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A window screen was used by the cat to play like this. Is this a house lizard? Netizen: it's awful. This house lizard is fluffy!!

A window screen was used by the cat to play like this. Is this a house lizard? Was it bitten by house lizard? By/FB/Takeshige Hidemi

mengchongmeng @ 2020/06/26

Netizens bought clothes for dogs, and found that they were too small, but they were very sexy. Net friend: Spicy blind my eyes!

Not long ago, netizens bought the dog a piece of clothing on the Internet. She was expecting the dog to look good when it was put on the child. It turned out that the size of the clothes was too small after receiving the goods. But she was too lazy to ret

mengchongmeng @ 2020/05/30

The cat was arrested for violating the night curfew. It was also forced to take a criminal photo. Net friend: This is the rhythm to laugh at death!!!

Thailand recently started a curfew, which forbids people to go out at night. The local police, in order to emphasize equality and equality in law enforcement, have "arrested" a puss cat who has ignored the ban. The cat has been surprised to see th

mengchongmeng @ 2020/05/03

The shelters took a kitten, and the staff said it was a bear. User: any more?

In early April, a relief organization in Losangeles received a cat like a bear. Unfortunately, when the baby was born, the forelimb ligaments and tendons were all atrophied. Two Mel Lamprey and her husband Zahn (Zane), who had two foreleg flexion and love

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/23

The dog was greedy when he was young. After 8 years old, the owner took a comparison with his friends.

The owner keeps a puppy named A Bao, who has a greedy habit since his childhood. As long as his family goes into the kitchen, he almost keeps his food behind his father's back every day, so that he will stare at it if he sees it. If he doesn't eat

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/22

The border pastoral suddenly falls down, can not afford to go to a hospital to check, scared urine!

There is a more than 60 year old sun aunt in Shanghai. It should be said that this age should be dressed up, dancing square dance, without worrying about it, but aunt sun has broken the hearts of a group of children. The grandson of the maimed disabled ch

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/21

The weatherman predicted at home that the cat was taking the lead, and the audience ratings rose sharply. Friend: I have kept your job. You are my little fish!

Because of the impact of the new crown epidemic, many people abroad are working at home now. Even the weather forecaster Jeff set up a studio at home to bring the weather to the whole country every day. One day, when Jeff was on the live broadcast, his fa

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/18

The little police dog took part in the oath of taking office, but they slept all the time, and did not give the chief's face all the time. Net friend: use child labor can not yo!!

On Monday, the Bristol police station held an oath of taking office. The main role of the swearing in is the new police dog, Brody, who is going to be in the police station. Originally, it was a very formal ceremony, but it became very funny because of Br

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/17

This dog's foot is so beautiful. Net friend: I've never seen such a dog's foot. Those shoes are so cute!!

Niu Niu just took a bath, the whole body is fragrant and snow-white. In the evening, when we walked slowly, we met a girl. She should have been walking and wearing masks. After walking for a while, she came up and asked, "can I hold it?" I really

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/15

Pessimistic face cat walks 1.6 kilometers every day to the hospital, the original intention is only because of this matter! Doctor: Although I am tired of the world, my heart is very good!!!

There is a 10 year old orange cat in Northumbrian, England. Its name is Yang. 4 years ago, Yang developed a habit of walking about 1.6 kilometers every day to go to the hksam general hospital to work. "If the weather is fine, Yang will disappear after

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/04

After the city closed, the cat ran for 3 days in the neighbourhood to fry the underwear, shoveling the shit and blowing it up. Netizen: this cat tastes heavy. It's terrible!

In order to prevent the spread of the new crown virus, Malaysia has taken measures to lock the country. Everyone can only go anywhere. However, the meow, who is called a "little villain", does not obey the instructions. Every day, from the day of

mengchongmeng @ 2020/03/28

The cat caught the flying bug and jumped up and down. It was afraid that it was hurt and it was caught.

The family came in, and the Dragon Boat Festival began to jump up and down. I was afraid that it was hurt. I caught it and let it go after it. This house gave it to it. I thought it was not the same as it. Make some mango 778, a family of three... Can you

mengchongmeng @ 2020/03/26

The little cat was not interested in going home, but was directly taken back by her mother. Her face was a little serious. Net friend: This is like playing crazy me!

The kitten, who didn't want to go home, was directly taken back. The expression was a little serious and even a bit overbearing. By/Twitter/animalland7 ate more healthily. Originally, no valley natural cat food Meng Meng Meng invited fans to experienc

mengchongmeng @ 2020/03/23

The rare black tiger in the world and another white tiger are born with the same mother. Net friend: can't believe his eyes!!!

Most of the tigers in the impression are yellow bottom dark brown markings and some white tiger with gene mutation. But there is a Bangladesh black tiger in India. It is very rare that black tiger is covered with black markings. It seems that the whole ti

mengchongmeng @ 2020/03/19

The cat is thinking about it and thinking about falling asleep.

The Dragon Boat Festival is thinking, thinking about falling asleep... Niuniu is coming! Eat more healthy originally, no valley natural cat food joint Meng Meng Meng invited fans experience, 0 yuan package mail to get trial loaded cat food, try to know.

mengchongmeng @ 2020/03/15

Three the flower cat is born with special pattern, that is, it is too much for the thick black eyebrows, laughing shit! Net friend: such a cat!

Three the flower cat is really a treasure cat. The unique color on the body is often a careless cat. The three flower cat, lily, because the special design on her face not only attracts about 200000 fans, but also is called "expression emperor" wh

mengchongmeng @ 2019/12/23

The girl volunteered for second days, and saw the cat that had been lost for many years. Net friend: fate!

15 year old Hannah Lenty (Hannah Rountree) in the second day of Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center volunteered at the shelter for her Christmas miracle. Hanna's parents run a family painting business and often need to travel across the country 3 years a

mengchongmeng @ 2019/12/22

An orange cat in Japan has been arrested for its obstruction of public service. At present, it is stable. Netizens shout: that's a cute cat!

In a company selling fire apparatus in the island country of Osaka, there is a meow administrator who is responsible for public relations. He is very popular in the company. He is also a famous figure on the day. 4 years ago, the cat took the kitten out o

mengchongmeng @ 2019/12/21