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Cat love you, you can see your eyes.

We love cats very much, but do you know that cats love you too? In order to prove that cats love themselves, they are staring at the cat's eyes. Each picture is super warm, so it is impossible for people to hold up their lips. 01 great uncle and cat l

lumaojiaoshou @ 2020/05/26

To be free or to have enough food and clothing, the stray cat finally made a choice after 10 seconds of entanglement.

Recently, the story of a foreign uncle and a stray cat was on fire. This is the first time that the uncle and the stray cat met. The fierce look made uncle uncle find it difficult at that time and he didn't know if he should take it home. It turned ou

lumaojiaoshou @ 2020/05/18

When the cat is being watched by the "throwing dung maniac", the shit officials are worried and crying.

Yesterday I saw a cat news. It was really annoying. It's a cat in Ningbo who somehow offended a blackbird, and then it was miserable. As long as the cat appears on the windowsill, the blackbird will fly quickly towards the cat and shit. See a throw on

lumaojiaoshou @ 2020/05/10

The cat has only been in a year's time.

Ever since birth, cats are changing all the time, until they grow up. There was a netizen who was drying out a friend's adoptive kitten a year ago. Change is super, and who will be surprised. It was the first picture taken from the rescue center when

lumaojiaoshou @ 2020/04/15

It was embarrassing to meet a cat in the toilet at three in the morning.

A cat's shit officer said he would get up at three in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom. As soon as I opened the door, I found the cat busy inside. Two strong flashlights from the toilet can be seen, so that people who do not have a cat c

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/22

Why is this black cat taking so funny pictures? Ha ha GA GA GA goose goose...

Although the black cat is also a cat, it always makes them look different because they are born black. A, a top blogger, recently released a set of photos of his own black cat. Ming Ming was just playing with a ball, but he played like a cat. Is it like l

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/20

When someone asked me why I smile on my cell phone? Look at the cat!

Do you have such a time? Brush your cell phone, your face can not help exposing aunt smile / uncle smile. People around are curious when they look at it. Is this person chatting with someone they like? No, no, no, no, I'm just looking at the cat! In o

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/19

I'm sure these are the photos that most of us would like to delete.

Every time the photo is released, the bipedal beast will fine the photo and filter it up one layer at a time to make itself look more beautiful. And when it comes to the photo of a cat, it is impossible to finish the refinement. This leads to a lot of exp

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/18

The cat can't be asked.

A shovel shit official said that his cat was struggling with its own good looks. The rolling pot, the coal pile, is no longer afraid. The whole day was mixed up in the plant pits, and the flowerpots rolled. The flowers flowed along the side of the flowerp

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/16

When Sa Beining's cat, meow is too hard.

Sa Beining, you are certainly not strangers. The outstanding student of Peking University's research and development, with his own humorous expression and unique insights, has been mixed up in the presiding circles. Would you be happy to be a cat in h

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/15

Do you really know cats? To finish these 2 sets of "cat questions", you will know!

Our elders tell us that we should know how to look at people when we get along with others. In fact, it is the same with cats. When cats are happy, we can play with the cats boldly. But if the cat has been very unhappy or angry, don't force the cat, o

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/13

Some cats are very decent, but they are seducing humans on the back.

Every cat has the other side that ordinary people can't see. The surface looks very serious, but in fact, it is not very serious, even trying to seduce people. A cat wants to enter the bed. It does not shout, but wriggle. This twisting posture is too

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/12

Cats are really harmful to human beings. The longer they are kept, the deeper they sink.

When it comes to cats, people who love cats will shout "cute and cute". Whenever you see a cat, you can't help feeling it. It seems that everything is fine, but only a longer cat will know that cats have sweet troubles. When the excrement offi

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/11

A cat suddenly lost its dignity.

A netizen said that the cat, who had always been so cold, had no dignity in her grandmother's hands. Grandma: let me weigh how many pounds you have. Does this cat look very undignified? In fact, the less dignity is the one below. 100, the dignity of t

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/10

How many pet cats will grandma have? It's a "pet cat maniac"!

There is a kind of cold that makes grandma feel cold. There is a hunger that makes grandma feel hungry! There is a pet cat called grandma to pet cats! A dragonfly flew to the wall. The kitten wanted it very much, but there was nothing to do. Then grandma

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/08

Large candid Cat Shit site! The first cat made me laugh geese.

Recently, a cat suddenly caught fire, not because it was more lovely than other cats, nor was it a versatile and colorful cat. But its crap posture is so wonderful! This is the big mi @-ASAI- of the shitting officer, who looks different from other cats, b

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/07

In other people's eyes, the paralyzed cats become the most stable dependant in their lives.

It takes a lot of energy to maintain a healthy cat, while a foreign brother raises a cat that is paralyzed. It takes much energy to take care of it in daily life. When the little brother met cat, he didn't plan to keep it for a long time. But after a

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/06

Remind! Never wear such a hat to feed a cat.

The shit shit official said the artificial face gave a warm reminder, because she was wearing a hat to feed the cat, which frightened the cat. The hat in the picture looks lovely. But the cat at home was not so cute, frightened out of the door and ran out

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/05

In winter, my cat's life is from the stove.

@hanamomoact, a shovelling officer, said that every winter, the lives of two cats in the family were given by the stove. Look at the cat's cat from the scene. The cat baked the stove and lost it. Consciousness gradually blurred and slowly fell asleep.

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/04

I suspect that the tail of these cats was installed by people.

There is always suspicion that the tail is not part of the cat. This suspicion is not unreasonable, because some of the cats' tails really look like people put on. The ancients said that pure white and tail only black, called "snow tow gun". T

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/03