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Two Kazakhstan is not removed, but also to help the old man pull goods, who no doubt it is false!

In a pet in the family, two ha ancestors left to rely on good quality, stick a sand face, in the life of human beings like tails. Of course, two ha should not own at times, the demolition of a sofa are enough to make it life wandering, but our two ha alth

mumu8com @ 2018/11/26

2 Kazakhstan to learn yoga, this silly dog posture but his master amused

A friend is a yoga class, but also worried that her to go to school, home of the huskies nobody was watching, will make trouble at home. So, the teacher and other students get permission, with a husky go to a yoga class, let the guy on the sidelines in th

mumu8com @ 2018/11/25

Bear children meet a little bigger than their own groundhog groundhog: stay away from me! Don't touch me.

Now, family love pets, pet dogs are generally a cat like goldfish. But recently, the groundhog that Zhang expression package became popular, though many people interested in the groundhog groundhog, raise at home. Is groundhog magic brainwashed calls to f

mumu8com @ 2018/11/24

Blessing in disguise! Is to send a low value of Yan Samoye, the pet shop owner said he is pure

Dog lovers all know that Samoye is very cute, fluffy white hair, smile is very cute. Just some time ago, a netizen raised only Samoye, but it was not long before a friend to buy. This bought not long, suddenly came to him. He felt very strange and then ha

mumu8com @ 2018/11/22

Alaska uncle with slip ring wanted to pass the time, I never want to be a dog to take.

I believe Alaska had big dogs friends all know, it looks very magnificent, eat more than normal dogs, but its heart is very funny forced. If there is no sufficient funds, is probably the only dare to raise Alaska. The uncle is also a dog person, not long

mumu8com @ 2018/11/22

The puppy was stopped to master, I almost missed the best time

Don't know when a pet has become everyone's interest, always feel at home raising a big dog is a happy thing. Although the dog's IQ is not very high, but the dog is a good listener, trained dogs can help the owner in times of danger. But the d

mumu8com @ 2018/11/21

Hilarious! The dog in "Ge", with the younger brother go out, did not expect the reverse is beaten up.

The usual impression we dogs are clever, especially the golden retriever, also won everyone's favorite. But the fact is not so well, when we do not pay attention to, these little guys are very naughty, and what has been the home of the search will be

mumu8com @ 2018/11/21

Three years ago, you gave me life, today, I give you my all, the golden legend life

In 2016, a large golden yellow was abandoned in the next let feizhixiang garbage heap, when well intentioned people find it when it is hungry, feeble, but promptly sent to a nearby pet hospital, after a few weeks of therapy, the dog finally recovered. An

mumu8com @ 2018/11/20

Husky going out wave shoveled shit officials do not let two ha, instantly runaway, sound too scary wail like ghosts and howl like wolves

It is a delightful and annoying dog outside, may have to face times, at home may master is to doubt life, known as the huskies will know that this dog is too energetic nowhere abreacts, something all right to love you couch for a few, the quiet suddenly a

mumu8com @ 2018/11/19

His cat to see the mood! The girl you roll the cat, the tragedy in the reach between

Rain, rain, lazy afternoon, always give a person a kind of unspeakable sadness, at this time, the most suitable to brew a pot of boiling Green Tea, sitting in front of the desk, looked out of the window at the crowded place, heavy traffic, there is a deta

mumu8com @ 2018/11/19

The official shoveled shit pretended not zhuangshui golden energy, pre emptive tease each other, then she fell out

Lead: Golden Retriever found his owner zhuangshui, immediately make such a move, did not expect the woman turning faster than turn golden is especially beautiful dog, at the same time, it also can be said to be particularly enthusiastic, that a dog inside

mumu8com @ 2018/11/17

Old Samoye waiting for the owner to put it away, but it does not know what the master is really not to keep it

In the fast pace of life, many people's hearts are a very lonely, so many people choose to keep a pet, but the most common is the pet cats and dogs. But the pet is also a time-consuming money thing, not everyone can stick to it, so it has often been c

mumu8com @ 2018/11/17

The old golden retriever is afraid of crossing the bridge master to move, moved all the people

Many people keep a small animal, will be responsible for them; to them, and will volunteer to do things for them; they will take good care of, I can say precisely. But when they are naughty, will also educate them. When one thing is to say: the dog's

mumu8com @ 2018/11/15

Two Kazakhstan and master bate, bought four pounds of crab completely surrounded two ha, really dumbfounding

Some people do not understand the dog breed, but as long as a husky speaking; will can't help smile, as if to say: it is the kind of dog! Yes, love is to dismantle a dog. Individuals who sent the nickname: "the silly two ha". He is also known

mumu8com @ 2018/11/14

The golden retriever was surrounded by a small dog milk, a dog face life without love, regret having too much.

Lead: if you have a golden home so many small dog milk you will be what kind of reaction? In many netizens it seems that this is a happy thing, can you think of such a small dog milk is what kind of scene so many dogs home will grow up, think back to cold

mumu8com @ 2018/11/14

Alaska wants to go home, but it was sister tightly grabbed, so a stalemate at home

A lot of people will be home to keep some things, to express their feelings, let oneself become no longer so lonely. So some people love dog, because they think that dogs are able to understand and communicate, we can understand human speech. They can not

mumu8com @ 2018/11/13

The male has the trend of Shiba as a lover, has aroused great dissatisfaction with the female of the Lord

Now many people will dog as their children, give him unconditional and unlimited love basic necessities of life. There is a dog, will be regarded as their partner, the indispensable companion. We the host, there seems to be a trend when the dog lover, cau

mumu8com @ 2018/11/10

Jin Maochao love bathing in the bathroom from hi up, dogs are now so you dabble

Lead: Golden super love bathing in the bathroom from hi up, dog and so is now the water, maybe this is the owner that going to the swimming pool golden water. The living environment is getting better, a lot of people at home more and more clean, if there

mumu8com @ 2018/11/10

Soft and adorable Teddy, resolve all your anger with pure expression

Tactic dog is a dog in the world of high IQ, their big eyes, like the glass beads like embedded in the small face, sometimes, they will not face exposed, quietly doing their own thing, so you do not feel his presence, but this time estimate is not too muc

mumu8com @ 2018/11/08

In order to succeed from the golden master mouth grab food, not too direct means

The dog has shoveled shit officials at home, at dinner, do not know will not encounter the dog eat? Most of them will be walking around the table and their feet while feeding, waiting for the master. If you don't come, they will stare at you, see your

mumu8com @ 2018/11/08