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The 14 homemade dishes made by Lao Mama are delicious.

No more bottles and jars for all kinds of sauce, a bottle of old mama to make everything delicious! From homemade old mama to noodles, fish and steamed spareribs. Old mama's hairtail fish ingredients: 2 hairtail, the right amount of oil, the right amo

jtmeishi @ 2020/05/21

20 kinds of potato pie, adults and children love to eat!

Are you still making potatoes unsuitable for staple food? Can you only stir fry the hot and sour potatoes? Actually, potatoes can make a lot of delicious food. Today, there are 20 ways to introduce potato cakes. I hope you like them. 1. onion potato pie [

jtmeishi @ 2020/05/20

Celery's 9 homely practices are simple and delicious.

The leaves of celery are fragrant and the roots are crisp. The taste of cooking is very special. Its fiber content is high, it can dredge the intestines and stomach. After eating a big meal, celery can help digestion. Celery is good for clearing away heat

jtmeishi @ 2020/05/11

Happy mother's Day! Cook some dishes for mom

Mother has been cooking for us every day. Mother's Day is coming soon. We should let mother rest for a while. Recommend a few dishes that are suitable for mom to eat. Purple sweet potato muffin raw materials: sticky rice flour (rice flour, I made it m

jtmeishi @ 2020/05/09

You can make pizza in 5 minutes with dumpling skin, and you know it after all these years.

Every time the dumplings are finished, there will always be a pile of dumplings. How to deal with the remaining dumplings? Except for noodle soup, is it gone? In fact, there are still more delicious ways to teach you today. 1 the onion cake is made of dum

jtmeishi @ 2020/05/09

10 common practices of fresh faba beans are delicious.

Now is the season to eat faba beans. Faba beans with shell will buy a big bag and go home and peel the beans and stir fry them. But can you do it every time you watch others buy it every day? Let's learn from it. The climate of every place is differen

jtmeishi @ 2020/05/05

The season of eating lettuce is given to you by these 10 homely practices.

Asparagus lettuce, also known as lettuce, Qianjin, fragrant horse shoots, is one of the main vegetables in winter and spring, with high nutritional value. Family food Xiaobian carefully prepared 10 kinds of domestic practices of lettuce. 1. onion onion le

jtmeishi @ 2020/05/03

Collection of 5 delicious food pouring practices, lazy people must!

In addition to simply cooking the dishes on the rice, the dishes are more delicious, fragrant and thicken. Today, let's study a few kinds of rice, squid, rice, squid 1 / onion 1/4 / green pepper 100g / green pepper 1 onion / sesame oil / sesame oil /

jtmeishi @ 2020/04/23

13 kinds of domestic practices of beef, warm and very appetizing!

Beef has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening the muscles and bones, reducing phlegm and promoting wind, stopping thirst and stopping saliva. Water beef can help the fetus to nourish the nerves. Yellow beef can help to replenish

jtmeishi @ 2020/04/18

The 10 most delicious methods of rice noodles are delicious.

There are many ways to make rice noodles. In some areas, many people do not feel like eating rice noodles for a day. At this time, we need to learn more about rice noodles. Today we bring 10 delicious ways of rice noodle. 1. fried rice noodle, ingredients

jtmeishi @ 2020/04/12

10 spicy dishes, spicy and appetizing!

How comfortable it is to eat spicy food. It warms the body and opens the stomach. Today, follow our family food Xiaobian together to learn. 10 common spicy dishes are served in front of you. Spicy vermicelli steamed shrimp ingredients: shrimp 500g, vermic

jtmeishi @ 2020/04/07

5 minutes to learn to cook 10 kinds of dishes, no longer afraid of guests at home!

What can a guest do when he doesn't cook at home? Don't be afraid. Today, I'll teach you how to cook several homely dishes. [1. peppers and preserved eggs] ingredients: 2 preserved eggs, green pepper, red pepper, soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, wh

jtmeishi @ 2020/04/05

A packet of pickled mustard tuber, a piece of pork, a few steps made of pickled mustard cake, crispy and tender.

Main ingredients of pickled mustard tuber meat ingredients: pork 350g, mustard tuber 70g excipients: proper amount of oil, proper amount of salt, 1 teaspoons of sugar, 0.5 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1 teaspoons of oyster sauce, onion ginger 30g, proper amoun

jtmeishi @ 2020/03/24

The 10 way to make sauce is not to be seen. It's a blessing to see.

Before that, we also introduced the methods of making chili sauce, not only chili sauce. More importantly, today's introduction is the secret recipe of ancestors. Self made spicy sauce ingredients: raw bean sauce 150g, tenderloin 50g, rapeseed oil 200

jtmeishi @ 2020/03/15

There are 5 kinds of potatoes that are the most popular way to eat. They can smell fragrance across the screen.

A simple and plain potato can not be eaten at all. The following potato practices are especially suitable for guests to enjoy the flavor of potato cake: about 20 small potatoes, 1/3 cup olive oil, 1 car cheese, sea salt, 1/4 cup fried Bacon crumbs, 1/2 cu

jtmeishi @ 2020/03/12

The most popular 3 puff practices are crispy skin, lightning and foundation.

Puff is also Ao, a western style dessert from Italy. The cream of the loose, open hole is covered with cream, chocolate and even ice cream. Legend has it that puff was born in sixteenth Century and was invented by Catherine de Medici, the queen of France.

jtmeishi @ 2020/03/08

5 kinds of elbows, every mouth watering.

Today, these 5 kinds of elbows are very tasty. Of course, they are very simple. They should be collected quickly and have time for their families. 1., pick up the ingredients of pork elbow: pork elbow, suitable scallion, ginger, salt, star anise, cooking

jtmeishi @ 2020/03/07

Do not throw fruit skin. This is better than meat!

After eating the watermelon skin, a lot of people have thrown away most of the time, sometimes someone has made a cold melon peel, but they can't talk about the fruit peel introduced by today's gourmet. It's really better than the fruit to eat

jtmeishi @ 2020/03/06

Eat dumplings in the winter solstice, learn 8 kinds of dumpling stuffing and eat whatever you like.

The winter solstice, also known as the winter festival, the Asian year old, the long to the festival, is an important solar terms in the twenty-four solar terms, and is also a traditional festival. From the winter solstice, the daytime is longer than one

jtmeishi @ 2019/12/22

French baguette, do it yourself at home, simple zero failure, low sugar, no oil, do not worry about getting fat!

French baguette, do it yourself at home, simple zero failure, low sugar, no oil, do not worry about getting fat! Highly praised this bread without sugar, butter, milk, eggs, low calorie, full of strong smell of wheat, crispy skin, soft inside, toughness a

jtmeishi @ 2019/12/20