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How big is a 8.8 billion house?

Losangeles's Bel Air's 2800 luxury luxury house is built on a nearly 5000 hillside. The scale of the landscape green space is unimaginable, and its selling price is as high as 880 million yuan ($125000000). The house is also designed by Paul McLea

juzhukongjian @ 2020/05/24

Super villa is one with nature.

MK27, Brazil Planar villa in St Paul, Brazil, completed the design of a villa in MK27 studio, St Paul, Brazil, which is described as "a radical activity in the horizontal direction". The villa was properly named as "flat house" and was car

juzhukongjian @ 2020/05/22

Mansion in the mountains

What should be the most luxurious house in the world? Top level configuration? Oversized floor area? Or brilliant decoration effect? Xiaobian thinks that if you can put yourself in the natural beauty and feel the most beautiful and magnificent scenery, yo

juzhukongjian @ 2020/05/04

The "soil taste" luxury house, the more advanced the earth.

This article collated 8 independent houses located in nature, or hidden in the mountain forests, or facing the sea. They have a common feature, that is, the "soil flavor" mentioned in the title, each housing presents the color of the loess, which

juzhukongjian @ 2020/05/01

Linear lamp, how to design it?

With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the appearance and performance of linear lamps are constantly upgrading, and the applicable scenes are more extensive. More and more lighting scenes are applied to linear elements, compact and efficient l

juzhukongjian @ 2020/04/19

Concrete design, the more naked, the more advanced!

Fine concrete is one of the most popular design elements at present. In the designer's hands, this cold, hard and rugged "cement lump" can also give people a warm, delicate, sophisticated sensory experience. 01.Villa Molli villa, warm and deli

juzhukongjian @ 2020/04/15

What is sinking space?

1 what is sinking design subsidence design is the ingenious use of high and low division difference isolation space, breaking the ordinary space of emptiness and visual sense of a single sense, thus breaking through the traditional space and visual effect

juzhukongjian @ 2020/04/11

With a loft, we must design this way.

Note: in this article, HOMEID:hizhuke, a duplex house or a LOFT loft, is often regarded as a small space of space. But in the eyes of designers, these shortcomings happen to be their charms. Once these shortcomings are properly utilized, unexpected result

juzhukongjian @ 2020/03/21

It's so simple and white.

White House for professional police The occupant of this case is a police officer who works very hard at work. So designers decide to make the whole space white. The color psychology is white, which symbolizes purity, cleanness and trust, and is very suit

juzhukongjian @ 2020/03/11

What luxury is 4.5 billion houses?

The source of this article is to design a ID:together-design mansion and design a 627 Carcassonne Rd, which is also familiar with Bel Air in Losangeles. This luxurious residential area is the famous platinum triangle of Losangeles, which is the highest in

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/23

What is partition?

Besides the curtain, we only listen to people tonight. The partition of Tang Si Kong Tu "singer twelve" is a more commonly used method of dividing space in modern space design. Ingenious partition design makes space rich and varied, full of fun. T

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/21

Zen house, the 30 most beautiful Zen Design Cases

"Zen habitation" seeks the Chinese people's poetic dwelling new micro design "the most beautiful series" eighth books. The Chinese people love the Chinese in their bones. No matter how prosperous the outside world is, no matter what ki

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/21

A brief history of real estate in China

This article is changed from: the real estate wind ID:fangshi488 inside the original gentleman, please do not arbitrarily reprint inside the original gentleman, please do not arbitrarily reprint [new micro tour study recommendation] Chongqing's 8 larg

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/20

Chongqing's 8 largest boutiques: Rong Chong + Vanke + Xu Hui + Longhu + greenbelt + Huayu + Hongkong land + Dongyuan.

Warm reminder: This study activity time is December 28th, December 29th two days, only a few remaining places, interested friends please contact flowers teacher registration. The inspection activities of the real estate market, Chongqing Railway Station,

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/17

Cement bare wall, the more naked, the more advanced.

Fair faced concrete shows the essence of the most essential beauty, which is the quality of "plain and sunny". We usually call fair faced concrete as "concrete wall". It is simple and natural, with its natural and steady appearance and fla

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/15

Japan's luxury design is so low-key.

This article source: together design ID:together-design villa design Modern Mansion Design Japan's architecture is mainly based on simple concrete structure, at the same time, it integrates Japanese traditional architectural elements such as wood stru

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/14

Good homestay, have a good Logo

A good homestay has a good design, from building to indoor, from cloth to jewelry. Every detail needs to be carefully carved. Of course, as a foreign image, the residence registration is no exception. Moreover, it is particularly important whether it is p

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/12

Survey of Singapore masters' works, residential, commercial, hotel and public buildings (30 issue)

Warm reminder: this activity is limited to 22 people, full time, and interested friends please contact with Chu teacher in time. Classical architecture and landscape survey activities, Singapore station [phase thirtieth], the survey lasted for 4 days and

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/10

The simpler, the more luxurious!

Social complexity, interpersonal tension, work cumbersome, pressure to make money... How many people are eager to return home, can unload a suit of armor, find the deep inner peace, return to the most primitive living essence. As a result, minimalism is g

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/09


A case study of the Rehe Valley, the sky courtyard. This case is contributed by GAD architectural design. "Tourism is the best medium to get pleasure and romance". Vacation can let people occasionally break away from the daily track, pick up the f

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/08