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Accompanying my Nintendo game review this year, "I remember it very much after 2019."

The last few days will be over in 2019. Nintendo has recently launched the "Switch game recalling" function in 2019. After logging in, you can see how many hours you have played Switch in 2019, and which games have played the most. Web connection:

missdong09 @ 2019/12/23

Space survival absurd refers to the north, the universe captain's wonderful adventure --- "60 seconds difference!" (60 Parsecs! ") evaluation

Have you ever fantasized about space travel? Piloted the spacecraft into outer space to cruise the Xinghai sea and travel with the crew to the most free people on the dome. These descriptions, you are in the "60 second gap"! Basically, no one can

missdong09 @ 2019/12/22

"The ultimate version of unmatched big snake 3" novice to evaluate + double version contrast! Is classic IP fun?

The glory of the special Kamo's "unaccompanied snake" series has developed from the PS2 era. After decades of precipitation, a large number of loyal fans have been accumulated. However, although the plot is weaker than one, the character editi

missdong09 @ 2019/12/21

The goddess 5S: P5 is the best in the world. It may be the best way to ARPG.

Before we talk about this work, let's call out as usual: "P5 is the first!" Well, joking, what is called "the world's first" is, of course, only fans who do not like or are not interested in friends. The goddess biography of the IP

missdong09 @ 2019/12/20

The high quality independent game that takes off the "4399" label is the foundation of the 3A masterpiece in the future.

I have seen such a sentence: business games determine the lower level of industry, while independent games determine the upper limit. Why can independent games with small teams, low production and technology simplification get such a high rating? At first

missdong09 @ 2019/12/19

TGA new news big prediction! Look at what foreign "Uncle" have.

As usual, the "Uncle" also started on the eve of the big press conference. TGA is not just a party, but also a stage for new releases and unannounced works. Last year's TGA Nintendo brought some surprises. This year's "rumours" are

missdong09 @ 2019/12/10

How many records have been released in the first year of Nintendo?

Now, the sale of "SP" is just over 1st anniversary. Over the past year, "big fight SP" has caused a lot of impact in the game industry, but also won a full load of awards and honors. In addition to the award, SP has broken many video game

missdong09 @ 2019/12/09

This week NS game recommendation: "magic table 4" outstanding performance, friends do decoration as a dark horse.

Originally thought that this week "demon watch 4" must outshine others, but "nonsense decoration" has become a big surprise. Assassin creed: traitor collection. English Name: Assassin 's Creed:The Rebel Collection game language: region

missdong09 @ 2019/12/08

Does Nintendo also have PC games? Inventory of Nintendo games with Hudson released in

Although it has begun to enter the market of hand travel in recent years, Nintendo has been committed to the development of game console and game development companies. Little is known about Nintendo's own first party game for the PC platform. When FC

missdong09 @ 2019/12/07

"Monster watch 4++" evaluation: a series of turning points.

"Monster watch", as a heavyweight IP, once in Japan's shoulder, "Bao Ke Meng", has sold millions of sales. After experiencing fatigue propaganda and "monster watch 3" in Waterloo, the IP began to go downhill. But fortunately, &

missdong09 @ 2019/12/06

Monkey business, decorate Tools Up! Evaluation: interesting and true friendship crusher.

With the popularity of the "nonsense kitchen", in recent years, independent games have also sprung up. The themes of these games vary, but they invariably approach the direction of the "friendship crusher". Different theme party games can

missdong09 @ 2019/12/05

When the NS of the state bank is about to arrive, let's talk about the history of Nintendo's development in China.

Today is December 4th, the day when Tencent called the NS conference. All sorts of uncertain questions and rumors may be announced today. In fact, NS is not the first attempt for Nintendo to enter China. When the NS of the state bank is about to arrive, w

missdong09 @ 2019/12/04

Miyamoto Shige even talked to colleagues and wives about some knowledge of beans in Nintendo games.

Though I don't feel right, I still can't help thinking of such a title. However, the title is playing and playing. Recently, a lot of videos on bean knowledge have been put on the subway. I can't help thinking that there must be some strange k

missdong09 @ 2019/12/03

This week's NS game recommendation: dungeons, the United States, G century!

This week's "water like wine" is hitting the heart in all aspects. Decay of Logos game language: support for Chinese game price: about 130RMB (Japan) game type: Adventure RPG action capacity: 3.3GB; support number: 1; entity card: No; try: No;

missdong09 @ 2019/12/01

One pigeon is next year! Take stock of tickets to next year's NS game.

Seeing that December is coming, this also means that the course of Switch in 2019 has begun to come to an end. Now, looking back, it can be said to be a hundred years of blossom. For example, "Ma Cheng", "Huo Wen", "Bao Ke Meng" an

missdong09 @ 2019/11/30

Unexpected! Nintendo's unpredictable linkage games.

Recently, there has been a touch of confusion on the part of glory, that is, "the alchemy workshop of Lai Sha, the 14 kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms". Although the content of this linkage has not been officially released yet, it is basically deter

missdong09 @ 2019/11/29

"SD up to G century FireWire vertical and horizontal" evaluation: feeling full score, progress is obvious.

"SD as high as G century FireWire vertical and horizontal" is a series of new sequels of SD up to G century produced by Wan Meng Nan Meng palace. It is the first NS platform of Chinese culture G century. You can collect, cultivate, develop, transf

missdong09 @ 2019/11/28

The Vietnam War is stronger! Nintendo has gone through some struggles.

Fami took the lead in organizing a "Nintendo star fight SP" business competition, though it was a confrontation, but in essence it was only a publicity campaign for Fami and other big businesses. But in the long history of Nintendo, there are inde

missdong09 @ 2019/11/27

Behind the sales of "Bao Ke Meng sword / shield" is perhaps a series of lightweight road.

Also, on the day when the "sword / shield" media score was lifted, IGN gave the "best in history" evaluation, which was ridiculed by many players. However, the sale of sword and shield was the highest in the first week and the highest in t

missdong09 @ 2019/11/26

It's too unreasonable! The role of destroying balance in the history of chaos

This year is a bumper harvest for Nintendo stars. Not only has it won many awards, but also sold earlier than the street fighter 2, becoming the best selling fighting game in history. But Sakurai said that chaos is actually a "fight action game".

missdong09 @ 2019/11/25