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Husky early in the morning put the owner's shoes to hide, a second Kazakhstan is really an endless enjoyment

Since more and more TV programs appear in the pet pet performing arts, has become a hot topic, of course, only a pet will find this is a painful and happy things, especially some seemingly glamorous appearance made out of things is y'all. Next is the

mumu8com @ 2018/12/23

These days in the countryside golden foster, every day the dog will go looking for a pig sty playing

Now more and more people to raise a pet, the pet can not only find a feeling of companionship, but their interesting responses and actions, always bring us a lot of laughter. The dog is the first choice for pets, because they are lively, easy to close, an

mumu8com @ 2018/12/22

The dog is not quite reliable, but its capabilities were recognized, it is very suitable for this job

Dogs are our most contact one of the animal, they integrate into our life, such as pets, dogs, guard dogs, there is more engaged in working dogs, because of their ability to react sensitively, and loyalty to mankind. But a dog can not only have these capa

mumu8com @ 2018/12/22

The arrival of the little golden home can not be normal rest, even the upstairs mouse couldn't stop moving

For a long time did not pay attention to the hair Majia child, a brother and sister are this you have grown up, this barren Ma began training again, fried to me. You know his time is wool and linen is very long, endless lecture can say for a long time, tr

mumu8com @ 2018/12/22

The family cat actually shaved so long! The master did not dare to recognize

By the summer, we can wear short sleeved shorts, to cope with the heat cooling. So in recent years, more and more people to pet shaving down hot, especially cats and dogs in hairier varieties. Friends of a domestic cat, usually is the love touch it with l

mumu8com @ 2018/12/11

This is the only way to make Teddy Bianguai, or it might choose not to deal with the same

I believe we all know almost all Teddy hate cut hair, when the hair is cut all kinds of resistance to break out and do not cut hair. But then the Tactic master is very clever, came up with a brilliant way to prevent hair cut in the process of dog revolt,

mumu8com @ 2018/12/10

Users play games when the signal time difference, arch-criminal turns out to be a big fat golden retriever

Now we go to work go home to relax, will choose to play the game, sometimes playing a game can be light of heart from care liberation day pressure. When playing the game, there is a small pet nest in their feet warmer. For example, the friends home is lik

mumu8com @ 2018/12/10

After the Tactic master did not agree, he chose a cool shape, afterwards it fast

Summer temperatures are now increasingly high, the sun came out in addition to commuting time, the streets almost never what people, even the weekend we have also chosen to blow air conditioning at home. But one summer, hairy pets will suffer, the owner c

mumu8com @ 2018/12/09

Wanted to keep a small hamster, the result was cheated, grew up and found that the pet is a mouse

Now increasing people who have pets, pet category is particularly rich, what animal has, some time ago there is a netizen to keep a cute hamster as a pet. A hamster is not what a big deal, but after soon, she found herself like a hamster is a fake hamster

mumu8com @ 2018/12/08

Confirm your dog is a purebred, friends why not happy? Because it is buying the two ha

A little time ago about husky video online, the content is roughly a talking dog shouted 250, which makes it the master and the majority of users have watched the video after the uproarious, netizens commented: two ha you are talking about yourself? She i

mumu8com @ 2018/12/07

The shovel officer envisioned to faint in the ground to look at the husky reaction, but was soaked in two.

I believe everyone has heard the tremor, and has been very popular with young people since it came out of the app. Whether it's on the way to work or everyday life, it's not hard to see someone looking at a shakes. Usually can send some small vide

mumu8com @ 2018/12/06

As a positive two ha, why it is different, net friend: what does it experience?

Friends who often brush small videos are sure to be able to see a lot of video on the Internet about pet dogs. After seeing it, you will also want to buy a pet that you like. Today, the net friend said that the net friend is looking at a small video. He l

mumu8com @ 2018/12/05

Home of the sun total bacon does not see, is the original home a cat thief

In winter, we have a lot of people are beginning to bask in bacon, our family is also, but the strange thing is the home of a piece of meat is always lack of a little angle. But the meat is hung in the air, how will the missing? The mouse can not ah, if i

mumu8com @ 2018/12/04

Adorable dog star huskies, the first time when the mother, the owner let a scare

Husky as a dog star, by virtue of their natural low IQ look stupid, love won the majority of friends. With the "two," said the huskies, when usually play like how crazy how crazy, but when they are pregnant, or is not the case? Some time ago a fri

mumu8com @ 2018/12/04

The tricycle has five "pigs" called, roaring all the way, passerby: is it to the slaughterhouse

A shovel officer raised five sled dogs like a pig. On this day, the shovel officer pulled five Alaska rode on a tricycle, and saw a small three wheeled Alaska dog with five giant stars. There were no security measures for the five Alaska.

mumu8com @ 2018/12/03

Officer: shoveled shit just forgot to lock, how you went to jail? Two Kazakhstan: how do I know

The winter, as long as the sun weather can be said to be rare, so long as the sun weather, there will be a lot of people out of the sun. Whether in the community or in the campus of the University, as long as the weather is very good, you can see many peo

mumu8com @ 2018/12/01

See this wave of husky operation, said two HA is silly to me to stand up

That is a purebred husky big fool, presumably everyone could see are purebred sled dogs, today Xiaobian for everyone to bring a less pure husky. A netizen in front of the husky recently in gym yoga skills. Users also tried all my strength, leg is lifted u

mumu8com @ 2018/11/30

The dog is capricious yan! This two ha looks good, users have said that even if it is to keep the house demolition

No matter where a family, pets are very much a moment of joy, all the time no matter what adorable of people, dogs, in their own master appears to have the best, each movement of dogs in their host seem very cute. But as the husky dog fighter, in addition

mumu8com @ 2018/11/29

The little boy kiss cat was found, the cat next action too warm heart

Many people decide to keep pets, dogs and cats will choose between dogs, cats is too much cold. Such as dogs and cats and dogs may get angry, as long as you touch your head, open a can, active close to it. But the cat is not so, if you make it angry, the

mumu8com @ 2018/11/29

Husky baby after the full moon away, after two months again, two ha mother indifference at it

In our daily life, the pet gradually became a key part in the family members. Especially the faithful dog, in its body, not only the "dog" label, and gradually won the "Adorable pet", "warm" and other honorary titles. Now people

mumu8com @ 2018/11/26