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Guguzi: four kinds of deep friendship, three kinds of people!

With what kind of people, there is life. Friends are the relatives we choose. Day and night get along with each other, and your friends look like yourself. Bees can find nectar, and flies can only find gullies. To choose a friend is to choose one's ow

lbszzy8 @ 2019/12/23

Behind all good things are self disciplined monks.

Freedom is not arbitrary, but self control. 01 people with high aspirations in their bosom are often very disciplined people. In the Chongqing negotiations, Jiang Jieshi said to Secretary Chen Bo Lei: "Mao Zedong can not be despise. He was addicted to

lbszzy8 @ 2019/12/03

Ten years later, the best gift is not house and deposit, but...

Reprinted from the Baidu library, the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please inform today's problems. Many bosses are reluctant to give money to their employees, thinking that giving money to employees is to red

lbszzy8 @ 2019/11/12

Goodbye, iron rice bowl! Another industry has been subverted. China Construction Bank officially announced

There is not a teller! There is no security guard! Not even a lobby manager! 01 (Shanghai Jiujiang Road, China Construction Bank unmanned bank) just one of the four big lines, China Construction Bank suddenly announced: the first domestic unmanned bank, o

lbszzy8 @ 2019/10/26

To the person who wants to resign every day, in the second half of the year: no matter where you work, please remember this word.

Job hopping for half a year, three years ago. Dedicated to those who shout to quit or quit their jobs every day, or those who periodically shout for resignation and want to resign. 1, do not leave the team easily, or you must start from scratch. 2, don

lbszzy8 @ 2019/06/14

No grievance work (look at it)

Figure: the rain Obama speech Oracle before Taiwan district general manager Li Shaotang said: "Cursed is a kind of ability." Yes, whatever you want to accept the reality, the environment is so. The face of injustice, you really don't need too

lbszzy8 @ 2019/03/29

Three years later, you are rich or poor, depending on your choice now!

18 years old do not dare try to walk, parents paved roads. Be proud of ruin! 25 refused to change, with a fixed monthly wage work. The idea was ruined --! 30 years to hard work, day in and day out to see the success and failure of others. Is laziness ruin

lbszzy8 @ 2019/03/21

Take the difference between the 3000 and 30000 pay salary! 3 chat to tell you!

Someone will ask me like him to work in the same place, why people can get 30000, I can only take 3000? Take 3000 of wages and salaries by 30000, what is the difference? No matter what you do, the most important heart! Opportunities for those who are prep

lbszzy8 @ 2019/03/18

You: do not drag, not much, not for people! (the boss required)

You: do not drag, not much, not for people! There is such a person China history: the children of farmers origin, but eventually become one of the most influential figures in the history of Chinese. He entered the career of ten years after the seven move,

lbszzy8 @ 2019/03/13

The character, and there is no effort to use

A person no matter how high IQ, ability strong background, a number of cattle, if you do not know how to behave, bad character, even if there is no effort to use. A character, more than watching a fire before the job program, one of the guests gave me a d

lbszzy8 @ 2019/03/13

Please give up your social invalid! (depth:)

Time and energy is limited, we need to be honest and efficient communication, rather than invalid social. Depend on parents at home, go out on a friend. Perhaps because of this, many people did not forget to leave the phone, the phone everywhere. Only a s

lbszzy8 @ 2019/03/05

Goodbye, courier! Beijing fired the first shot!

In this era of rapid change of people can not imagine! A brain hole wide open innovation, dazzling, dazzling! 01, courier! Delivery robot started not long ago, Jingdong suddenly throws a super bomb, the whole logistics industry fried fried courier to be t

lbszzy8 @ 2019/02/25

Either dry or roll, don't mix!

Imperceptibly, 2018 is over half, you are going to do in 2018, will continue to dawdle? The results do, to stare at the boss to do that, please go to the factory, because only for you only line; to do sales, thinking of all the initiative to teach you the

lbszzy8 @ 2019/02/19

You: do not drag, not much, not for people!

You: do not drag, not much, not for people! There is such a person China history: the children of farmers origin, but eventually become one of the most influential figures in the history of Chinese. He entered the career of ten years after the seven move,

lbszzy8 @ 2019/02/18

As long as do die, went to the dead stem (fire) - induced by yourself!

Recently a popular saying: as long as the dry dead, went to the dead stem! Tired? Tired! Dead? Not dead! Do not dead! Like no other use. Tired of, that is still alive! It is life! The stage again, not power, is always a good platform for the audience; and

lbszzy8 @ 2019/02/10

People more money, more to give the 4 point problem, otherwise you will not get up!

People in this life, some people have a smooth life status of elders. Most people is to rely on their own hard work, stumbled in the society, covered all over with cuts and bruises. Some people can climb out from the bottom, some people are better and wor

lbszzy8 @ 2019/02/09

The couple and the donkey, pass crazy

The husband to go out, his wife with his donkey to a send him. Is the beginning of his wife riding on a donkey, a husband and a donkey, passers-by pointing: what's it like? This woman is too outrageous, just let the man donkey. The wife listened, blus

lbszzy8 @ 2019/02/06

The pattern to your level and outcome!

Ma Dong said, we often see a boat of life because of neglect of a river. A person's vision is wide, decides to see how much scenery. Similarly, a person's pattern is, determines the outcome and level of people. The concept of "pattern", is

lbszzy8 @ 2019/02/05

To escape the old cattle, excellent staff is being forced to leave management! (the boss required)

Once upon a time, there was a farmer on an old cattle farm a few acres of land to sustain life. The farmer raises a cute little cat. One day, the old ox because eat straw and was beaten, is sad to cry, when the cat came. The little cat miaowed twice, smil

lbszzy8 @ 2019/01/16

Within five years, what the fight, these four words make fools and madmen can succeed! Believe it or not.

The trend of economic development in China: 2016 in the rise of 2017 stride, 2018 development, 2019 people rich! In recent years is the golden years! This is the wealth of a few years a few years! This year is the best opportunities for several years! Thi

lbszzy8 @ 2019/01/05