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Those interesting pictures of two cats at home

Huddle together to sleep and tease my friends to take pictures and kiss a cat in a fancy way. I'm almost out of breath. The veterinarian is so scary! Enjoy the scenery outside together, fight for the stool, you fat man! Give me some space! The same po

mmggmcw @ 2020/08/09

I don't want to be separated from you for a minute

Riding on the top of his head, he never left the cat beside him, so he put a stool for him when he was in the bath, a shoulder was on the bed, and he could not see me when he was lying, so he stretched out a claw to let me keep interaction with him. My do

mmggmcw @ 2020/08/01

Flowers and dogs, beauty plus beauty

Yellow flowers lying on the flowers are my favorite! Can you eat it quietly? Let me take a photo of Mei Mei. Are these flowers for me? A great flower is beautiful. It's a beautiful day in the sea of flowers. Who doesn't like to play Dandelion on a

mmggmcw @ 2020/06/28

Meow stars have their own logical way of thinking.

You can see that I can walk backwards and give me a doorknob. I can rest. Do not save me, really! Isn't the Christmas tree my toy? This angel is struggling to get out of trouble. My son has a strange relationship with my cat. It's a good place to

mmggmcw @ 2020/05/31

Time flies, and some things never change.

The bigger one wants to shrink in your arms. The neck has not been put down for 4 years. It still holds me when I sleep. I look like a big dog. My heart is still a puppy. I am 18 years old. I still like prank. After 7 years, it still likes to sleep on her

mmggmcw @ 2020/05/25

It is people's love that has changed them.

Before I adopted it, I was abused, and I was adopted by the hospice. After a year, it became my best friend. The first photo was found in the rain and was mewing by myself. The second photo is to clean it up and feed it for a few days. The third photo is

mmggmcw @ 2020/05/11

The puffed hairs are like a doll.

What can be better than a cool summer breeze blowing through the hair? With a beautiful braid, it looks like a princess. Can you find its face? This huge woolen ball looks lovely. A guinea pig with fashionable hair is curly hair. This is not a cotton cand

mmggmcw @ 2020/04/26

The growth of these pets is really fast.

The growth rate of the children is amazing. We can only take a lot of photos in the process of their rapid growth. When you look back at these photos, you can see that they grow up without knowing them. Ma Ma, I used to be so small? The same two ha, diffe

mmggmcw @ 2020/04/19

Lovely kitten in pocket

I want to explore the world! Cook food with me in the kitchen! A cat and trousers merge into one's body and sleep well in the owner's arms. No one will want me to hide here, open my pocket and have a surprise. I am thinking that the cat is the big

mmggmcw @ 2020/04/04

No, you don't want to work!

The biggest difficulty you can face at home in online classes and at home is probably them. Let's take a look at eating more healthy, originally no valley, natural cat food, cat, dog and puppy, invite fans experience, 0 yuan package post to get the ca

mmggmcw @ 2020/03/23

These cute little rabbits will jump into your heart.

Who is the prettiest little man? Can a rabbit ride the subway hug me? Hello, Hello, may I ask who you are looking for? What a cute little bee! The little white rabbit who has been bullied has taken me to melt. I don't know that I thought I was holding

mmggmcw @ 2020/03/15

I don't know if I've been greedy lately. I always regard cats as food.

Does it look like a barbecue's chicken poached egg and the same bread as a lovely kiwi fruit, croissant with cream bread, cat rolls, custom made ass like a waffle pie or a piece of chicken? A crispy cream bread. Your dessert is in place. It looks like

mmggmcw @ 2020/03/09

These Wang Xing people are so fond of snow!

Alas! Sleep on the snow. Don't mention it more comfortably. Pretend to be a cat. Winter is really great. Having fun is the most important thing. Don't stop me, I want to eat snow! Is snow sweet or I'm sweeter? Why is it dropping white powder t

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/21

Discontent is written on the face of kolkie.

Do not like to take a picture together to listen to a bath, immediately hiding in the nest to shovel excrement! No food! Can not go down, how drop! People don't want to bask in the sun and bully my legs! If you don't want to be kissing, where are

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/19

We are inseparable.

Many pet owners regard their pets as a member of the family and love them very much. They are also unconditional companionship and love for their owners. This inseparable relationship will always be felt in our daily life, and we will feel this deep love

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/12

A dog in pajamas is so cute.

1234567891011121314151617181920 poo, these sprouts are too funny.

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/11

Wang Xing who speaks his tongue is so lovely.

Slightly enjoying the beach, enjoying the sunshine, holding the rations and falling asleep, the dreams are delicious. On board, starting beautiful scenery with beautiful dogs and bottles to let me play? A little shy, keep calm, tie up a bow, feel handsome

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/10

Wang Xingren with Mohawk hair style

12345678910111213141516171819 poo, these sprouts are too funny.

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/09

The mew star trapped by the box is so cute.

Oh, it seems to be trapped. I just want to eat some French fries. Don't touch my stomach! The box is a little narrow. I remember I could get into this box. Now, why not? I thought of the beginning. I didn't think of ending. Help me. When I turned

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/08

The strange ways of weighing up animals

Roll up like a roll, put it in a basin, put it in a bowl and stand upside down. I'm good. Oh, do you dare to watch this weight? Have enough strength to weigh! Penguins in London Zoo are I sinking? The tortoise shell is somewhat weighed and weighed. Wh

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/05