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Official announcement! The world's strongest attacker to join the women's volleyball team! The fans are happy!

Yes! Zhu Ting finally decided to join the women's volleyball team. Just now, the women's Volleyball Club of the bank has joined the official announcement. This is the best national gift for fans. At four p.m. on October 1, 2019, the women's vo

mrxbweixin @ 2019/10/01

A big move diagram, see liver trembling... How many accidents can we wake up?

Elevator has brought convenience to our life, but at the same time, if we do not grasp the relevant knowledge of elevator, there are many security risks. Recently, netizens broke the news, according to the netizen, she was seen on the subway line 6 when s

mrxbweixin @ 2019/09/21

What's wrong with the subway line one in the morning? And got laid? People in the subway are like this...

This morning, a number of netizens showed that many of the subway line 1 had been caught up with the @ leader Adolf: I took the train back to Yingkou Road station, opened the car door for a while, and I got off the train. In the near future, he didn't sit

mrxbweixin @ 2019/09/11

How are wages going up this year? Tianjin 2019 enterprise wage guidance line is fresh.

The circular issued by the Municipal Bureau for social and economic affairs on the announcement of the city's wage guidance line in 2019, the human resources and social security bureaus of various districts, the human resources departments of the various

mrxbweixin @ 2019/08/28

Ha ha ha, "can catch up with this wave..." You played all the funny pieces, how to play next time?

Although typhoon "Li Qi Ma" is still in the delivery, last night, the "rehearsal" rain was also very small. Once again, we activated the passive skills of our Tianjin people. Fake? You see, in the east of the river, the water on the road on the Canglang r

mrxbweixin @ 2019/08/11

Tianjin 2019 college entrance examination scores determined!

In 2019, the Tianjin university entrance examination score line was released, and the science and engineering, literature and history class admission control scores were determined. Science and Engineering: 400 points: literature and History: 428 points t

mrxbweixin @ 2019/06/24

Urgent reminder! This virus has new symptoms and has entered the high incidence season recently. How can we prevent children from suffering?

As we all know, herpes and rash of hand foot mouth disease often occur in the hands, feet and mouth. But recently, the symptoms of some children with hand foot mouth disease in Fujian Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center and traditional Chinese medi

mrxbweixin @ 2019/06/04

What about meat and meat? 6 yuan and three slices of beef, this red noodle restaurant, please give a perfect explanation.

Tianjin people have an inexplicable dedication and love for noodles. After a bowl of rich noodles, they will be full of energy. To say how many people in Tianjin love to eat noodles, look at the roadside, the small alleys, the small noodle shop is always

mrxbweixin @ 2019/06/01

At the world intelligence conference, those sprouting robots are flying in circles. Do you have a girlfriend, this robot?

The Third World Conference on intelligence is in full swing. All kinds of intelligent robots appear at the meeting. I can swim! I'll be a cocktail! Customer service!!! And this can dance!!! Look at the dance and see if the steps are graceful. Have you

mrxbweixin @ 2019/05/18

The rest of my life with you and me back there! "Happy Tianjin PQ star" grand start

What is your definition of a perfect family? What is the definition of "please watch the video perfect family"? Not the same understanding of each person, each person's pursuit is not the same, but the film actually interviewed people have bee

mrxbweixin @ 2019/05/12

Talk | a series of blows to the old man, his son died, daughter-in-law to drive me away

Talk to people and things [] you aunt, 62 years old, the only son died in a car accident last year, only 35 years old when you go. Especially aunt early divorce, a man put his son up, but outliving. If not love 5 year old grandson and daughter of the orph

mrxbweixin @ 2019/05/09

Set! In April 23rd, a parade at sea! Liaoning ship aircraft carrier will also be unveiled

10 this morning, the Navy established 70th anniversary multinational naval activities held a press conference, deputy commander of the Navy Qiu Yanpeng introduced the people's Navy construction and multinational naval activities on the situation. Qiu

mrxbweixin @ 2019/04/22

Tianjin has so much to the opening night market! Ethnic customs, hot air balloon, light show, waiting for you to open ~ wharf culture

"Go, go on line!" The weather is getting warmer, the summer night market in Tianjin just need. The good news is that Tianjin district market has great action, help Tianjin night economy. Ninghe Hetian night market is expected to open in June this

mrxbweixin @ 2019/04/15

2019 Tianjin City Kindergarten registration time! See what conditions are required

2019 Tianjin city kindergarten enrollment guidance according to the "kindergarten work order" "Tianjin City Preschool Education Ordinance" and other laws and regulations to regulate the recruitment of the kindergarten, we hereby put forwar

mrxbweixin @ 2019/04/09

Talk | marriage room is required from the single room upgrade to a partial list of more out of what can prove what?

Chair: A De (national two counselors, three marriage and family counseling: a 28 year old) v. I call a staff, people in the northwest, undergraduate exam to here. I had thought, would you like to go to the South after graduation to see, anyway, no home ev

mrxbweixin @ 2019/04/04

Department of Defense: the establishment of the Navy will be held at the 70th anniversary international fleet review and other activities

This afternoon, the Ministry of defence spokesman Colonel Wu Qian said, approved by the Central Military Commission, the 70 anniversary of the people's Liberation Army Navy China established multinational naval activities will be held in Qingdao in la

mrxbweixin @ 2019/03/30

"Behind the self meters scraper hid him 27 years of school difficult

Joint report group consists of Jin cloud new media, Meirixinbao and Tianjin radio and TV News Center, launched the financial media depth report column "Jin cloud survey". From the program since its launch, it has attracted much attention. In Zizho

mrxbweixin @ 2019/03/10

"Girl's Day" "goddess Festival" school banner competition which one suits you most......

Tomorrow is international women's day for many young girls in this day they prefer the March 7th to March 7th of each year as "girl's Day", is said to have originated from the Shandong University in 1986, this seems to be more pleasing to

mrxbweixin @ 2019/03/07

Super inspirational! "Magnifier uncle read fire, learn the elderly carry handle......

If the world is that people can reverse the growth of prescription, learning must be one of a couple of days ago the love of learning by micro-blog Shuabing uncle recently, some friends broke friends lively @: this picture, fried insects are good for many

mrxbweixin @ 2019/03/05

Talk | gold Yuesao would not serve daughter-in-law is selfish

V. 52 years 1 Ms. Wang sister-in-law would rather do not want to pay for this awkward for me, should be a good thing again and again. After two months, I'm going to be a grandmother, relatives and friends are envious of me, little older, a major event

mrxbweixin @ 2019/03/05