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How did I get scolded on the first day?

Editor: AKA.miao, how many people don't know that last night was the finals? Don't blame yourself for surfing the 2G. After all, the most unexpected thing this year is to create 2020 paste. Before there was a tight encirclement, then there was a r

juziyule @ 2020/07/05

Did she even laugh at herself?

Editor: AKA.miao, how does this group get hot again? This is what happened today. Zhang Meng's team opposed the big bowl wide face. Her way of canvassing was too excited to be trampled. Later, the video made a public apology. The "big bowl and wid

juziyule @ 2020/06/29

How did she become "black of the whole network"?

Editor: the prince's meow "sister" is now broadcast, and the women's group is getting more and more concentrated in the draft. This episode refers to "Huang Shengyi's cry". The thing is this: Liu Yun in the Huang Shengyi group

juziyule @ 2020/06/27

Don't you have any idea about this year's slag man?

Editor: AKA.miao was shocked by Zhang Mingen's follow-up melon!!! I have not yet known about these two manuscripts. Another slag man has been hammered. Is she under surveillance by rival? All right, let's get a clear understanding of the situation

juziyule @ 2020/06/25

Is she under surveillance by rival?

Editor: Amiao hot search after stopping for a week, the entertainment circle has not stopped... Before Liu Yun's strong performance in the "sister" part, was criticized by netizens to fall into the micro-blog comment area. After that, Xu Lu br

juziyule @ 2020/06/21

I knew he was married, but I didn't know the children were so big.

Editor: Ah Mei can not rap, but there is a heart that likes to hear and sing. It should be me. No, recently, rap and listen to me has been launched. Although there is no such thing as hip-hop in China, it is pretty good to see beyond the expectations of o

juziyule @ 2020/06/17

Will female artists be ridiculed?

Editor: the prince's meow, poor Peng Peng, has to pick up a week's teeth in the hot search. Micro-blog knows how to correct it. In short, the list will only show all the topics up to 15 in June 10, 2020 in the next week. Peng Peng, you would like

juziyule @ 2020/06/12

The heart that wants to explode, written on the face?

Editor: is Joo the reason why youth has you 2? The "creative camp" began to exert itself in a crazy way. As we all know, this year's "Chuang" has produced many original competition systems, leaving the audience unable to understand and

juziyule @ 2020/06/07

She came to clarify the relationship between discord and speed.

Editor: MLight, last night, watching the finals of "youthful you" has been High until the early morning. When you just lie down, you are awakened by the thunder of Beijing. There is a faint voice saying: didn't you swear not to pick draft last

juziyule @ 2020/06/01

You may not believe it. I met him in the North Third Ring Road.

Editor: Joo Liu Haoran, who is not in the river but always has his name. The front foot was accused by Zhang Yun Yun, because he met Liu Haoran's "liquid fart" and had to hold a piece of ginger "to taste", recording the complete progra

juziyule @ 2020/05/07

Even fake sugar?

Editor: ah, meow, did you have any marriage when you were flying? Anyway, I didn't sleep. Basically I went to bed and woke up almost to the ground. Is that almost all of us? OK, then listen to a sweet story on the plane. It's not intended that you

juziyule @ 2020/05/02

A handsome boy like a novel divorced?

Editor: ah mee's recent news of cheating on the leg is too much, and the ending is mostly embarrassed. Another actress is having emotional problems, Vivian Chan. In the interview, he revealed that he had been divorced and signed in August last year. T

juziyule @ 2020/05/01

Are they waiting for their wedding?

Editor: MLight orange has recently received a very heartfelt confession, but I don't know if I should accept it, so I would like to ask you for your advice. First of all, let's talk about the situation of the other side: the associate professor of

juziyule @ 2020/04/18

It's so nice to talk about others.

Editor: Prince's meow, what's the matter? Why did Chen Linong go to the draft again? Voiceover is what he said: "(expecting) DD52's final regiment..." "DD52"? A check is the abbreviation of the 101 edition of the Taiwanese vers

juziyule @ 2020/04/16

Should she be divorced?

Editor: Joo, if you are a young idol who was born in Taiwan early, you are very young and ignorant. You used to be crazy, and you were involved in many scandals. I didn't expect to meet a sports man who claimed to be a rich man after he knew his fans.

juziyule @ 2020/04/15

At the beginning of the whole network ridicule... Why are all praising him now?

Editor: ah mee originally promoted the theme song. I couldn't get on the stage. I had the courage to speak with the Kun producer and I had been practicing. The Kun producer specifically recognized the material of everyone, and finally got the opportun

juziyule @ 2020/04/12

The strongest third is actually too beautiful to be scolded?

Editor: Ah Mei, "the whole world knows that my husband has gone off the rails, and only I don't know..." is not a true story. It's from the new Korean drama "the world of husband and wife". JTBC, the fog, the city of the sky, is cu

juziyule @ 2020/04/09

From the most handsome comic actor to the chattering star, should he be angry?

Editor: Joo, the same video. What you see is Lu Han Huang Zitao's development of harmonic star sideline. What I see is another mimetic stem born in trembling. That's ok! We all surf in the same sea area. However, sometimes we are slower than the s

juziyule @ 2020/03/31

I heard someone wanted them to be together?

Editor: Prince's meow full screen of "pure and clean"... Friends, female stars, handsome bodyguard, it does not smell it? I watched the video for a whole morning, in which the former girl Jung Soo Yeon and his bodyguard were in the shot. Jessi

juziyule @ 2020/03/29

Is it wrong to be scolded?

Editor: MLight looked at "youthful you" last night, while orange was on hand. The total rating of Lok Wah is C? Lin Xiaozhai jumps the girl Warrior Dance, is also suspected of plagiarism? Peach show shows the goose logo? Everything looks very inte

juziyule @ 2020/03/22