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What luxury is 4.5 billion houses?

The source of this article is to design a ID:together-design mansion and design a 627 Carcassonne Rd, which is also familiar with Bel Air in Losangeles. This luxurious residential area is the famous platinum triangle of Losangeles, which is the highest in

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/23

What is partition?

Besides the curtain, we only listen to people tonight. The partition of Tang Si Kong Tu "singer twelve" is a more commonly used method of dividing space in modern space design. Ingenious partition design makes space rich and varied, full of fun. T

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/21

Zen house, the 30 most beautiful Zen Design Cases

"Zen habitation" seeks the Chinese people's poetic dwelling new micro design "the most beautiful series" eighth books. The Chinese people love the Chinese in their bones. No matter how prosperous the outside world is, no matter what ki

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/21

A brief history of real estate in China

This article is changed from: the real estate wind ID:fangshi488 inside the original gentleman, please do not arbitrarily reprint inside the original gentleman, please do not arbitrarily reprint [new micro tour study recommendation] Chongqing's 8 larg

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/20

Chongqing's 8 largest boutiques: Rong Chong + Vanke + Xu Hui + Longhu + greenbelt + Huayu + Hongkong land + Dongyuan.

Warm reminder: This study activity time is December 28th, December 29th two days, only a few remaining places, interested friends please contact flowers teacher registration. The inspection activities of the real estate market, Chongqing Railway Station,

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/17

Cement bare wall, the more naked, the more advanced.

Fair faced concrete shows the essence of the most essential beauty, which is the quality of "plain and sunny". We usually call fair faced concrete as "concrete wall". It is simple and natural, with its natural and steady appearance and fla

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/15

Japan's luxury design is so low-key.

This article source: together design ID:together-design villa design Modern Mansion Design Japan's architecture is mainly based on simple concrete structure, at the same time, it integrates Japanese traditional architectural elements such as wood stru

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/14

Good homestay, have a good Logo

A good homestay has a good design, from building to indoor, from cloth to jewelry. Every detail needs to be carefully carved. Of course, as a foreign image, the residence registration is no exception. Moreover, it is particularly important whether it is p

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/12

Survey of Singapore masters' works, residential, commercial, hotel and public buildings (30 issue)

Warm reminder: this activity is limited to 22 people, full time, and interested friends please contact with Chu teacher in time. Classical architecture and landscape survey activities, Singapore station [phase thirtieth], the survey lasted for 4 days and

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/10

The simpler, the more luxurious!

Social complexity, interpersonal tension, work cumbersome, pressure to make money... How many people are eager to return home, can unload a suit of armor, find the deep inner peace, return to the most primitive living essence. As a result, minimalism is g

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/09


A case study of the Rehe Valley, the sky courtyard. This case is contributed by GAD architectural design. "Tourism is the best medium to get pleasure and romance". Vacation can let people occasionally break away from the daily track, pick up the f

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/08

2.4 billion high black villas, cool to no friends.

The 1369 Londonderry Pl luxury mansions are not all luxurious and impetuous with luxurious prices. Exquisite design and detailed details are the real elements that determine the quality of luxury apartments. Take a look at this 1369 Londonderry Pl mansion

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/07

Ando Tadao's sketching world

As a self-taught architect, Ando Tadao's learning and architectural road is unique without any professional background, without any degree of architecture or even training instructions from any architectural master. Only by traveling and learning hims

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/05

The 3 Chinese style house is beautiful.

[case 1] the ancients advocate "road to Jane", and life advocates "simplicity". This wisdom of residence is also applicable to the present, giving up unnecessary unnecessary things, so that the mind does not work for things and keeps the f

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/03

Ink and wash homes on the sea

The nineteen Dali mountain case was completed by a wutopia lab contributors design team, commissioned by a good friend for about three years, and completed the best homestay with ink and wash as the keynote in Dali, East China Sea. (the following is the d

juzhukongjian @ 2019/11/30

How to design the French window?

If the window is the eye of a room, then the deluxe French window is undoubtedly the Carslan's big eyes in the space. It widens our range of sight and draws close to the distance between indoor and outdoor. It is full of temptation and charm to enhanc

juzhukongjian @ 2019/11/26

Japanese classic masterpiece, commercial complex, Japanese garden tour (phase ninth)

Warm reminder: This investigation activity limits 22 people, at present the remaining few places. Interested friends please contact Mr. Sun to sign up in time. Classical architecture and landscape survey activities, Japan station [phase ninth], the survey

juzhukongjian @ 2019/11/23

Study & teahouse, the most beautiful combination of Chinese design.

Tea pass six arts, six arts to help tea. Among the six arts, calligraphy and painting are important, affecting the tea people to feel the world, return to nature and pursue themselves. There is no definite rule in the study since ancient times. The rich c

juzhukongjian @ 2019/11/23

The 100 most beautiful hotels in China

The source of this article is: how can we miss the trip to the most beautiful hotel designer in China? ID:meizhantravel100, WeChat, China, the most beautiful hotel designer can't miss it. (annotation: the ranking is not the same). Hua Lizhi, Beijing&#

juzhukongjian @ 2019/11/22

Japanese style courtyard houses are super beautiful.

Today, Xiaobian has arranged 3 good Japanese style courtyard houses, which come from the Japanese Austrian architecture design office. The company is good at using simple building materials to build typical Japanese designs. It is worth learning from. Let

juzhukongjian @ 2019/11/13