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Whining... The cat's real wife, wife and wife are lovely! My words are poor.

Yesterday, I was on micro-blog to brush a super cute, invincible soft Nuo Kitty! Nuo is its name is egg cub, although it is a boy paper, but sticky and love spoiled. I can't wait to stick to the shit and hold it high. If the shoveling officer had no i

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/05/31

Warning, never play hide and seek with dogs! You will be...

As the saying goes, what's the point of having a natural dog without playing it? But don't try to play hide and seek with dogs because you are either laughing or shit. I heard that this is the most bullying way for small short legged fans. Bully t

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/05/03

Urgent notice: now high school students who score below 569 points must read this article, which has great influence.

Does your child complain about the following questions when studying math and English: stay up late: in order to review, brush up at 12 o'clock at night, get up early at 6 o'clock, pick up words at the same time, do not understand the meaning and

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/04/30

Every day, the woman goes out to walk the dog with her fancy clothes. The expression of the dog is becoming more and more embarrassed.

Recently, a netizen dressed in a weird costume to walk a dog everyday, Claire, who burned her dog son, was also concerned by everyone. Because the master's nonsensical behavior made the dog look embarrassed from the beginning to the embarrassment of t

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/04/20

"Help!" My Cokie was possessed by a cat. What should I do?

South Korea has a spun shit officer especially upset, because his cat and dog, as if the soul of a swap - the cat called Xiao Tang, the least bit like a small mew like the fear of people, for the first time to see the lens, go up is a slap, no way out! Bu

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/04/19

It costs only 50 yuan per person. It's only 1 days from the fishing port to your home.

Can you think of that? "The seafood that was jumping in the sea yesterday is already in your bowl?" It's less than 24 hours before and after that. I was shocked to hear this! Not at the seaside, eating seafood! Oyster, abalone, lobster, crab..

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/04/05

Because of the epidemic, did those dogs who were forced to stranded in the village get along well?

Affected by the epidemic, many shovelling officials are trapped in the field, and pets in their homes are neglected for a long time. But there are still some dogs who can't go home because of the village where they are shovelling. They don't expec

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/03/07

Two when he gave birth to the baby for 16 days, he left the child to play.

A pet owner has been having a headache recently, because two HA is always away from home. The shit officer lived in a small town. There were few households nearby. Two ha often opens the door by himself, then runs out to play, but after playing for a whil

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/23

Crash! My cat is growing more and more like a human being. What can I do?

When netizens were shopping, they found a mysterious cat... It fell asleep in front of the window glass. And this cat face is impressive. I wonder if it will leak. So much sleep, can you feel comfortable? Little baby, sister is willing to raise money for

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/22

When I woke up in the morning, there was more than one dog in my family.

At four a.m. on Saturday, netizen Jack woke up to feed the baby and was in a daze. Jack suddenly noticed a small yellow Gou Pa in the living room, which made him feel terrified and puzzled. Because he had deliberately inspected the doors and windows befor

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/21

Is it worth while to rush into the flood to save dogs? He replied in this way.

Meng Mei Mei recently, I don't know why I fell in love with foreign movies. More and more movies are slowly finding a problem. Dogs are always easy to appear in the lens of foreign film directors. The most important thing is to appear, but no matter a

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/12

The abandoned dog keeps all its belongings in the wind and rain. It is very simple to lose the dog. It is hard for them to survive the winter alone.

Just a few days ago, on the day when the temperature was the lowest and the rain was drizzle, there was a little lovable little family. A note was left beside the dog. The dog kept all its belongings in the wind and rain and did not know what had happened

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/11

You may not know that it is killing your dog.

Marianne said last Saturday that she was late for work, and the dogs at home usually greeted her enthusiastically, but that day did not. When she entered the room, she found the dog lying on the sofa and sleeping. Marianne did not respond to it as if she

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/10

The dog had eaten half a pack of food and died 1 hours later. It was because of it!

A master of the United States raised a dog (Isa) that day, it turned out a pack of chewing gum at home, and secretly eaten half a pack of owners immediately took it to the hospital emergency, but I did not expect.....Isa to the hospital after a serious se

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/09

I didn't want to keep a cat, but I found a little kitten. I never thought that fate would be changed.

The shovel excrement officer who was chosen by the meow star didn't want to be a dead duck. Before the photographer Josh went to see grandma, a little cat and cat hid in the cracks under the door wall and shouted loudly. He immediately attracted his a

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/08

The grandmother didn't like the breed of the pit bull until she was saved by a bit dog.

Simba is a cheerful and friendly pet dog. However, because of its variety, many people are stereotyped against it and are afraid of it and do not like it. For example, most of the neighbors in Simba usually stay away from it, especially when an old woman

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/07

I'm going to cheat you on raising a dog. The most complete collection of little puppy dogs in history can't help walking away.

Two days ago, a picture of a group of little dairy dogs has been turned over by a lot of netizens in the Internet. It is this chubby little Beagle that many netizens say that this little meat dog has no resistance and is unable to breathe. It's true t

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/06

The ancient shepherd with a shame mask sat on the street with guilt: I lost my master.

A very disturbing picture: This is the video footage released by good hearted netizen @Todear-Kate in December 1st: rainy in the early winter and eight months old in the ancient pasture, with scratches on the face and a Elizabeth cover (commonly known as

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/05

Their cat slaves chose their own relatives, and the cows and cats suddenly stopped.

At the beginning of the month, someone picked up a hairy vagrant little cow outside the polling station and contacted the workers at the rescue station of Sparkle Cat Rescue in Burlington, North Caroline. When they came, they found that all the children w

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/04

Stop talking about other people's children. Let's take a look at other people's Wang!

This Wang name is Secret, living with his master, Mary. It seems that it is just as funny as other two kinds of Wang, but it is really a magic Wang. If you say it, you may not believe it. It has learned Shaolin seventy-two stunts. Ha ha, joking, so what&#

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/02