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The second is to bother ha husky life without love, that is his forbearance

Since more and more dog movies and television after the pet dog owners also increased gradually, as well as a professional statistics, now China pet consumption has reached billions of GDP, as can be imagined pet is a part of people's life, is a membe

mumu8com @ 2018/09/25

Friends on the road for the husky encounter buddy, two ha: who is around my neck fate?

A netizen special dog, since work began after the dog, but the dog is generally not into his fayan, but Hasch the dog character very much to his appetite, not a bit vague on the pet store and bought an eye on Hasch, raised only after know it completely it

mumu8com @ 2018/09/10

Alaska overnight, hostess morning came back with a stick waiting for it to torture

That dog is very naughty but have not seen mischievous to night did not return to Alaska, think of the goods and think of small often in Internet cafes do not go home overnight, parents anxious death scene. Those fresh in the memory now that I think is ve

mumu8com @ 2018/09/09

The hostess just showered, Teddy lunged, this picture looks very wretched

The hostess a giant Tactic kept home, the dog is very sticky, sometimes the hostess themselves are a little dog dog but unable to resist sustain the blows of enthusiasm, love is the main female adhesion is no way, this giant Teddy love stand the hostess o

mumu8com @ 2018/09/08

Would you like to drink a cup of Starbucks husky residue, the mouth is stuck, the sudden death of two ha.

Hashiqibu know when the dog has become known to every family, because it is the mention of everyone's impression is a very silly sled dogs, and no attack, like the wolf like, but always have a husky heart with want things, it makes a lot of people do

mumu8com @ 2018/09/07

Grandma raised dog, pulling the pot with grandma sellers every day, good warm golden

Friends back when a kid to play off every time grandma, grandma will hold all kinds of delicious to eat to friends to eat, hungry for fear of her grandson, then grandma raised a golden retriever, this golden inherited the treatment, all know grandma raise

mumu8com @ 2018/09/07

Husky distressed master, from the bowl took with the bone to share master, two ha: no thanks

Sled dogs belong to only Yan value not IQ dog, believe that when it comes to sled dogs guys can think of a very stupid dog, that dog has a pair of yin and Yang, said the two ha, compared to Samoye and Alaska, the husky dogs really stupid to have bones, is

mumu8com @ 2018/09/05

The road to super fat marmot, cookies do not get, mouth, laughter to hypoxia!

Lead: Lu Yu super fat marmot, give cookies do not get, mouth, laughter to hypoxia! Now more and more people who have pets, pets can bring us a lot of joy. If you have a pet, you can also try the cloud that is to see our pets, pet fun daily push! Xiaobian

mumu8com @ 2018/09/05

The huskies finished cosmetic after go out to play, did not take long for the distressed home

Now the summer many dogs are very afraid of the heat, especially those in winter sled dogs, their hair is very warm, but in summer life, no air conditioning is not to spend the summer. Especially in the molting period, a lot of dog hair are a pile of a pi

mumu8com @ 2018/09/04

The official shoveled shit bought a cat house to the cat, the cat saw a face of helpless: I how so few?

A butler shoveled shit kept in a very cute cat, the officer in shoveled shit online to see a cute and mini blog, so I think a kitten home, buy a home to feel suspicious when the cat cat litter, read the family cat's face is not the moment good: Hello,

mumu8com @ 2018/09/03

A stall selling cheap sell husky dog traders thought the dog buy back must make big money.

Now go find a lot of people holding their own small pets to stroll in the street in the street walk back, small pets are dogs, seldom see other rare species, many pet dog owners said, there is a dog after they became diligent. The dog of this animal is al

mumu8com @ 2018/09/03

The husky stands behind Samoye made such things, the master can see Meng

More and more families now have pets. Many pet owners will love having a stupid dog Meng is the most important, think the dog is very cute, and the dog very loyal to their masters, so more and more people love dog. The pet owners home had a husky, raised

mumu8com @ 2018/09/01

Husky: confirm the look, this bear children practiced, I will not help you tear homework

Can I still remember before the television news broadcast a news, a child's homework was husky chewed to pieces, today Xiaobian take you to see the master operation of the husky tear. This is usually the most love husky Coric, things should be the bed

mumu8com @ 2018/08/31

The master dead dog test reaction, two ha happy eating dog food, golden reaction is tears!

The pet dog owners a lot of home, will be filled with dead dog test their reaction, generally speaking, dogs are to be awakened masters, the clever dog will run out of people, to help rescue their master. The owner of the house, because want to test the d

mumu8com @ 2018/08/29

The official shoveled shit eating meat, I saw Samoye walked from the front, Samoye's face lit up!

The official shoveled shit eating meat, I saw Samoye walked from the front, Samoye's face lit up! Samoye has a "smiling angel" said the dog, with a high color value, good looks, is one of the most popular breed now, but if you want to keep the

mumu8com @ 2018/08/29

The cat drink master left to drink beer, was found, meow: come on, happy to accompany me!

This magical cat species, arrogant, high cold, claiming to me, whether you are rich or poor, it ignores you. The cat will always live in their own world, so that there will be a lot of strange behavior, such as nothing to throw a cup, all over the world a

mumu8com @ 2018/08/27

Hashiqizhen was a negative IQ dog, and then look at the golden retriever really is not more than

Husky and golden two different dogs have a big difference on who can quarrel quarrel over two ha, the agent who can contend with the theory of intelligence, Oh sorry, this cargo is not IQ or negative, the Golden Retriever is different, a small home expert

mumu8com @ 2018/08/26

The country entered the golden fields, an inattentive disappeared, again caught a rabbit

Many pet pet dogs down main experience should be a golden retriever, golden retriever dogs can become the home of small family and be clever and sensible. Dog is usually the most common pet dog, this dog is also known as retriever dogs, all have a keen se

mumu8com @ 2018/08/25

See the golden master's dad wanted to give up is a golden master cigarette, big mouth

A netizen has a golden foster home, the dog training very clever, can distinguish between what you can do, what not to do, the day the father gave users a cigarette, is golden after seeing stand up immediately stepped forward to stop the. See also need to

mumu8com @ 2018/08/24

Smart golden Gang master greeted the guests upstairs, to hurry back from time to time!

Friends have a golden retriever, said the Golden Retriever is warm Wang, gentle and high IQ, in my mind the dog is silly, every day besides eating that chews shoes, then the friend said when I do not believe he's golden particularly clever. I have see

mumu8com @ 2018/08/23