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You know what? The women in these 5 places to 99% can't resist.

They all say that travel is the best investment for women because women are sentimental. They can often get more insights from travel. These 8 places are said to be 99% women who can't resist the temptation of Santorini Greece Santorini Island, one of

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/10/13

Some people say that you must go to 20 European tourist destinations. How many have you visited? (Part Two)

Many people have a dream of carrying a backpack, holding their hands and enjoying the mountains and rivers together. But for most people, they will envy others to stop dreaming in the screen, but wonder how charming the beautiful scenery is all over the w

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/10/09

10-70 year old travel schedule, in the right time to see the most beautiful scenery!

The old people in their hometown often say that ten years old do not worry, twenty do not regret, thirty are standing, forty are not puzzled, fifty know destiny, sixty are ears, seventy are ancient. The ancients thought it was the whole journey of life. H

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/10/02

Italy is a moving natural album. You can love it anywhere in eight places.

Italy is a moving natural album, with its winding coastline, towering the Alps and gems like lakes. Italy is also a fresh history book, the birthplace of the Renaissance, the world's NO, 1 World Heritage owner. (since the establishment of the world he

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/09/28

Egypt only has Huang Sha and Pyramid? 9012 years, do you really think so?

Egypt, yellow sand, the camel bell has been heard for 9012 years. Do you only have this impression of Egypt? You know, in Egypt, you can see too much. In Egypt, you can face the relics with thousands of years of history. "Pharaoh" is everywhere in

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/09/20

The latest! 2019 ranked the most livable city in the world. Only 2 cities in Europe are listed as the top 10.

After Mercer released this year's list of global livable cities at the beginning of the year, yesterday, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) also released the 2019 global livability report. The report assessed 140 cities around the world according to li

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/09/08

Turkey 8 beautiful moments, your heart fluttering, jumping, just want to start immediately.

Every traveler has a travel list in his heart, which is full of distance and filled with the place he wants to go. There is bound to be a place on this list, that is, Turkey. Because here, you will find that the ancient streets and temples are like shinin

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/09/01

Weigh! Since September 2nd, the Schengen countries no longer have a visa center to submit visa applications online.

Recently, the news about the Schengen visa center is really a lot of routines, such as arbitrary fees and so on. Many small partners in China have not heard anything. They once alerted the Consul General of the Ministry of foreign affairs and Xinhua news

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/08/24

Why do we all go to Europe and start with Eastern Europe? Maybe this is the answer.

In the eyes of poets, the Eastern European country is like a mature, elegant and graceful beauty with infinite elevation, deep brow and charming mystery. The land of the blue The Danube winds through the dense atmosphere of art, and the landscape, bridges

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/08/20

Spain, why is it a "tourist destination" with a high turnover rate? Probably because...

In many countries, it is enough to go there once, but Spain is different. As one of the countries with the highest degree of global tourist satisfaction, according to statistics, 82% of tourists will visit again after visiting Spain. What is the differenc

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/08/19

CNN selects 50 places that you will go to for life. China has 5 of the list. How many have you been to? (1)

Zhou Guoping's "outside the window" wrote: "if I just immerse myself in all kinds of affairs in my life, and no longer enjoy watching the scenery along the window and listening to the music of my heart, then I will be really old." The real beginning of ag

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/08/11

European small countries are half as cheap as Britain, and their scenery is comparable to northern Europe.

"No one will go to Lithuania in order to go to Lithuania." From the people who haven't been there before, the true fragrance law is commonly seen. Why is it that people who have been there and practise the truth in person? It's cheaper than half of Britai

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/08/08

What do you want to do in France? How can these 11 things be missed?

France is a place that only listens to its name. There are ancient buildings with a long history, world-famous art and museums. There are also amazing food restaurants, picturesque beaches and lavender. France can be romantic, classical, and fresh. It's a

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/07/26

A bilingual interest class in European "capital of art" in France

Do you want to feel the English / French authoritative course? Do you want to make Ma Long and DIY jewelry yourself? Do you want to enter the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, Triumphal Arch, Le Louvre museum? Want to know the history of Versai

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/06/12

Is he a "sky city" in Europe, a "Mountain King" in Switzerland, or a paradise favored by God?

Matt Hongfeng, Switzerland's veritable "sky city", formed by glacier erosion, takes up about 70% of Switzerland's mountainous city. One of the most representative peaks in the Alps is not Matt Hongfeng. The mountain king of Europe, the sym

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/06/07

Weigh! China passport free visa to add another country! In such a beautiful country, a white passport says go away.

Today, Xiao Yuan will give you a good news! According to Xinhua news agency, Tbilisi, May, 27 (reporter Li Ming) Yerevan: according to the Chinese Embassy in Armenia, China and Armenia signed an agreement on mutual exemption from visa holders of ordinary

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/06/02

Why do Italians stand up for coffee? It's just because.

You know what? Italians like to drink coffee standing. Recall that when Xiao Yuan drinks coffee, EMM talks about coffee while sitting and talking. Is coffee better? Would you like to sit down for coffee? Yes, money! Usually the price of Espresso per cup i

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/05/26

The growth of the green field! 2019 Munich football international training camp ended up! Heart rate!

Do you want to visit Munich, the world soccer Silicon Valley, to participate in the international football school training camp? Do you want to meet the mystery star and watch the European Cup Audi cup? Do you want to go into fairy tale castle and explore

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/05/25

Here are 7 interesting Notre Dame de Paris redevelopment schemes, which one of you pick?

French Prime Minister douard Philippe said in April 17th that France will hold an international architectural competition to redesign the roof line of Notre Dame de Paris, and promised to invest more than 1 billion dollars to rebuild Notre Dame de Paris.

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/05/01

This European tourist artifact has led you to Europe's 14 net red train lines. Did you punch in?

Today, Xiao Yuan introduces a European tourist artifact called Eurail pass, which is usually called "European train ticket". It is a ticket designed for tourists who travel by train in Europe. It can travel anywhere in Europe and the state railway

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/04/27