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A few dollars can make a large plate, and it tastes better than meat.

When summer comes, many people feel that they have no appetite. They might as well pickle sour radish at home. Ingredients: Food / radish, salt, sugar, garlic, chili powder, shrimp sauce / step /1, radish, peeled, peeled and cut. 2, add salt to salted for

jtmeishi @ 2019/10/20

The 5 creative methods of toast are simple and easy to handle, and each is the child's favorite.

Recently, many readers want to introduce more delicious food to their children. Our family food Xiaobian can not be less costly. Today's 5 toast creative methods are easy to handle and children love best. Practice one: egg cheese cheese toast Step 1:

jtmeishi @ 2019/10/16

You are taught to cook at home, which tastes better than the restaurant chef!

The sale is thin and transparent, with a small circle of lotus leaves scattered around the top, delicate and exquisite, pleasing and delicious. Today, Xiaobian is going to introduce the practice of burning and selling. Letinous edodes and peas are used he

jtmeishi @ 2019/10/09

The 10 delicious methods of avocado are eye opener.

Avocado, many people do not like to eat. But have you ever eaten any delicious food made of avocado? Today, family food Xiaobian teaches you avocado to make delicious food. Dinner, butter and egg sandwiches / ingredients / avocado, toast, eggs, lettuce, s

jtmeishi @ 2019/10/08

Do not steamed without cooking, you can eat delicious corn in 3 minutes!

As a kitchen artifact, the microwave oven can't beat anything. Before many people wanted to learn how to cook a microwave oven, many people had to look at the microwave oven to roast corn / food / skinned corn / step /1, corn and skin to wash in water

jtmeishi @ 2019/10/06

Spareribs do one hundred times more than braised pork ribs.

Spareribs are rich in nutrition and good in taste. The rib out is best. This is the way to bring the roasted rib ribs to the roasted pork ribs, bake them in the oven for a few hours, and then bake them on the grill. There is also a unique whisky barbecue

jtmeishi @ 2019/10/05

9 kinds of noodle soup, night noodles to bowl noodles!

Summer comes, do not like to cook, then simply a bowl of fragrant soup noodle buck slip big meet, especially the office workers and sleep lazy children's shoes simple, quick hand, it is easy to get potatoes tomato noodle noodles 1 / tomatoes 2 / potat

jtmeishi @ 2019/10/03

Don't scramble the tomato any more. Mix it with it and eat it.

Many people like to eat tomatoes, all kinds of fried tomatoes, tomato, tomato soup must have tried ~ actually tomato noodle is also very good! A bowl in the morning is simple and nutritious. Tomato and egg noodle ingredients: eggs, tomatoes, noodles, salt

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/29

10 fast dishes, no more takeaway and instant noodles after work!

After a day's work, I was still on the road for a long time before I got home. What do you have for dinner? Many people make up or order takeout. Today, we will teach you 10 fast dishes and 10 minutes to do a few. Barbecue flavor potato chips ingredie

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/28

Steamed stuffed bun should not be steamed again. Try it once, better than steaming, and learn to cook.

[ingredients] 1000 grams of flour, 440 grams of soybean sprouts, 500 grams of rape, 4 pieces of green onion, a little pepper, a small amount of chili powder, a proper amount of salt, 1 tablespoons of soy sauce, a small amount of chicken essence, proper am

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/26

8 kinds of domestic practices of fat cattle, do not only wash the pot!

There are many kinds of fat cows, such as onion, beef, rice, pickle, beef, pot, beef and so on. There are many ways to do so. Let's take a look. Onion, beef, beef rolls, onion / green pepper / Ginger / sugar oil consumption / soy sauce / cooking wine

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/25

Do not fry, do not chill water, so that the dry beans, dry and moist, the table seconds light!

Usually, the fried beans in restaurants are fried beans and fried, not only unhealthy, but also a lot of trouble for cleaning afterwards. In fact, family production can be done with the method of frying and stewing to achieve the effect of dry scent, whic

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/22

The pork is so fat and not greasy, the entrance is changed, so that you can eat more than two bowls of rice.

Make five ingredients: pork 1 slices of soy sauce 2 tablespoons, soy sauce, 2 scoops, 1 tablespoons, salt, half spoon, pepper, star anise, right amount of cinnamon, proper amount of fragrant leaves, 1 pieces of sugar, right amount of onion, 1 pieces of gi

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/21

No appetite, so long as such a simple dish, will be able to eat two bowls of rice, better than meat.

Stir fry hot pepper, green pepper, thin peel, green pepper 240 grams, soy sauce 2 teaspoon, vinegar drops, salt amount, sugar 1 teaspoon, oyster sauce 1 teaspoon 1, prepare the ingredients you need, clean up, and remove the green peppers, if you are not a

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/18

I don't know what to eat for dinner. These 5 homely dishes are meat and vegetables, not chef!

Many people worry about the dinner in summer. Although the takeaway is very convenient now, the hygiene situation is always worrying. To do it at home, I hope it is simple. Today, the gourmet gentleman introduces 5 delicious home cooking dishes. Huangqi b

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/17

The pumpkin is so fragrant and fragrant that the whole family will love it!

Pumpkin is introduced before the family cuisine. Recently, many good eating methods have been found. After the summary, share it with them. Let's take a look at the 1 pumpkin onion oil cake material: Pumpkin, onion, flour, salt, oil and Sesame: 1. pumpkin

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/12

The pumpkin is so soft and glutinous that it tastes better than bread.

Today, pumpkin pie is a very popular pumpkin pie. It's sweet and soft. It tastes great. If you don't have an oven, you can get it done with a pan. Let me have a look with you if you like. Now, when pumpkin is on the market, all kinds of green pumpkin, old

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/10

Corn has been eaten many times, the first time with new tricks, but not before the table was robbed.

Eating the yolk baked corn from a restaurant has never forgotten that the aroma is always lingering, perhaps the smell of egg yolk. Today, the gourmet gentleman decides to do it himself. It is really delicious and very fond of it. Ingredients: corn kernel

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/07

Glutinous rice is better than zongzi, and it is not greasy for a whole year.

There are many ways to make glutinous rice, which will only be used to make zongzi, followed by family food Xiaobian so delicious that you want to eat for a whole year! Ingredients: 3 cups of glutinous rice, rinse and soak for 4-5 hours or overnight, 300g

jtmeishi @ 2019/09/03

Stir fried pork with bean curd, do super rice, eat once, like to eat every day!

The homemade dish we introduced today is dried bean curd and fried bacon. It looks very greedy. Super rice is served. Let's have a look. Ingredients: 200 grams of dried bean curd, 80 grams of bacon, 1 green peppers, 1 red peppers, 5 grams of Zanthoxylum b

jtmeishi @ 2019/08/30