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"The most cattle" female driver, a piece of A4 paper stuck on the glass, passing vehicles in succession to avoid: who dare to provoke ah!

The number of cars on the road is really more and more, so the traffic situation is becoming more and more complex. Traffic accidents happen frequently. At this time, many people will buy insurance for their cars in order to prevent their property from be

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/05/22

The car seat has been tuned for 10 years. It has always been mistaken. No wonder driving is so tired.

I believe many friends have already obtained the driver's license, but they still can't drive after they get the driver's license. Especially in the actual driving process, there will always be such a problem. On the one hand, their driving sk

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/05/21

No region, since July 1st, the country banned "five cars".

Recently, according to the website of the Ministry of ecology and environment, the four departments of the Ministry of ecology and environmental protection and the Ministry of industry and Commerce jointly issued a notice on the implementation of light ve

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/05/19

Vehicle management reminder: C1 driver's license added three new changes, owners better understand ahead of time.

For example, the number of drivers who have driving licenses in China has exceeded 450 million people, which is equivalent to more than the number of domestic 1/3. This also shows that the importance of cars in our lives is very great, and now many people

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/05/10

How many do you know about this broken line on the rear view mirror? Very powerful.

The rear view mirror of a car is a "second eye" for a driver, which is no exaggeration. The main function of the rearview mirror is to expand the line of sight of the driver and minimize the blind area of the driver so as to improve the safety of

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/05/07

Did you bring your driving license with you? The road was checked. Remember, traffic policemen will let you go!

With the rapid development of the economy, more and more friends are buying cars. There are more and more friends in the driving test. For the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the traffic control department is also trying to control it. In order

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/30

CCTV "exposure" of the 4 car companies, inventory accumulation disaster, do not buy a car "step on thunder."

More than ten years ago, there were not many brands of automobiles in today's auto market, when consumers had little choice. However, with the development of the automobile industry, many car companies have sprung up like cars, which can make people b

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/16

Old driver should pay attention! Those who encounter these actions are mostly novice or female drivers.

The beginner just got the driver's license. Driving on the road must be very exciting but tense. Actually, driving on the road and driving in a driving school are two different things. Driving schools only need to control the speed and look at the poi

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/15

Can C1 driver's license be upgraded to B2? Traffic police reminded: as long as these 3 conditions are satisfied.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, car has become an indispensable means of transportation in our life. Buying a car has naturally become the hottest topic now. We all want to know that we must have a motor vehicle driving license to get

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/13

How long will the vehicle receive SMS after violation? Traffic police: no more than this time, basically nothing.

With the rapid development of China's economy, there are more and more cars, and more and more vehicles on the roads. The narrow roads are beginning to become crowded. And now the electronic camera is very common, so long as you accidentally open a fe

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/09

Do you know these 3 cameras? Traffic police: I don't know. I advise you not to drive.

In twenty-first Century, science and technology is developing rapidly, and people's pace of life is faster. Besides, cars are becoming more popular now, so more and more people are buying cars for convenience. The increase of car ownership has also br

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/06

The overseas version of "Wuling Hongguang" leads the crowd to get rid of the appearance of the van.

Any product can be "God" in the market, it must have its own advantages, Wuling Hongguang car in the market is known as the "magic car" because the car is not only cheap, but also large space, pull people to pull goods are not a problem. T

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/04

The same is 300 kilometers, which is more cost-effective when taking the high speed and the national road? The difference was found after comparison.

The highway construction in our country is still very fast. Now the coverage area has already ranked the first in the world, so many people will choose to take the highway when they go out. But a few years ago, the national highway was the place where tru

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/02

We must remember the "4 inaccuracy" of the automatic block, the one that is worse than a car, and don't regret it when the car is destroyed.

At present, the development of the times is too fast. People used to buy food and clothing even before they could not solve the problem of food and clothing. The quality of life has improved a lot. Now, more and more people are buying cars, and now many b

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/04/01

There are 100th ways to refuse to borrow a car.

Now private cars are very popular. Relatives and friends have bought a new car. You must want to borrow it for a while. This is a normal curiosity. I believe many people have the experience of borrowing a car. If the person in charge is good, the car will

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/03/28

Parking outside is only for convenience. The old driver told the truth: so parking saved my life.

When you park in a shopping mall or a community, you often see a hint that you want to park your car outside. But in this case, many novice drivers will not pay special attention to it. It is very convenient for you to plunge into the parking space when y

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/03/24

Help at the critical moment! Which situations are applied to "emergency brake" and "point brake"?

"When you drive on a high speed, when you need to brake in case of emergency, do you use a brake or a foot to the end?" Recently, Mr. Xia, the owner of the car, said at the forum that when he studied the car before, the coach had told him to use t

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/03/21

A fine of 400 yuan and a deduction of 18 points? What did the car do at high speed?

Recently, at 11 a.m. 07 minutes, a silver pickup truck in Putian, Fujian, Shenyang Expressway West Pu interchange to the Xiu Yong expressway section, because missed the turnout, took the emergency brake stopped in the third lane, then the vehicle lateral

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/03/19

Run high speed, speed limit 80 to 85 count violation? Early understanding is not lost.

When driving outside and long-distance driving, they basically choose to run high speed, which can increase efficiency and save time. They can easily arrive at their destinations. However, drivers who can run high speed are basically old drivers who have

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/03/17

The 5 functions of automobile skylight are hidden. Many people are not yet aware of the fact that cars are being scrapped.

In our cognition, the configuration of automobile skylight is very tasteless. Not only the price is ten thousand or twenty thousand higher than that of the ordinary car, but also the life is not practical, so many people will not choose a car with sunroof

kaichejiqiaocom @ 2020/03/15