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Cold rabbit / trough NO.2618

Cold rabbit slot, I am not good at accepting hints. You have to tell me exactly what the matter is, otherwise I don't know. How do I know if I am ugly or ugly, I am ugly in my friends circle. No one says that I pretend to be forced. All of them are co

lengtoo @ 2020/05/17

The most part of the salary is spiritual loss.

Suddenly, I understand why finance looks so bad. The content is from micro-blog @ aunt peach.

lengtoo @ 2020/05/15

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2612

The cold rabbit trough has no resistance to girls who have mothers. Micro-blog and Xue Hao write a bunch of grateful words in their circle of friends, instead of helping your mother brush the dishes tonight. When I saw this speech, my mother had finished

lengtoo @ 2020/05/11

How can you apologize to the dog's foot when you tread on the dog's foot?

Anyway, dogs will forgive you. Dogs are so nice! The content is from the "demon".

lengtoo @ 2020/05/10

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2611

Cold rabbit slot requires more, but in fact, it requires nothing but the same standard. Cut a green onion is the shape that loves you. Micro-blog @ big head and his friends: the trouble of life and mother say, mother says you have no object. I talked to m

lengtoo @ 2020/05/10

[cool rabbit interesting] is the only time in life that green is so happy? Just say a few of your sequelae!

Hello everyone! Epidemic prevention, we finally from wearing cotton padded jacket snowflake days to eat ice lolly wearing short sleeved summer, as the last shivering in the country again suffered heavy losses in the backward Beijing Chaoyang District vill

lengtoo @ 2020/05/01

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2603

In cold rabbit slot, every time I say "why do I get so fat", I know why I get so fat. Is this a holiday for you if a man wants to travel, indicating that he is unhappy and wants to go? It means he is poor and unhappy. Thank you. Why don't you

lengtoo @ 2020/05/01

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2597

A cold rabbit slot, a child asking questions, can help you understand how many things you don't understand. Fear of dating values micro-blog micro-blog deer: you are a hamburger, not a wheat, not a leg, nor a castle, a spicy chicken, or a scolding. Al

lengtoo @ 2020/04/26

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2596

Cold rabbit trough, ironically, wearing sports pants is usually lazy. One observation: when people are angry, they say everything in their mind. There is a saying! What is it?????????? Three reasons for micro-blog's takeaway are obesity, heavy salt, f

lengtoo @ 2020/04/25

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2594

It's hard to understand the cold rabbit slot. It's the first time to be a man. After the afternoon, grandma, who was sitting next to me, suddenly asked me, "why don't you buy a color display screen? To buy black and white screen? Me: grand

lengtoo @ 2020/04/24

Some boyfriends always make people angry.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [11] to go to the toilet to persuade the shelf can still be done.

lengtoo @ 2020/04/23

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2592

Cold rabbit slot, turn over old bills because the past things haven't been properly solved. What color do you like? The way that a good friend greets you is to know that the reason why supermarkets don't bring pets is from the professional team

lengtoo @ 2020/04/22

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2590

Cold rabbit slot, "I hate you" sounds far from "I don't like you" hurting people. When you go out for a drink, you can take this person who has no fish to see at a glance. The micro-blog @ year is a cake just read by a cake. A contempo

lengtoo @ 2020/04/20

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2589

Cold rabbit slot, the initiative to find the topic is too hard, and do not know how much to like a person, will be willing to say nothing. An island owner said he had returned to his hometown for second days. The doctor diagnosed: "because too happy,

lengtoo @ 2020/04/19

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2473

Cold rabbit slot, Ta doesn't like you, Ta just likes the feeling of "you like Ta". The day before the postgraduate entrance examination, Confucius was like micro-blog and his friends: Although most of them lost their mouths, they still hoped t

lengtoo @ 2019/12/23

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2470

Cold rabbit slot, I don't need to work, I just need a lot of money. Look at these stray cats, poor, all thin! Micro-blog @ a Hu Dian: the contemporary college students say that they are reviewing at the end of the semester, actually learning from the

lengtoo @ 2019/12/20

Circle of friends shielded the boss but he can only be seen. What kind of human suffering is this?

In such a dead and lifeless Wednesday, I would like to remind you of a cruel fact: in the coming January 2020, the days of flower repayment are only half a month away from the New Year! I want to know that the vast old single social animals (not me) have

lengtoo @ 2019/12/18

Is it better to raise a cat or raise a dog? This century puzzle has finally come to an answer.

On Monday morning, I chatted with my friend, Dajun, in China Daily, and heard him say he had the advantage of raising dogs for 3 hours. Cold rabbit as cat party must fight with him! What about you? Do you choose to keep a cat or a dog? Shit or picking up

lengtoo @ 2019/12/16

[cold rabbit interesting] when someone asked me, is it not empty and lonely?

Although others may feel that I have done nothing, I am really busy. Come on, I'll show you a baby, and recognize the two-dimensional code according to the picture below. Small partners who can't identify pictures can also read the original text.

lengtoo @ 2019/12/16