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If you can also raise two Wang, would you choose one?

If you can also raise two Wang, not limited varieties, what would you choose? The raising of two types about Wang Bomei and Mar Zis: the same is a small dog, cute, and very clever two white elves together to sell together like a spoiled, adorable, really

mon0896 @ 2018/11/12

Dog friends to buy a pair of socks, the results of this picture....

A netizen dog has always been to the serious character of life at home. Until one day there was a pair of embroidered shoes... Friends dog so long... (being pure good dog..! Until one day... Friends from the market to buy a few pairs of "lovable"

mon0896 @ 2018/11/10

Why do we want to keep the dog? Perhaps this is the best answer!

After a lot of people to keep a dog, it will be a family member, when children, as a friend, or even friends, which makes a lot of people do not understand, a dog, then how is still just an animal, this is not too crazy, so the book today, sorting out som

mon0896 @ 2018/11/09

Hungry two ha, on their feet, the desperate eyes....

The owner lying in bed did not return it, the Kazakhstan move let the owner laughing a little long second Kazakhstan began to bite their feet, chew 2 Kazakhstan poisoning - 2: the foot hot eyes ah ha!! I have been poisoned ah, poor two ha, estimation henc

mon0896 @ 2018/11/08

Your dog do what makes you know.....

Have a dog, such as a clown, but these are happy often do some annoying things... 1, after a long time after the fight, my dog finally put it to the enemy surrounded! 2, my dog found a very comfortable black dog, well, yes, another dog is my 3, no matter

mon0896 @ 2018/11/07

See the big golden masters back, revealing two rows of white teeth to welcome... Not funny?

A shovel shit officer said, every home, will see the golden retriever, grinning with two rows of teeth... "Master, you come back, Wang happy!" Officer: Okay, shoveled shit though ugly is ugly point, but I still feel very warm Oh ~ words, this dog

mon0896 @ 2018/11/07

Woman doing tablet support, did not think the two dog suddenly beat up, the...

Have to admire the woman's endurance for my fear is to put the dog squashed, ha ha ha ha

mon0896 @ 2018/11/06

The home of the corgi dog: love lying pee, smashing the Corgi fountain seen?

For the owners, the first problem facing the dog is afraid to teach them designated toilet, some dogs hit two weeks to learn, and some...... Two years! In this regard, Taiwan a master is very distressed, his family's small legs a North have 1 years ol

mon0896 @ 2018/11/05

As a dog, you fat so you really can do?

The ass...... And how does it compare the Corgi from behind, thought it was a mini bear as a dog, you to be so fat, your dog face like this can also play together, really can play walk like a hare, bouncing short legs sad this elegant hair, I want to know

mon0896 @ 2018/11/04

The women's eight years of being poisoned dog fell to the ground crying, hoping to promote the animal protection law.....

The dog is lost with their years of pain? The taste is only a dog owner can understand, recently, from Chongqing Ms. Zhang Liwen broke the news on the Internet, with their 8 years of dog Julie (Julie) was poisoning their neighbors died, she was holding th

mon0896 @ 2018/11/03

Two ha of the daily life, stupid.....

Adorable huskies, the second is a kind of attitude to life, get up in the morning, the first task is hard to wake up the master. Do morning exercises exercise to eat breakfast, eat to you this realm, I really admire the master you see this fat, eat a brea

mon0896 @ 2018/11/01

Two Kazakhstan and master watching TV, playing to the wolf, the dog would make such a move, laugh...

Husky friends and watch TV at home can not expect to play the wolf it unexpectedly made this move... Small appearance can be said very like... Two ha: Decoration fee ready

mon0896 @ 2018/10/31

The dog to do? It never shoveled shit!

If someone told me that it had never had their own home dog gas, as long as not kill me, I just don't believe it! There is no annoying dog? I haven't seen, no 2 leaves the same world, but will have the same dog! What things are bite, don't see

mon0896 @ 2018/10/30

Don't you grab a photo and Kazakhstan, but it!

Some people say that only one advantage is pretty husky! No other, no fantasy culture, they will not learn anything! If you must find a good point, is probably the pictures have a sense of humour, so they get a nickname - "stealing dog". You take

mon0896 @ 2018/10/29

The dogs in the house are doing boring?

The dog workers who, at that moment the heart to go to work must be particularly tangled, do not trust the dog alone at home, and had to go out and make money. In fact, the dog in the boring time, especially to entertain! The owner was not at home, finall

mon0896 @ 2018/10/28

The master took his dog down the things... To see the results of the chair, netizens laugh!

A spade a piece of shit, recorded his dog made sin... And see the chair, netizens could not help: the dog is very curious, in the end is how long this tooth?

mon0896 @ 2018/10/27

The dog face value fluctuated, this is really the same dog?

The dog before the mind is like a dog cute furry dog, then found it snore fart urine, it feels like that he will be as ordinary as the goddess of the toilet as shocking! Although early well keep it for a lifetime, but it is really a surprise here surprise

mon0896 @ 2018/10/26

Don't put a person in Alaska! Look out

Some netizens also really is a big heart. Take the dog home, his work to put the dog and his car together, but also in a sleigh three silly silly, Alaska! So, as Allah, will not take things apart, is feeling uncomfortable ah! Allah: you leave me this is t

mon0896 @ 2018/10/26

Go to the hospital with Tobago cut nails. Results... Inside the pig?

This is really the most magic dog! Although this is very sad, crying, but do not know why you... Don't you laugh, let go of labor!

mon0896 @ 2018/10/25

After the rest of my life, hope to go forward together. Dear officers ~ shoveled shit

Hello. You shoveled shit officials from 2016 to 2018, cute adorable pet ring and we have met more than two years, we are all strangers all over the country but because these warm little animal together because we will master lovely laugh because of a hear

mon0896 @ 2018/10/24