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Accompany children to do homework skills, find the right way to help children away from procrastination

It's necessary for parents to accompany their children in grade 01. Only by correcting the wrong ways of accompanying children and making adaptive adjustments according to the children's situation can children really develop good learning habits,

muqindaxue @ 2020/08/02

Do you do the right thing about early education at the age of 0-6?

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother's University". When it comes to early education, we all know that 0-6 years old is the golden age of education. During this period of time, the education of children is like the foundation of a

muqindaxue @ 2020/07/25

The mother picked up her doll and picked up her daughter after school.

Every happy mother has found the occasional surprise and ritual feeling in strength life in "mother university", which will give children enough sense of intimacy and trust. Recently, a mother picked up the video of her daughter's school at th

muqindaxue @ 2020/06/26

Why do you understand the reason, but the execution is bad?

Every happy mother finds strength in "mother university". She knows many things clearly, but still can't get through this life. This sentence has become the fig leaf of many people in the sofa. It seems that it is self mockery, but in fact, it

muqindaxue @ 2020/06/21

It's a pleasure to read someone's trouble at home.

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". "Someone is making trouble at home is a kind of happiness". I saw this article written by Xiao hang this morning. This is a speech by Professor Zhou Zheng in a class of a discip

muqindaxue @ 2020/06/13

These 3 kinds of parents are like borers, unknowingly "empty" the future of their children!

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". American family therapist Satir said: "a person's personality, life, three aspects, spiritual character, way of thinking, habits and customs are deeply influenced by his native

muqindaxue @ 2020/06/02

Homework is too slow for children to finish on time. Parents are advised to do the right thing.

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". Many parents may encounter such a problem when their children are studying at home: their homework is too slow and they can't finish their homework on time. Procrastination, grindin

muqindaxue @ 2020/05/31

"Mom, what if I fail to get into a good high school?" This mother's answer is commendable!

Every happy mother found strength in "mother university". I remember one day last year when I went to the bathroom at 12 a.m., and passed through my daughter's room and found that her light was still on. I gently opened her door. I thought it

muqindaxue @ 2020/05/27

Can teachers teach their children well? This investigation has made such a discovery.

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". When parents are in general anxiety, is there any special advantage as a "teacher's child"? Wang Songzhou, a good teacher of China Education Daily, combined with the "st

muqindaxue @ 2020/05/26

A teacher's mother's heart is: no matter how tired the parents are, don't pass the negative energy on to their children!

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". Recently, the topic of family education has aroused wide discussion. The various circles and articles circulated in the circle of friends make "anxiety" a collective portrait of

muqindaxue @ 2020/05/14

When the "beast" is coming to the cage, will parents welcome dawn? Head teacher: you think too much!

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". As a parent, most of them have experienced excitement, reading, fighting, fighting, fighting, and looking forward to starting school. Anyway, fortunately, the school is about to start.

muqindaxue @ 2020/05/11

Under the outbreak of the surge, "lion roar" parents: your roaring can not bring education, can not wipe away the pain!

Every happy mother has found the strength education in "mother university". Education is a university question. Parents need more patience and more try. This unexpected long vacation is a test of family relations. Such a high concentration of inti

muqindaxue @ 2020/05/10

The greatest risk in life is not in the outside world, but in the heart.

Every happy mother found strength in "mother university". Cheng Zhidan, 1 days ago, my cousin called and asked me to borrow money, but this time I refused. Cousin, who had been in business for more than ten years, started off from selling stones a

muqindaxue @ 2020/04/29

"Why do I have to go to work, mom?" Your answer affects your child's life.

One, "Mom, why do you have to go to work?" When my daughter asked me this sentence, I was stunned. It was the weekend, and when my daughter came home from the park on the slide, my daughter was not very interested. I thought I was tired of playing

muqindaxue @ 2020/04/26

Is the room in the "house" beautiful, and finally broke up with the mother?

Every happy mother has found strength in her mother's University. One small step in her parents' growth, and one big step in her child's growth, I am the root of all. Love is the best answer.

muqindaxue @ 2020/04/18

People who dare not go too well are secretly oppressing their desires.

Every happy mother has found strength in her "mother university", and has become more and more aware of one thing and has lived an ideal life. "Hard work" is not enough. Earlier, Xiao Ye told me about his anguish: "I don't want to

muqindaxue @ 2020/04/15

Every child needs a Rodney.

Because these are basically the "surgery" level. The so-called "technique" is the method. How can you write the word well, how to love reading and be bullied? Many problems that children face need a lot of matching methods to solve them. B

muqindaxue @ 2020/04/12

"Reasoning" is a bad idea. "Losing your temper" is the next policy. What is the best policy?

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". "Reasoning" is a way of education that many parents like, and has always been praised positively. But people often find that reasoning is useless for many children. The more rat

muqindaxue @ 2020/04/07

I changed the color of my life.

Mother University Click to pay attention to every happy mother has found strength in "mother university", dear teacher Hao! Good morning, dear students! Can you hear my voice? I am very happy to be able to meet you in such a unique way during this

muqindaxue @ 2020/03/21

Awakening parents, awakening education

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". If you do a survey, ask your parents: do you love your children? It is estimated that all parents will answer loving children. But if you ask your parents, do you know how to love your

muqindaxue @ 2019/12/23