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The golden retriever was too ugly, one month after the hair shiny and reflective, not scientific users...

The dog dog thing, "dog" this topic, this is especially lively, a small shovel shit officer to make complaints about recent dog, when people come up.... what do you do with the dog good horror, don't bite? Long and is not very good! I have to

mczys001 @ 2018/12/10

Afraid of dog hiding in the garage, it faces big changes to usher in the rebirth of relief! [NO305]

The ball animal rescue series 305th sets of their own. Animal rescue center received a telephone call, there is a homeless and scared dog, hiding out in the garage. We drove immediately rushed to the scene, the call us who is the last person to adopt Rain

mczys001 @ 2018/12/09

The dog's body hair knot 3 years of wandering like a monster, do the amputation after it is still very optimistic

If the ball belongs to own for a long time do not take a bath, a few body will have a taste of it, hair is dirty curly. Which animal is the same, they are not cleaned for a long time your body will cause irreversible harm to them. In the United States, Lo

mczys001 @ 2018/12/08

The dog does not want to leave before the Bush's coffin, and it knows nothing about it.

Many people felt sorry for the news that his own ball came from the United States a week ago, and the former president of the United States, George Bush, died at home. Jimmy, a spokesman for George Bush, released a picture and moved a lot of people. He ha

mczys001 @ 2018/12/06

The dog has been abandoned for 3 months still in the place of the host, the good heart gives it the "faithful dog" sign!

The dog is the most loyal animal that belongs to his own ball. Once the owner is identified, he will follow him for the rest of his life. But there is always the owner irresponsible to abandon the dogs. In the previous period, a faithful dog spread all ov

mczys001 @ 2018/12/05

The dog was hit by a car leg fracture, unexpectedly because of fear, it runs faster than people! [NO304]

Animal rescue series 304th sets. Animal rescue center received a phone call, a dog was hit by a car. So we immediately drove to the scene, saw it lying on the lawn, looking very painful. At the beginning we plan, in the vicinity of the help of the man, wi

mczys001 @ 2018/12/04

A month after the death of the dog, his master was depressed by grief, and finally chose to go to heaven to find it.

It was a sad thing that had happened in Thailand recently. A man named bodi, who adopted a lovely puppy 5 years ago, had a very good feeling and slept together every day. In his mind, the dog was no longer a pet, but his family and friends. But after 5 ye

mczys001 @ 2018/12/03

Gou Gougang was born soon suffered a serious car accident, the body is curled up in a very poor group!

Their own ball dog life is very difficult, every day wandering in the streets to rush about for food, and once again they suffer injuries, it is equal to their death sentence, without the help of human beings, they are difficult to heal, can only live one

mczys001 @ 2018/12/02

My grandfather died half a year, also went to the golden park bench seat, grandma lie cheat it home

Their own ball life is inevitable, for people is a normal thing, but for an animal, they may not understand the meaning of death, so once they are in the face of the fact of death, it will be difficult to accept! Recently, a golden story touched many peop

mczys001 @ 2018/12/01

Animal rescue video series full review of each life, are worthy of respect!

The animal rescue video series of their own full review of the video review of the animal rescue organizations in the past few years, countless stray animal are saved, some video playback volume has millions of. In the beginning when they met, they are al

mczys001 @ 2018/11/30

The dog had advanced cancer, the leave to travel, finally buried in its birthplace

Their own ball in many people's minds, the mayor should be a busy people, every day there are endless things, for the people service. But there is a mayor in the United States, he to his dog, decided to leave, and the reason he is to take the dog out

mczys001 @ 2018/11/29

A girl afraid of dogs, the courage to save a stray dog, it will also adopt home!

Their own ball world there are a lot of people who love dogs, but many people are afraid of dogs, they may not hate dogs, but the dog was born with a fear. In the United States there is a little girl that she called Antida, she saw the dog will be by far,

mczys001 @ 2018/11/28

The cat from 4 floor balcony jumped on the verge of death or destruction sister flower 3, thousand yuan surgery saved its life!

We all know that their own ball cat, home to seal the balcony, especially high-rise tenants. Because they are not aware of the dangers of the cat, when they really want to jump from the balcony, is fraught with grim possibilities! A little sister and frie

mczys001 @ 2018/11/27

3 little kittens were deliberately thrown into the garbage truck, and garbage in the morning will be sent to crush! [NO303]

The ball animal rescue series 303rd sets of their own. Animal rescue center received a telephone call, there are three cats were deliberately thrown into the garbage carriage, we have two players quickly rushed to the scene, and as far as we know, the car

mczys001 @ 2018/11/26

Heavy snow in winter for stray cats is suffering, the volunteers back hundreds of pounds of cat food to feed on foot!

The ball is now own more and more cold weather, a lot of places under the snow. In this weather, the stray animal is a torment. Once some statistics, in the extreme cold weather, 60% animal will not survive, because some food and some sleepy starve to dea

mczys001 @ 2018/11/25

The dog appeared two times in front of the school, the teacher took it for treatment of adoption, give children a tree model

Their own ball stray dog's life is very tragic, they find in addition to eat every day, but also careful human persecution, but once the disease, their life is in jeopardy. In the United States of Houston, there is a teacher called Sicha, the day when

mczys001 @ 2018/11/24

California fire led to the cat and the separated master, a few days later it magically rescued, reunion moment tears eye

Their own ball recently we should have heard about the California fire, the disaster has not been curbed, tens of thousands of people were affected. And not only human beings, there are a lot of animal in the forest, the fire was burned alive. Rats is a m

mczys001 @ 2018/11/23

The dog's pelvic was injured cannot stand up, the first day after being rescued, also refused to eat, let people love [NO302]

The ball animal rescue series 302nd sets of their own. Animal rescue center received a telephone call, a dog was hit by a car, which can't stand up. When we arrived on the scene, found it lying in a car the next move, we close it only a little reactio

mczys001 @ 2018/11/22

The girl and the dog unfortunately died in a car accident, the family will be buried them together, people spontaneously take the dog off

Own the ball to say today is a sad thing. A man called Cuba's 12 year old girl in the American state of Virginia, she has a dog raising a lot of years of Kerastase, she always love to take it out to play. One afternoon, when she was playing in the nei

mczys001 @ 2018/11/21

Corgi breed dogs were kept for 6 years the eyes can not see hope, the new owner took it to witness the rebirth of travel!

Their own ball breeding dogs are doomed, some of them live in the environment even in shreds and patches, life can not see the sun, only to the family to let yourself live value, until no regeneration directly by their owners to abandon. One named Anne Co

mczys001 @ 2018/11/19