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Today's school starts, the road is like this... The school is like this... Teachers and students are like this...

Reply! Class! La Today, the city's senior one, sophomore, grade one, grade two and primary school grade four or five and grade six have resumed their classes at the same time. Before and after seven o'clock this morning, the pressure of traffic fl

mrxbweixin @ 2020/05/18

Next Monday, when a large number of "gods and beasts" return to the cage, parents must look at them before celebrating.

Reporters learned from the city CDC, from 6 to 14 May 13th, 6 hours, our city has no additional reports to import new crown pneumonia cases. A total of 55 confirmed cases were imported from abroad (51 cases in China, 2 in the United States, 1 in France, a

mrxbweixin @ 2020/05/14

The first lesson of school! I am still a former teenager.

Today, the third and third graders of the city officially resume their classes. I am still a young boy who hasn't changed a lot of time. It's just a test. There is no belief in @Lichee_. @ Ping He Hexi: today is the first day of the resumption of

mrxbweixin @ 2020/04/21

First class resumption! How does Tianjin ensure safety? All your concerns are here.

Finally, after the "super long standby" winter vacation, Tianjin officially announced the resumption of school announcements. Tianjin will start school in the third grade and third grade in April 20th. But many parents and students in Tianjin wond

mrxbweixin @ 2020/04/08

20 thousand people push! This scenic spot closed this morning. Tianjin people must pay attention to this matter when they go to the park.

On April 1st -14, Huangshan City launched a two week "Jianghuai land tour" activity. Anhui residents outside Huangshan City can enjoy 31 free tickets for tourist attractions. In April 3rd, tourists from Mount Huangshan scenic spot said that people

mrxbweixin @ 2020/04/05

Weigh! 2020 national college entrance examination postponed!

The announcement on the time schedule of the national college entrance examination in 2020 was approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. In 2020, the unified national college entrance examination (hereinafter referred to as the "col

mrxbweixin @ 2020/03/31

Tian Hai "pressure whistle" transfer! Wantong Investment Holdings formally took over.

In March 13th, Tianjin Tian Hai football club announced that it had finally reached a transfer agreement with Wantong investment holdings. The transfer of heaven sea whistle is successful! Next, we need to wait for the Chinese Football Association to exam

mrxbweixin @ 2020/03/13

Ministry of education Notifications: a new class will be added in primary schools. Parents: really can not help.

Many parents ask in the background: "how quickly should the world change so that children can not be left behind in the future competition? No one can predict accurately what the future world will be like. Some even believe that about 2/3 of primary s

mrxbweixin @ 2019/12/20

Some people in Tianjin eat this thing in a basin. Terrified netizens

What's the most wonderful thing you've ever eaten? Recently, a "gourmet" video of a netizen in Tianjin has frightened many netizens. The brave man has released a video without any accident. The "tongue" soundtrack and the "food

mrxbweixin @ 2019/12/19

Notice: the last batch of subsidies for tooth care project in 2019 will be closed before the Spring Festival.

According to the epidemiological survey report of oral diseases, the prevalence rate of oral diseases in China is as high as 97.6%. Only 0.22% of those who achieve oral health standards have 0.22% teeth prevention, adult malocclusion / periodontal disease

mrxbweixin @ 2019/12/18

When a car park in Tianjin came across this incident, the owner was panic and hurried to remind everyone.

At the end of the year, some people (thieves) began to get active. Everyone must be more vigilant. This is not a netizen. A few days ago, I saw a thing in the mall. I could not help but panic. I also reminded you to be more careful. @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

mrxbweixin @ 2019/12/12

Is it false? Can it be done with a pot of brine and old bean curd? Netizens quarrelled...

Even if you take a month in Tianjin, you don't have a heavy pancake, pancake, Gabai, old tofu, wonton rolls, soya bean milk, fried bread sticks and fried cakes. But for the two kinds of breakfast, the same kind of halogen netizens quarrelled. Recently

mrxbweixin @ 2019/12/09

Language teachers collect funny answers, can contract a year of laughter, the first let you laugh.

Now the teacher is getting worse and worse. Children's compositions are all series of angry teachers. The answers to children's brain holes will make teachers laugh at any time. A few days ago, some netizens broke up a group of answers that could

mrxbweixin @ 2019/12/09

In December, Tianjin flew the lowest 160 in China. The last chance to sell annual leave is coming!

Have you lost your annual vacation? Take advantage of the weather in December, out of the house, selling the annual leave, you can also get a special air ticket. Oh, Tianjin - Tianjin, the lowest ticket price in Yangzhou, China: 181 yuan scenic spot recom

mrxbweixin @ 2019/12/05

There will be some changes in the admission methods of regular undergraduate classes. 2020, the new college entrance examination becomes so...

Yesterday, Haihe Media Center launched the "report to the masses - 2019 annual interview with the director general". Jing Hongyang, director of the Municipal Education Commission, led the team to interact with hosts, journalists, representatives o

mrxbweixin @ 2019/12/04

It's too hard! Tianjin's early snow finally came last night!

At last! After the snow in Yanqing, Beijing, Tianjin was snowed and resolutely searched. At about 19 o'clock last night, some people called Bo: the first snow in winter of 2019 has come! A little snowflake falls to the world with tears, and melts with

mrxbweixin @ 2019/11/30

Boys on campus confession girls make such a big scene! But it's only three seconds.

On the evening of 27, @ Tianjin campus headlines broke out. A large "dog food" drama was staged on a university campus in Haihe Education Park, Tianjin. @ Tianjin campus headlines broke the news that around 27 p.m. around 7 p.m., a male student tu

mrxbweixin @ 2019/11/29

It's too hard for me to eat the sauce and sell it.

It is absolutely impossible to shake up the status of the sauce in the hearts of the people in Tianjin. It is not a holiday to celebrate the New Year holidays. But for a stuttering friend of Tianjin, a netizen was still angry yesterday. Yesterday evening

mrxbweixin @ 2019/11/28

Last night, the plane was pulled over by the plane of Tianjin. Net friend: This is the bad navigation network. The "ash machine" is lost.

Last night, the plane's "pull line" was painted. The netizen said that the gale of the two days had blown away the haze. The sky was very clear. Yesterday, at work, near the Changjiang Road, looking up at the sky, from east to west, it was fou

mrxbweixin @ 2019/11/27

Build in death! Can destroy the shared car into such a way. There's still some drift.

When you are still trying to save money and dream of having a car family day... Some people have long used "sharing cars" to become enviable old drivers. However, with the increasing number of users sharing cars, many netizens Tucao: "sharing

mrxbweixin @ 2019/11/10