog's hot search and maintained a "burst" state. The news came from the media that Wei Da Shun and Yang Mi entered the same hotel in front and back. The love a

nd_ent @ 2019/12/10

Guli Nazha spoke English, kneeling, Wang Jiaer shocked facial expression package, this MAMA wonderful!

Near the end of the year, various music pageant followed. On the night of December 4th, the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019 (MAMA) was officially opened in Nagoya, Japan. As the music award ceremony of the national authority in Korea, this year's attenda

nd_ent @ 2019/12/06

The swallow swallow the mammy five, the elder brother Er Tai draws the memory with the frame to kill, "returns the Pearl" so many years sentiment "needle" good.

On the morning of the 28 morning, the little swallow swallowed up his mother and his wife. Banny Chen, the actor of "Er Zhu Ge", also presented a needle that micro-blog said he missed Mammy. Net friend:??? Didn't you shout to kill the man with

nd_ent @ 2019/11/29