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You can't change anyone else.

I used to like to give advice to others, especially to my friends. I always think that since we are brothers of the same sex, if we see or hear him have any improper remarks or actions, he will be unfaithful if he does not speak bluntly. Until then, he wa

m318688 @ 2019/12/23

Integrate into the group.

No one can live alone in this world. Everyone needs help from the group. It can provide us with nutrition, strength and courage to enable us to develop our own strengths and realize our ideals. Group formation requires solidarity and cooperation. However,

m318688 @ 2019/12/21

I found myself ignorant.

The more knowledge a person has, the more ignorant he feels. We think this is a modest expression of a scholar. In fact, this not only shows his modest character, but also shows that he is really knowledgeable. In fact, we only know a little bit of knowle

m318688 @ 2019/12/19

Sense of unity is more important.

Even if you are talented and have the spirit of selfless dedication, you need a platform suitable for your own development. Otherwise, a long time will bring you down. A good platform should be treasured, because the platform is built by people, and it is

m318688 @ 2019/12/17

Put the advantages and disadvantages first.

What kinds of people or things we meet in our life are basically determined by objective factors. Although their own subjective efforts also play a role, they are limited and must be built on some objective conditions. Otherwise, it is useless to work har

m318688 @ 2019/12/09

A compulsory course for life

The more progress of technology, the quicker the pace of life, the greater the pressure on people. High stress will continue to come to our next generation and closely integrate with their lives. The wrong way of life has become a melancholy, impetuous so

m318688 @ 2019/12/02

Peace of mind is the most important thing.

Peace of mind means maturity and wisdom. It comes from long-term self-discipline and self-control, and has a real understanding and understanding of everything. When a person has a correct understanding of the world and understands the interdependence of

m318688 @ 2019/11/30

Arrogance is not the same as self-confidence.

Successful people are often good at using their own advantages. Losers often do not know where their advantages are. People do not have confidence when they do not know their advantages. Emerson once said, "a confident person can turn small into great

m318688 @ 2019/09/22

Managing emotions is more important than controlling desires.

Our intentions, pursuits, aspirations and so on all carry certain psychological energy. Where our attention goes, where our mental energy will be used. But if we do not manage our emotions well, we will be affected by our emotions and even destroy our psy

m318688 @ 2019/08/26

Only faith can change a person.

The old saying goes: "things are not perfect." Everyone has his own unique personality, function and ability, but he should be with the right people and do the right thing, and finally realize the value of his life. Even if a small nut and a small shell a

m318688 @ 2019/08/22

Every man has two mirrors in his heart.

In every human heart there are two mirrors, one on the other, and one on the other. But some people only use second sides, never using the first. In fact, every once in a while, we should wipe the mirror of our soul and calm down and take care of ourselve

m318688 @ 2019/08/18

Time can not be turned back, life can not be repeated.

No matter who you are, these two habits must not be there. One is to wait in situ; the two is to rely on others. If you get into the habit of doing things tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, and relying on others' bad habits, this life will accomplish no

m318688 @ 2019/06/17

Give people a chance to experience and reflection

From overlooking the vastness of the universe life, age does not constitute a person's strengths, but there is a generation of the mission. Although we young people should advocate their elders to learn, but in the era of science and technology and ne

m318688 @ 2019/05/11

In their own affairs remain modest and more valuable

When people talk about the strange or unknown fields, most people can keep a modest attitude to listen. But when someone says they are familiar with the industry or field of expertise, some people will lose their reason, very unsightly. In fact, any one i

m318688 @ 2019/04/20

We cannot make decisions for others

A man is quiet, his inner world more rich. So, never underestimate the quiet man who, perhaps he is wise, because he has no need to express themselves through language. I know a scholar, author of several books, is a very kind man. He said, let me a lifet

m318688 @ 2019/04/05

Who knows what will happen tomorrow

Someone had an account balance: if every day before bedtime reading 15 minutes, you can read 4500 words, can read 126 words a month, reading a year can reach 1512 words. If each book for an average of 75 words a year to read 20 books, this number is very

m318688 @ 2019/02/16

Everyone is a national cultural heritage

In recent years, under the influence of market economy, national culture appears in the development, but most of them are regarded as consumer goods. If the culture of a nation out of faith this masterstroke, it loses its cultural spirit, the core will be

m318688 @ 2018/12/28

Economy is the foundation of a nation.

The development status of a nation is mainly from four aspects: economy, culture, education, religion. The order is from low to high, because if there is no strong economic foundation, culture cannot culture education will decline is thriving and prospero

m318688 @ 2018/12/24

There is a great strength around us

Don't recite: God, if there is a value of a person's work, depends on his intention, and the working process of mental state. Some people even in seemingly meaningless things, in fact, have. For example, the creator created a wild flower, a small

m318688 @ 2018/11/16

Let your heart more abundant

Read: not as a belief in God's people in life to do what they can to help those people who need help, is a very happy thing. When people can use their help, that God gave his extraordinary ability, and this ability is happened to other people in need,

m318688 @ 2018/11/15