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19 year old cat lost 7 years later met with the owner, one of its movements, the owner collapsed on the spot.

We all say that there is providence in the world, and you may be able to feel the magic of it one day. Robert from the United States (Robert) is like this, he met an incredible thing in his life, because Robert and lost seven years of kittens meet again.

mumu8com @ 2019/11/29

When a cat changes its teeth, its teeth fall off, and the cat thinks it's the owner's job.

In modern society, keeping pets has become a trend of life. More and more people will keep pets to accompany themselves and adjust their lives. When pets are raised, people will choose their pet pets to support them. To say what the most popular pets are,

mumu8com @ 2019/11/29

The man found a cat beside the tap and saw the cat's movements.

Cats are very common in people's lives. Although cats have existed in people's lives before, there are great changes in the number and treatment of cats. In the past, there were quite a few cats, but the attitude towards cats was not so bad. It wa

mumu8com @ 2019/11/26

Two ha lost 4 years in the next province, after being taken home, no longer dare to leave his master half step.

What does it mean to lose a dog? This is a big blow for families that have deep feelings with dogs and dogs. The feeling of finding a dog is also a painful process from the beginning of anxiety to disappointment and despair. For uncle Mike Plas, this proc

mumu8com @ 2019/11/26

A dog with a mouthing face is long, and is mistaken for P graph synthesis.

We often describe a person's face as long as he "has a horse face". But from now on, when I want to describe the face of the other person, besides the horse face, you can also say "dog face". Elizabeth, a dog with a horse faced face, g

mumu8com @ 2019/11/24

The dog is as big as an ox, so small as a mouse. It is very expensive to raise. Why do you keep it?

A little dog knows little about it. Small dogs are generally bad tempered and call out, like Chihuahua. Baidu search type Chihuahua, jump out of the keywords are "how to change the Chihuahua's bad temper", "Chihuahua love to bite people ho

mumu8com @ 2019/11/23

When the man was about to open the door to do business, he found a cat stuck in the iron gate to delay the store.

In modern society, people's living standard has been raised and their living needs are different. People's life concept has also undergone great changes. People's living conditions are good, but the pressure of life is bigger. People will rela

mumu8com @ 2019/11/22

Picked up a kitty kitten, and found that the eyes were blue, as beautiful as sapphire.

In modern society, there are more and more pets. In different times, people's life needs and hobbies are different. Nowadays, keeping pets has become a trend of life, and pets are more joyful. Many people who like small animals keep pets to accompany

mumu8com @ 2019/11/14

Since he became a good friend with Ma, shepherds have been able to enjoy horse massage every day.

Shepherd dogs are more intelligent than ordinary dogs. They can understand the commands of their owners, but also command sheep according to their orders. But this is also a sentence, how big the capacity is and how big the responsibility is, and every da

mumu8com @ 2019/11/13

The wandering cow and cat followed the hotel room and went to bed without leaving. They still came second days ago.

A cute cat is always charming, even if it is an expensive cat. I believe that friends who like kittens know that there are many countries that love cats in the world, and Turkey is one of them. No matter where you are in Turkey, you can see people's l

mumu8com @ 2019/11/12

The owner went out without a cat, and the cat retaliated for the master's style of frying the trunk: Ben meow was very angry.

Cats, I believe everyone knows, no matter where they are, you can see the cat's shadow, which can be said to be very common. Not only are cats now common, but cats have existed in people's lives since ancient times. They are smart and spiritually.

mumu8com @ 2019/11/10

The pastoral dog learns to slide the skateboard for the sake of contention.

Guide: most people dream of pets: they are neither aggressive nor strong but able to be cowardly. Therefore, the average pet will look at cats and dogs, because in many pets, the recognition of cats and dogs is relatively high for human beings, and the ke

mumu8com @ 2019/11/01

The woman met a dirty cat and fed it for 2 months. After 10 months, she became a relative.

With the development of the times and the progress of society, people have different needs in different periods. Nowadays, raising pets has become a trend of life. More and more people have joined the army of pets and become the officials of shoveling exc

mumu8com @ 2019/10/12

Big fat orange has a melancholy eye and a movie star. Meng Meng has a bitter experience of wandering beneath his face.

When it comes to orange cats, we think big orange is important. According to scientists, orange cats have a gene that makes them greedy, so big orange is not a myth. They say that eating can be a blessing. I do not know that every happy orange cat has a l

mumu8com @ 2019/10/04

The cat made a doll for the cat with cat fur, and the cat flew straight after it: do not want to compete with this meow!

Cats are very common in people's lives, and people are very familiar with them. After all, cats have existed since ancient times and have been with people for thousands of years. In the old days, cats were small helpers for people's lives, and mad

mumu8com @ 2019/09/28

The stray dog who explode his eyes "what did I do wrong?"

In December, 18 years ago, in front of a supermarket near a common residential quarter in Qionglai, Chengdu, a white string of dogs was lying on the ground. The original picture was bloody, and the good man near the code contacted Yang auntie, the head of

mumu8com @ 2019/09/27

Two thousand yuan to pet dog modeling, was misunderstood to Mao Tiguang, a moment of beauty cosmetic disfigurement.

Taking a dog to a beauty salon is something that dogs and dogs both expect, but sometimes they will encounter trouble with their owners and pet beauticians. A master took a dog to trim his hair and spent 250 pounds ($2185) on the cosmetology. When he saw

mumu8com @ 2019/09/16

The woman bought the foreign dog shelter, and transported the dog by air, and allowed the dog to live in the mansion.

Many people in the city will have a pet dog. After all, the pet dog is lively and lovely. It can bring a lot of joy to the people and add lots of laughter to the family. As a result, there are more and more pet dogs in cities, and the number of stray dogs

mumu8com @ 2019/08/17

Even the headaches of Samoye are so beautiful that they can see the love shown by the shit officials.

I have heard such a sentence before others: "if you want to have a dog, you must not raise Samoye. Don't be deceived by its sweet appearance, otherwise you will cry too late." Why is that so? Nothing but making them all snowy and out of play and coming ba

mumu8com @ 2019/08/10

Photo recording of dogs from small to large, after contrast, you will find that this is the most beautiful memories.

I didn't think that until the family kept a pet (dog), it turned out that the time had passed. I don't know if you have raised pets. They really grow up like children. There is a very similar place. They really look like a day. Oh, maybe it's just a few d

mumu8com @ 2019/08/08