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Carina Lau was taken ill and photographed 29 years ago. What helped her become a goddess?

Speaking of Carina Lau, we must be familiar with each other. Carina Lau has always been the image of "big woman", tough, courageous and tough. She is also a very popular female star in Hongkong, but she also has a scar that is hard to erase. If it hadn't

jyj011 @ 2019/08/10

When Xie Xian was 81 years old, he became a father again? No wonder Faye Wong has been reluctant to ask Nicholas Tse to marry him.

Speaking of romance, Xie Xian can be regarded as one of the top figures in the entertainment circle. He has had two marriages, second marriages with Deborah, and he also gave birth to a beautiful young man Nicholas Tse and daughter Tingting Xie. Unfortuna

jyj011 @ 2019/07/29

Net exposure Sheenah caught Zhang Jie derailed, Zhang Jie and gossip three small high-profile with the power to break rumors.

Sheenah is the host of happy camp, which brings great pleasure to the audience. Although many people do not like Sheenah's hosting style, Sheenah is now well deserved in Hunan satellite TV. Sheenah and Zhang Jie have been married for many years, but there

jyj011 @ 2019/07/12

Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong live together? Nicholas Tse's high-profile sunshine "husband and wife" wake up to show love.

Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong were frequently split up, but Nicholas Tse personally responded to the media and said Faye Wong was very good, and the two people were occasionally met by netizens while they were wandering around the mall. Faye Wong also greete

jyj011 @ 2019/05/22

Are slag women visible? Her new love affair finally hammered? The original ex husband's material is true?

Recently, the "society I Zhang Jie", Zhang Yuqi, has had a new trend. Today, Zhang Yuqi was photographed and Cheung Qian Hao street show love, the two seem to have cohabitation. According to uncle Zhang Yuqi, late at the end of April, Zhang Yuqi a

jyj011 @ 2019/05/15

After Jackie after the age of 57 he was exposing illegitimate child, generous recognition: wife already know

Jackie and I think we are very familiar with, there is a space for one person in the entertainment world and Chinese, his comedy movie people talked about, but also the Hongkong film industry model, called workaholic. But Chan has a shameful thing, it is

jyj011 @ 2019/05/13

Li Yapeng in the new girlfriend? As Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse just love to get married?

Li Yapeng and Faye Wong have been divorced for a long time, and Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse's feelings have been very stable. Li Yapeng should also be completely put down Faye Wong, just for a long time Li Yapeng even broke new feelings, just like wome

jyj011 @ 2019/05/09

After the storm, Zhang Danfeng and micro-blog have Bi Ying introduction, friends: Catherine Hung!

Recent entertainment is very exciting news for Zhang Danfeng, and Bi Ying lace news is also in the entertainment circle lasted for half a month, but for Zhang Danfeng's marriage will make people have some attention to him, because of Zhang Danfeng'

jyj011 @ 2019/04/30

Zhang Danfeng vocal rumor derailed, called Bi Ying late into the room is clean, no cheating claim! No transfer of property! No trumpet!

Some time ago, Zhang Danfeng net exposure derailed a female agent Bi Ying was too much raise a Babel of criticism of. The media group Zhang Danfeng released more than a room at night and Bi Ying photos, Zhang Danfeng then responded to a "make groundle

jyj011 @ 2019/04/26

Disappeared 500 days is suffering from AIDS, love days finally appeared in the sun shine, 16 small meat exchanges relieved?

This year, I do not know whether it is found that there is a star has disappeared for a long time, she is Xiao Yaxuan. Since 2018, she had disappeared, lost the trail. From the beginning of last year, her new album has been repeatedly delayed, the tour ab

jyj011 @ 2019/04/17

Zheng Shuang was her boyfriend's money? The partnership shop losses, Zhang Heng personally respond!

After the Zheng Shuang drama broadcast the controversial girl again appeared in front of the public, in recent years, in addition to her one by one of the TV series, also harvest their love, and her boyfriend Zhang Heng since the public has been sweet sta

jyj011 @ 2019/04/16

Zhang Danfeng derailed agent add real hammer? Night hotel coexistence 3 hours after being shot in response to "normal"?

Hello everyone ~ ~ good evening, today a large melon! Zhang Danfeng and his agent has been shot Bi ying!! Just after the 4 1 April birthday Zhang Danfeng, photographed by the media is currently filming a movie and TV base, early on from the hotel to go ou

jyj011 @ 2019/04/14

The 43 year old wife Huang Haibo had exposure, we are familiar with her, just out of prison for his children!

Do not know if you remember a few years ago very popular "national son-in-law". Because "we get married" in the play well, Huang Haibo is a name known to every family at the time, many people love his style. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

jyj011 @ 2019/04/12

Kissing photos outflow, marriage certificate collar is not recognized, she get married are controversial?

In March 25th, users drying out of Yuan Li and a man's marriage certificate on the Internet, with Yuan Li and men kissing photos. From the screenshot, Yuan Li married news events is the first issue of the Taiping male beam, he also tweets sent the sam

jyj011 @ 2019/04/08

Zhang Bichen blocked when the mistress? Xie Na sun chats the rumor, but the truth is that?

Yesterday morning, "Sheenah denies ban Zhang Bichen" like hot search list first. "The sun goddess" Sheenah flow of the charm, it is not generally large! Last night Sheenah and Zhang Bichen drying out the chat records, and with the text: &#

jyj011 @ 2019/04/05

William Feng's mother's exposure, worth tens of billions of momentum pressure, netizen: Bao Ying, don't be afraid!

Since William Feng and Zhao Liying, William Feng declared, the reputation is soaring, no matter is the relationship between the couple still are very close to her mother-in-law, it also allows users to put down the heart began to doubt, this is the "w

jyj011 @ 2019/03/30

The goddess Joey Wong, when Andy Lau sat on the leg of the year, the king's hand?

The goddess Wang Zuxian, when Andy Lau sat on the leg of the year, the king's hand. As everyone knows,...... there are a lot of beautiful female star, each color values are very high. Today about a beautiful woman named Joey Wong. We are very familiar

jyj011 @ 2019/03/29

Cecilia Cheung's new boyfriend appeared, two people close to date has been exposed, netizens: I wish you happiness

In the impression of users, Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse after the divorce, I was single, suddenly know the remaining three Taiwan, it caused a sensation in the entertainment circle, attracted the majority of users of speculation and debate. Yiyiyiyiyi

jyj011 @ 2019/03/26

Liu Tao says the reason and Jiang Xin break! Netizen: selfish people blame red up

Recently attended an event has always been good relations of Liu Tao and Jiang Xin clearly appear together on the red carpet, but two people but the cold face, did not know each other, let users for the plastic to Speechless sisterly affection! Yiyiyiyiyi

jyj011 @ 2019/03/21

Zhao Wei spent 17 years to forgive Fan Bingbing, but never forgive the trap she wears the flag woman

Do not know if you have not heard of the "plastic sisters", it is said that the word comes from a piece, a good sister relationship like plastic flowers, especially fake, but never fade. This part also illustrates a phenomenon for many girls when

jyj011 @ 2019/03/18