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Golden diving skills broke out, the officer did not want his shovel shit, fortunately a false alarm

The dog's loyalty and enthusiasm, is an important factor when considering we choose them as pets, have their company, we won't feel lonely at home, he leapt around you enthusiasm, will make people feel relaxed, it seems that what is not important.

mumu8com @ 2018/11/06

Domineering man steals food bear, brown bear trying to snatch adorable failed

When it comes to bear, surely we are imagining a zoo tall and mighty, is higher than the bear image of it, if it allows you to close and intimate contact, you will be very afraid, don't dare to play with it in the past. But some still bears great affi

mumu8com @ 2018/11/05

Shovel shit officer and Teddy interactive small game, but not to the dog bite almost routine

The light of wisdom Teddy eyes occasionally appear, and well behaved sensible, addictive, sometimes he is a child of illusion. But in the process along, you will find him very humane, like to look under the dish dish, qiruanpaying. The story between the f

mumu8com @ 2018/11/04

The golden retriever in trouble in the sea, shovel shit officer look dumbfounded, really afraid of being found after being cut

Intro: with a golden retriever to go to the beach to play, did not expect the goods like husky, hard to find, shoveled shit all kinds of trouble, when the golden retriever from the sea pulled out a fishing net, shovel shit officer is dumbfounded, really w

mumu8com @ 2018/11/03

The clever little Teddy steal jerky to eat, not only do not lose money, but also eat

The dog is our closest human animal friends, now the number of dog dog friends "large, often in the street can see all kinds of dogs. Especially the poodle in "little doll" - Tactic, not only looks very cute, and very clever mind, just love. B

mumu8com @ 2018/11/02

The officer was sullen shoveled shit golden ziyuzile laugh, the original golden and healing ability

I believe we all have their favorite toys! Because of the small time we will have such a toy, of course, time is not the same situation is naturally not the same, in May the children of the family will play with a toy in the past, now is not the same, eve

mumu8com @ 2018/11/01

Chinese cabbage to buy a home disappeared, see golden finally understand, users really save money

Whether you have to feed a dog, I believe that they still have some understanding, for example dogs love to eat very much, especially like golden and Labrador this kind of dog, in their eyes, it seems that all things can be brought to eat. I have heard so

mumu8com @ 2018/10/31

Panda Mom Baby don't take a nap at home, did not expect the deceptive panda too noisy.

What is the national animal protection, beat you! Even pandas in captivity, adulthood if not happy, the breeder will be afraid. But another powerful animal is panda nemesis, there will be Fanchu! Take a scene. One day, the wind with the sun, two baby pand

mumu8com @ 2018/10/31

Alaska practical joke frightened the pet shop owner, friends: this dog leather

Alaska practical joke frightened the pet shop owner, occasionally a skin is very happy, this loss is not really foolish boss / sled idiot adorable pet say Alaska and Kazakhstan are good brothers, not only looks like, this character is the same stupid stup

mumu8com @ 2018/10/29

Glutton eat something after the golden retriever owner closed the door to punish, make things surprise

We all know that dogs especially greedy, but also to eat a special dedication, as long as the love of food, will try to eat, what to eat can do it. We are often on the road to see some of the dog saw the delicacy staring directly at it, how to go Ladoubuk

mumu8com @ 2018/10/29

Two golden sleep on a practical joke called earthquake frightened dog owner.

Sometimes some people keep dogs for fun, want to play with them rather than tease, a sense of responsibility, this is not, this is a master, two in the golden morning, saw two dogs snuggle with sleep, watching them sleep so sweet heart is very unhappy, th

mumu8com @ 2018/10/27

Pastoral dogs gave birth to the "Panda", how the dog: I'm David?

That a dog is man's best friend should have said that if fully deserve, love the feeling of being taken care of, then raise a dog, love to take care of people, just keep a cat. A support for a long time with the family dog, really no different to line

mumu8com @ 2018/10/26

British short blue cat intercrescence five dairy cat, color shades. Friends: what melody, want to hold back

Now the economy of high level, more and more people started to keep a pet, because cats are diminutive, many people choose to keep the cat. But not all want to have a cat who can keep the cat, after all, should not only consider their own economic conditi

mumu8com @ 2018/10/25

Golden IQ is not blown out, was stolen will come back, but also the 100 thieves

In our impression should be so clever, golden Bihac lost, but there is one called the golden treasure brother, it's IQ will refresh everyone's impression of golden, it is not a little clever, is extremely clever; this was mainly due to its owner w

mumu8com @ 2018/10/24

Husky VS Alaska, is really no good, don't say you are my pet

Legend in the snow has three big three big silly silly, this will certainly ask someone who is it? I am a fool that two next you must have in mind, big and silly looks very ferocious in Alaska, then two and three must be silly silly silly silly adorable a

mumu8com @ 2018/10/23

His golden retriever was pregnant, born at all like it, the main sentiment is bad

A friend met a very troublesome event, this is what? Arch-criminal is his family raised the golden retriever, the Golden Retriever is a small very obedient dog, but grow up how you changed it, this thing other users always think impassability, because the

mumu8com @ 2018/10/23

Buy a shovel shit, Shiba, after 3 months into an awkward period, a little too horrible to look at

For dogs, different people have different ideas, different everyone love are not the same, many small friends and I love the Shiba, also love to share some knowledge about it and everyone. Today I want to tell you is about a Shiba growth. Here we only hav

mumu8com @ 2018/10/22

Went to the vegetable market, have been returned and found the Shiba demolition, the owner took out the slippers etc.

The Shiba dog is currently one of the more popular on the Internet, often see their shadow. For small series, before I feed the dog, I always think that appeared on the Internet. They are so cute. Just like the Japanese have a famous dog will also help th

mumu8com @ 2018/10/20

Two Kazakhstan early in the morning to hide, shoveled shit wouldn't know the officer went to see, shouting: two meters sword which go to?

Pet owners will know that this is a happy and sad, happy is that you have a companion, is no longer alone, without a sense of loneliness. But sometimes you will feel some worry, because your pet may be a very naughty guy, he will often make you angry, thi

mumu8com @ 2018/10/19

If they eat junk outside, how to do? Note: be sure to let them resist the temptation

We all desire is a beautiful healthy dog dog, but not so easy. The dog's life is about 15 years old. Their IQ as human IQ, can be said that masters need to care about their life to live for. Please take care of the dog is not easy, may be little carel

mumu8com @ 2018/10/19