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In retaliation for the owner of late, the dog ate half pot milk anger?!

Speaking of the access time, some people never get rid of. Boarding time is a dorm, parents at home, now work outside nobody, but you do not take care to choose a dog...... some friends didn't come home one night, the very next day a door, found their

mon0896 @ 2018/10/01

The Mission Station tired sleep, then it will be trapped: the instructor insisted...

Two days ago, Hunan Xiangtan handlers officer Wang drying out a video in the circle of friends in the video, the Andy in the implementation of the special task is too tired, actually stood dozed off. At that time, the Andy station in the car seat, looked

mon0896 @ 2018/10/01

The cat does not love the master alone in the room, in order to attract attention, to do such a thing...

The foreign cat named Charlie although the appearance of high cold but in order to arouse the family attention even open a wave of Sao operation day, women in the house to tidy up the room suddenly, the room door was ajar originally automatically bounce c

mon0896 @ 2018/09/29

This netizen love in their own cat on the head of the PS of each map all sorts of things, let a person see the smile...

This netizen love in their own cat on the head of the PS of each map is to allow people to see all kinds of things to laugh... Feel this a big head enough for you to use for a long time meow: I am handsome or not?

mon0896 @ 2018/09/29

Because the whole body is black, so no one to love me

"Black dog unlucky" last heard this, or when my grandmother said. I thought now a few people will abandon all black dog, but the fact is that in the world of pet shelter, those who can't adopt mostly black dog...... Not long ago, South Korea l

mon0896 @ 2018/09/28

When the dog aunt to... The frenzied owners began to entertain!

Small science: dog to aunt is one of the symptoms of oestrus, 7 to 8 months to mature, two times a year, a spring, a fall, a bleeding lasts 11 to 14 days... Friends raised a black bully... Don't look at the little guy long fierce but in fact, super ad

mon0896 @ 2018/09/27

The child and dog breeding will happen?...... For ah!

Every time a small baby and dog together warm picture, always hear this voice: "peace? No, my dog will only love!" No small children don't know, just know, originally like this scene appears only in the fairy tale, a foreign owner said, since

mon0896 @ 2018/09/26

The owner for dog accidentally fell into the pit, a back...... The dog was in!

In September 3rd, a funny scene is the owner of the Chongqing Bishan night when the dog. The master said, he was walking the dog when I met an acquaintance, chatted and found that the dog gone? Because of a hurry, he suddenly turned around, but lost his f

mon0896 @ 2018/09/11

Xiong Dailin pregnant belly hold the dog took to the streets, you still had to discard the dog?

Last November, the 37 year old Xiong Dailin announced the news of pregnancy, and pregnancy after she is quite happy, happy pictures were frequently burst. Recently, the media photographed Xiong Dailin and her husband Guo song together out of the scene, ju

mon0896 @ 2018/09/10

The owner was pregnant, they know?

There are a lot of shoveled shit said the dog knows, since she was pregnant, it is gentle, not on yourself, will start to protect the pregnant belly naturally or half unconsciously! There are shoveled shit said raising their own is probably a fool, that e

mon0896 @ 2018/09/09

What time do you really love a dog?

What time do you really love a dog? This is a question and answer a question... On the site as a small pet, controlling every day to browse a lot of dog related news, but with a happy picture of adorable pet equal is the event these extremely cruel heart:

mon0896 @ 2018/09/08

After the dogs...... I cry, you?

Can be found around a lot of friends want to have a dog, finally has not been that parents. When you make a "dog", they will open the roaring mode immediately: "keep the dog? You pay yourself first!" "You dare to raise a dog, I put you

mon0896 @ 2018/09/06

If you have a husky, and keep a cat......

Home a husky presumably life must be very busy, but if you also have a cat, this experience will be......

mon0896 @ 2018/09/04

The dog is in after the second airline stewardess, Wang students: a group of beautiful girls to win favor it!

South Korean flight attendants little sister found an abandoned puppy in the parking lot, could not bear it out in the street, put it back to the office... Didn't actually accidentally opened it happy dog! As a man Wang, ahem, as a small soft adorable

mon0896 @ 2018/09/03

Remember, this is your dog may be the most glorious moment.....

Dog: have you out, I can be a hit three! Tiger: These are just silly dog! Ha ha ha, can't catch up with me, I was so strong!

mon0896 @ 2018/09/03

Because of the existence of these people, only intensified the contradiction of man and dog!

It should be today, everyone must have heard. August 26th morning, Guangxi Nanning a man with a golden home suddenly broke into Guangxi national hospital emergency department, asked the doctor on duty to diagnosis of dog home. At the time of emergency dep

mon0896 @ 2018/09/01

At this moment, I really feel it all understand what...

The dog couldn't speak but many times we find they really understand what the 01 mother died that day I was off to go back to see her for the last time and saw my old dog in the village to see my first reaction was so as to hold the tears! My heart fl

mon0896 @ 2018/08/31

Take the dog owner sterilization, encountered an orange cat on the table, to look after the laugh......

Friends bring home the dog to the pet hospital doctor sterilized and fix it on the table next to even have a orange cat doing sterilization two little guys look that killed the dog: brother, you can enter the palace. The cat... Er... Orange cat: Hey! Paki

mon0896 @ 2018/08/30

Dog milk and qindie daily together, also let people crazy!

After the puppies were born can't Renqin dad? Well, also because dogs vary although often see this time look well... However, keep a dog people said that father and son are more tears ah 01 no bottom line huduzi this little golden time tear were maste

mon0896 @ 2018/08/29

Master hand dogs pull a tick, but close to the "dog"......

Now gradually into the middle temperature, the weather be neither hot nor cold and friends meet many owners choose to go outside to play with the dog, the owner of Juju is no exception. Juju is a lovely 5 year old schnauzer, originally happy Master and go

mon0896 @ 2018/08/28