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It's so nice to talk about others.

Editor: Prince's meow, what's the matter? Why did Chen Linong go to the draft again? Voiceover is what he said: "(expecting) DD52's final regiment..." "DD52"? A check is the abbreviation of the 101 edition of the Taiwanese vers

juziyule @ 2020/04/16

Should she be divorced?

Editor: Joo, if you are a young idol who was born in Taiwan early, you are very young and ignorant. You used to be crazy, and you were involved in many scandals. I didn't expect to meet a sports man who claimed to be a rich man after he knew his fans.

juziyule @ 2020/04/15

At the beginning of the whole network ridicule... Why are all praising him now?

Editor: ah mee originally promoted the theme song. I couldn't get on the stage. I had the courage to speak with the Kun producer and I had been practicing. The Kun producer specifically recognized the material of everyone, and finally got the opportun

juziyule @ 2020/04/12

The strongest third is actually too beautiful to be scolded?

Editor: Ah Mei, "the whole world knows that my husband has gone off the rails, and only I don't know..." is not a true story. It's from the new Korean drama "the world of husband and wife". JTBC, the fog, the city of the sky, is cu

juziyule @ 2020/04/09

From the most handsome comic actor to the chattering star, should he be angry?

Editor: Joo, the same video. What you see is Lu Han Huang Zitao's development of harmonic star sideline. What I see is another mimetic stem born in trembling. That's ok! We all surf in the same sea area. However, sometimes we are slower than the s

juziyule @ 2020/03/31

I heard someone wanted them to be together?

Editor: Prince's meow full screen of "pure and clean"... Friends, female stars, handsome bodyguard, it does not smell it? I watched the video for a whole morning, in which the former girl Jung Soo Yeon and his bodyguard were in the shot. Jessi

juziyule @ 2020/03/29

Is it wrong to be scolded?

Editor: MLight looked at "youthful you" last night, while orange was on hand. The total rating of Lok Wah is C? Lin Xiaozhai jumps the girl Warrior Dance, is also suspected of plagiarism? Peach show shows the goose logo? Everything looks very inte

juziyule @ 2020/03/22

I should be upset if I were his girlfriend.

Editor: after the news of the prince's meow Show Luo and Zhou Yangqing's suspected breakup, the man's agent came out to respond once, and responded to the response. He put himself in. "Behind the scenes of the two person's emotional do

juziyule @ 2020/03/18

Handsome to the tyrant screen Thailand male god is Ouyang Nana godfather? But now looks...

Editor: ah meow has really seen too many cool knowledge in entertainment circles recently. Today, I want to add another one. This is Ouyang Nana's godfather. What happened to godfather? It's no problem to get here. But do you have a closer look, d

juziyule @ 2020/03/09

I actually discovered the common ground of this love bean.

Editor: Prince mew heard that Wu Yifan is a "man who never cries outside". Not long ago, the friend of fashion, who had recently been arrested, did not cry too hard. Colleagues who are not willing to get along for a long time do not want to shop.

juziyule @ 2020/03/07

The face of the national team is the most handsome. After 00 athletes, even their girlfriends are so beautiful.

Editor: why does the prince's meow micro-blog always push me handsome guy? Do I look like a flower girl? Serious statement: I am not a flower girl. Just got the "adolescent psychosis"... At the moment, the condition was just stable, and some p

juziyule @ 2020/03/06

You can't see these spoilers in 50 dollars.

Editor: Logan fan fan's "Dad" can start a group. Hang on from a young age, they can't be denied: the five bamboo uncle of the master's level has always been his bodyguard, and will never be uninsured. Fan fan was raised in fan Fu's

juziyule @ 2019/12/23

After reading his remarks to his wife, I can sour until 2020.

Editor: Ah Mei, this year, the host is not joking. There were Dong Dong, and he was not able to remember the name of Dan. In the middle, Sha Yi, who is a hard nut to crack, has been careful in the last stage. Every time he reaches the long, awkward part,

juziyule @ 2019/12/21

This is the most incredible frame this year.

Editor: ah meow's excited heart and trembling hands, the first B station of the new year's Eve party, announces all the lineup and program list. According to convention, orange has come to paint your highlights again. I saw Wu Yifan at a glance. U

juziyule @ 2019/12/19

Some people seem to be following the wind, but in fact, the wind is running smoothly behind them.

Editor: Logan is talking about Sa Beining. He became a father yesterday. Li Baisheng, a Canadian wife, is also a dragon and Phoenix fetus. Yes, the arson is married, and the children have it. This netizen, you repair the net line! The 70 year old grandfat

juziyule @ 2019/12/17

This time I was scolded.

Editor: Prince's meow, "everyone has the right to be forgiven once." Zhu Dan may need two times, at least. Last night's award ceremony: "well, congratulations on Zhao Linong!" "Zhao Linong, you get this year's business valu

juziyule @ 2019/12/12

He can also publish books. The four step is to teach you how to catch an idol.

Editor: a mew last night, a media number broke the news and photographed the star's love affair, suggesting that the cat is a popular actress and loves a dog actor. The comments are all ridiculing. This advance notice must be 360 lines. There are also

juziyule @ 2019/12/11

63 years old? He said, 36 years old, some people believe it.

Editor: Ah Mei saw "Tucao assembly" last night and found a star who ate antiseptic. Ray Lui, 63 years old, dare you believe it? I thought I was only 36 years old. (using exaggerated modifiers here) is more than half a year younger than peers. No a

juziyule @ 2019/12/09

Can they afford the best Gao Yixiang?

Editor: joo11, 27 am. Gao Yixiang fainted in the recording of "chase me," and died. Ten days passed. The hall was set up, friends and fans were condolences, and family and girlfriends stayed with him. Gao Yixiang and others came to apologize for t

juziyule @ 2019/12/07

Why is my boss like this?

Editor: Ah Mei, I was shocked by JYP President Park Jin Young. MAMA is wearing a plastic coat and sexy dance with Hua Sha. Then, under the stage, the artists, GOT7 and TWICE, took a glance at the staff on the stage, and his eyes were flurried for a few se

juziyule @ 2019/12/07