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The "reliable maker" in the "new power making car", AI Chi U5 listing

"Users do not pay for entrepreneurs' feelings, they only choose for their own product experience." The new term "new power building" has swept the Chinese consumer market a few years ago. It has become a synonym for the "very cool,

motivo_mag @ 2019/12/23

New Jaguar XEL configuration and price released 28.98-38.06 million

Yesterday, Jaguar announced its retail price and configuration in Shanghai with the immersive experience of the 007 Casino Royale. Most of the fourth Jaguar products in China, XEL focuses on considering the Chinese consumers' preferences for fine life

motivo_mag @ 2019/12/01

From NOKIA to iPhone, from V8 to motor

As an old driver who has been driving a fuel car for 20 years, it is undeniable that I have an instinctive resistance to electric vehicles. This "despise" I feel even from the remote control car race held in the children's palace in the primar

motivo_mag @ 2019/11/11

Mercedes Benz electric fragrance is not fragrant? Mercedes Benz EQC

In my mind, I wrote more than ten thousand words. Please prepare mentally for ~~~1886, Karl Benz's No. 37435 patent, and laid the basic concept of "automobile". 130 years later, the Generation EQ concept car foreshadowed a future self subversi

motivo_mag @ 2019/11/11

To the world, to the future -- the BEIJING brand national tour appraisal will be successfully closed by ShenZhen Railway Station.

Vitality Pengcheng, upward "BEIJING". In November 1st, the first national brand tour of BEIJING brand was held in Shenzhen. At the tasting conference, the new BEIJING brand displayed a brand new image and future plan to the key customers and media

motivo_mag @ 2019/11/04

S60 is ready to sell soon. Mr. Toni looks ahead.

Recently, Volvo motor unveiled its new S60 veil of "the most healthy and luxurious mid size car at the same level" in advance, showing its leading edge in the three levels of "tactile health", "breathing health" and "bone healt

motivo_mag @ 2019/11/02

What is the 270 thousand "high-performance 7 seat SUV"?

Ford, sharp, these two are not too long ago the name of the fever is very high, do not know how it gradually fade out of the car circle of heat news, become a bit obscure. In those days, I had a friend who liked to mention 2016 Ford sharp circles. He look

motivo_mag @ 2019/10/20

Who is the top traffic of the auto show? Eleven, buying a car is urgent.

After a night of intense production, the small partners of the magic driving video and the owner's planet have finally completed the exclusive video of the 2019 International Auto Show. Our two full-time vehicle editors, "big foot Wei" and 

motivo_mag @ 2019/10/04

#7 Guang Ya Ya Ge: the highest price performance at the same level, sales volume pressure on the Camry auto show popularity list

The purchase of vehicles is relaxed, and the new deal of automobile consumption is frequent. How long does the time window last? Through thousands of telephone enquiry and questionnaire reports, we collected the true feedback of the 2019 International Mot

motivo_mag @ 2019/09/30

#5 Honda Honda Odyssey mix: eat less, pull more? Shenzhen auto show popularity list

The purchase of vehicles is relaxed, and the new deal of automobile consumption is frequent. How long does the time window last? Through thousands of telephone enquiry and questionnaire reports, we collected the true feedback from the 2019 Shenzhen intern

motivo_mag @ 2019/09/26

Pursue driving control, explore infinity!

It is clear that the sky is clear and autumn is strong. Harvest season is the most influential racing festival in Southern China. The Pan Pearl River Delta motor Festival autumn competition will be held at the Zhuhai international circuit. The full suppor

motivo_mag @ 2019/09/22

Leader Cyan Racing team WTCR NingBo Railway Station wins champion

The carnival of hot race and carnival, the 2019 Carnival grand opening of the September 15, 2019 race, September 15, 2019, Ningbo. Today, the new era of high-end brand Locke car is on the scene of the WTCR RV World Cup NingBo Railway Station in China, and

motivo_mag @ 2019/09/17

It's fast, just expressing the different ways of the new BMW 325Li.

BMW's new 3 line can be said to be the highlight of this year's auto market. Many people like the 3 line, because it represents BMW's most important driving culture. The 3 generation of the previous generation was once questioned by some fans because of t

motivo_mag @ 2019/08/07

330 thousand, a poem from a Nordic wind and a distant place.

I am a pure Nordic wagon. I have the "thunder god hammer" headlight and the "Viking axe" taillight equipped with the "three screen" interactive pattern. The 2872mm has long wheelbase and 529L multifunctional trunk wagon. Since ancient times, visibility in

motivo_mag @ 2019/08/06

60 thousand take a Shenzhen card or a BYD E1?

Can 60 thousand yuan buy a new energy vehicle that has a mileage of more than 300 kilometers and can charge 100 minutes for 12 minutes? Does that sound very attractive? If I tell you, it is produced by BYD that has been ploughing electric vehicles for man

motivo_mag @ 2019/08/05

Greasy, new Touareg, how to become a lightweight male.

In July 13th, with the call of the Touareg brand ambassador and the internationally renowned director and movie star Wu Jing, the Volkswagen import vehicle Touareg cross-border action challenge was officially opened, and the East and West parallel lines,

motivo_mag @ 2019/07/25

Why does polar star Polestar 1 value 1 million 450 thousand?

Volvo's legendary vehicle has a flagship coupe, which is the pioneer of Volvo's car making concept and the only two door coupe:P1800. Although I had met several times with my luck, I always wondered that the model had stopped suddenly and Volvo had never

motivo_mag @ 2019/07/12

Volkswagen brand ID.R once again went to Gould Wood speed Festival.

In June 14, 2019, Volkswagen brand ID.R will go to the Gould Wood speed festival in from July 4th to 7th to defend the championship. Last year, Romain Dumas, the driver of the pure electric racing car ID.R, set a new record for electric cars in the famous

motivo_mag @ 2019/06/18

Let's get out of the way. The mechanic is going to start racing.

Brothers! Players! Fans! This year's MINI Asian challenge has begun again. June 15th -16 day (Saturday / day) Zhuhai international circuit is a carnival day for fans and fans. There are not only passionate racing races, but also car models, big coffee

motivo_mag @ 2019/06/13

600 thousand, Land Rover is not as good as Han Lan Da. 5 popular SUV cross reviews @ Shenzhen Hong Kong Macau International Auto Show

As the main topic of the special exhibition of Shenzhen Hong Kong Macau auto show, we finally need to make a serious comment on SUV's spatial performance. Only those who do not like SUV can remain neutral and objective. There is nothing to do with pic

motivo_mag @ 2019/06/07