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The most suitable destination for girlfriends to travel is less than 4K, which can be played for 5 days! (tonight in the live broadcast of Europe)

Traveling with your girlfriends, you must find a beautiful shop with various kinds of shops that can buy and buy, as well as a variety of red card punching points, because girls travel can't be separated from taking pictures together, together with a

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/05/25

Good news. Lufthansa airways extends the free time limit.

Another good news for aviation is that Lufthansa Air Airlines has extended the free change deadline. Please refer to the details of the Lufthansa Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, Austria airlines, Brussels airlines and Dolomites airlines. Passenger

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/05/24

Hot wire! China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines June international flight information release

Friends who are waiting for the flight information are coming. China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen airlines have released the international and regional flights plan for June. A small buddy is planning to buy tickets. The above pict

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/05/21

Let's take a look at how to make friends in our trip. 18 good words first collect well!

On the way to travel, there are always some landscapes that I want to share with my friends and share the beauty and shock that I see. But what happens when you suddenly lose your word or fail to find any good sentences? It doesn't matter. Xiao Yuan h

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/05/17

Return to the world: Lufthansa Group airlines will expand flights in June 2020

Lufthansa Group will add more flights in the next few weeks, and plans to offer about 1800 flights a week to the more than 130 destinations around the world by the end of June 2020. The June timetable exceeds 106 European destinations and 20 intercontinen

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/05/16

I like travelling, not because of money.

Far away is like a kind of obsession, more like an addiction. If you don't go, it will call you, call you until you trace it. Because you have the craze in your heart, you will want to spend time and spend money for distant action. I travel not becaus

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/05/09

Hello, the eighth phase of the world!

You know what? Chocolate was originally made by Mexicans. Later, the Spaniards made cocoa beans into flour and added water and sugar. The beverage made after heating was called "chocolate". In 1847, chocolate was added to cocoa butter to make choc

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/04/24

3K+ can go to hot pot, mahjong and panda's busy market, and another super value for free.

If there is any exciting news in April, there is no need for Wuhan to restart. After a very cold winter, we finally waited for spring. Now it's time for #RESTART2020#. Chengdu is a city that everyone will not be strangers to. It is also a remembrance

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/04/17

You can close your eyes to the super quality low price domestic free travel, 1K+ can satisfy your desire to travel in spring!

In the twinkling of an eye, it will be April. Museums and scenic spots are opening up all over the country. Everything is in the process of revival and spring blossoms will finally be able to go out and enjoy it. Although it is impossible to travel around

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/04/15

This is the 7 big flower town that we will go to. When summer comes, let's go and have a look.

In a sense, flowers are synonymous with beauty and romance. For most women, nothing is a better gift than flowers. To send a bunch of flowers is rather too ordinary than to open a romantic trip with flowers. It will be even more significant. Each of the 7

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/03/29

When summer comes, go to Czech! Besides Prague, you can go to these places!

When summer comes, Xiao Yuan feels that he should be able to run freely outside. It feels so long that he has to loose his bones in his home and go to a fairytale city. Prague's cure for depression is a good choice for Prague. There is not much rhetor

kaiyuan_eu @ 2020/03/17

The 5 rule of choosing a travel companion is so important that it is known only after traveling.

Travellers must be cautious in their choice. Lovers travel together, not to be married or to break up; friends to travel together, to come back is not a dead party or to die or to die; it is hard to tell how relatives will come back when they are travelin

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/12/23

Now that we have not been discovered, we must unlock Europe, which is less than 1000 euro. (Christmas bonus at the end of the article)

Is it always with a lot of meaning to travel back? Then don't wait for the time. Now start planning. This destination is suitable for people: holiday is not much, wallet is not thick, strategy is not a circle of friends, and if the above option is in

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/12/21

Go! Let's go skiing! The 5 ski resorts bring you freedom of snow!

If you think of snowflakes in winter, there will always be romantic feelings. A wonderful winter vacation or a Christmas holiday can't be missed and indispensable is skiing. The sense of freedom that flies on the snow, you will feel that you are in ha

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/12/21

The lowest price countries in Europe are cheaper than Czech and cheaper than France.

In Europe, there is such a place: when you walk in the street, you will see the colourful oil paintings on the walls, the peddlers pushing the cars, the carriages passing by occasionally, and the sense of retro film full of film. There are also colorful h

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/12/19

The strategy of crossing a thousand years is to see the vicissitudes and customs of Egypt.

Photo Gallery: Lai Zhibin, Zeng Wen, Zeng Wen, Lai Zhibin, editor, Xiao Yuan, catching up with the 2019 tails of the Egyptian tour is still going on - leaving at 7 o'clock in the morning, going from Cairo to Aswan, and flying inland or giving a good r

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/12/19

This beautiful and messy country has gone on impulse to love.

Turkey, a fascinating country, is an integration of ancient luxurious luxury and simple and natural harmony. In this country, there are vast expanse of fertile soil that can be planted everywhere, and there are endless envious coastlines. You will be over

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/12/14

Only in Switzerland can you be willing to spend so much time on the train!

"Only in Switzerland can you spend so much time on the train." Indeed, the rich Swiss have one of the world's most scenic and world-famous railway construction technologies. In particular, the Swiss watch trains always have to sit on their sea

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/12/12