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China warned the biggest arms sales to Taiwan: the consequences are conceited!

Today, the United States Department of defense officially announced the sale of 66 F-16V fighters on sale. In August 20th, the website of the United States Security Cooperation Bureau formally announced to the Congress that the US State Department has app

jinriyazhou @ 2019/08/22

US media: economic "alarm" frequency response Trump was shocked by re-election

One of the topics of today's alarm is that consumers have no breathing space. President Trump finally admitted that he was wrong. On the 15 day of the local time, after many times, "the United States does not need to bear the cost of customs duties", Trum

jinriyazhou @ 2019/08/17

Facing the American bullying, breaking the promise of HUAWEI: beating the US!

Today's topic Trump: the United States decided to break off its business dealings with HUAWEI, and once promised to lift the ban on HUAWEI, the United States announced again that it would cut off its business dealings with HUAWEI. Ren Zhengfei, founder of

jinriyazhou @ 2019/08/13

Overweight "exchange rate card" strong push "weak dollar" hurt itself?

According to the American media, Trump's public bombardment of the Federal Reserve which is supposed to remain independent is a rare thing in the history of the United States. 9, Trump finally put forward his ideal policy goal: "there is almost no inflati

jinriyazhou @ 2019/08/11

Three questions. Limit pressure? The United States ranks China as a currency manipulator.

Today's topic, why should the US monitor the exchange rate of trading partners? On the 5 th of the local time, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said in a statement that according to the law of the comprehensive trade and Competitiveness Act, China was identi

jinriyazhou @ 2019/08/07

US tariff increases to China? American business: we are through.

Today, the United States intends to impose a 10% tariff on 300 billion US dollars in China's exports to the United States. On August 1st, Trump announced that from September 1st, the United States will impose a 10% tariff on the value of Chinese goods exp

jinriyazhou @ 2019/08/02

Half a year's revenue 400 billion HUAWEI released hard core report card

HUAWEI's core business today: HUAWEI: the main products are basically unaffected. In the afternoon of July 30th, HUAWEI released its first half 2019 results at its headquarters in Hong Kong. In the special international trade environment, this is the firs

jinriyazhou @ 2019/08/01

The world's largest nuclear submarine "reemerge", Russia and the United States knock down underwater deterrence

Today's topic: British media: Russia's Northern Fleet exercises the world's largest nuclear submarine to return to the ocean, and Russia and the United States, the two nuclear powers, are warming up, extending from land to air. According to foreign media

jinriyazhou @ 2019/07/31

Putin's naval parade to build a strong oceangoing fleet

Today's topic, Putin, was inspected by the Raptor patrol boat in July 28th. It was the day when the Russian Navy commemorates the establishment of 323rd anniversary. Celebrations were held in various parts of Russia. On the same day, Russian President Put

jinriyazhou @ 2019/07/30

Trump! Russia launches land based nuclear missile and shows "nuclear muscle" again

Today, Russia launches a "white poplar" intercontinental ballistic missile. The Russian Defense Ministry announced on the 26 day that the Russian strategic rocket troops fired a mobile "white poplar" intercontinental ballistic missile from the Kapustin Ya

jinriyazhou @ 2019/07/28

Demonstration! Warning! Kim Jeong-eun directing North Korea version of "Isis Kandel" test shooting

Today, the topic is on the media: Kim Jeong-eun was satisfied with the new weapon's combat strength. The 26 official announced that the supreme leader Kim Jeong-eun had organized a demonstration firing of the new guided weapons, aiming at introducing the

jinriyazhou @ 2019/07/26

"How to prepare for the worst?" how many soldiers did the United States and Britain deploy around Iran?

Today's topic Trump: I want to talk with Iran about "getting harder and harder" 22. U.S. President Trump once again made a tough stance on Iran, saying that "we are ready for the worst." On the two day, when the British oil tanker was seized and the situa

jinriyazhou @ 2019/07/24

"Lifting the ban" and "conditional release" national security examination into American chess pieces

Today's topic has not found data leakage. Dajiang UAV has been criticized by the US interior ministry through the US interior ministry. It has been accused by the US of the risk of information leakage. At the same time, the United States has the condition

jinriyazhou @ 2019/07/13

What is the "doomsday plane"? Why did the US and Russia compete to upgrade?

Today's topic "the central Treaty Treaty" failed in August. Russia announced the "doomsday plane" upgrade plan. The US Russia relationship has deteriorated. At present, the "guided treaty" has been suspended by the United States. In July 3rd, Russian Pres

jinriyazhou @ 2019/07/12

Pay close attention to Sino US trade negotiations

The Secretary of state of the United States today: it is difficult for the United States to stand alone in economic globalization. After the Sino US trade talks were stagnated, the heads of state of the two countries agreed to meet at the group of twenty

jinriyazhou @ 2019/06/20

The first meeting of the US dollar meets Osaka.

Today's topic: Trump will meet with President Xi at the G20 summit. In June 18th, President Trump released a heavy message to reporters at the White House. The Agence France-Presse commented that Trump's statement set an optimistic tone for the ta

jinriyazhou @ 2019/06/20

Is tariff "bone marrow" beauty still obstinate?

Today's topic: US media: the fourth round of tariffs imposed on China directly affects consumer goods, starting from 17 local time. The office of the United States trade representative began hearing a public hearing on fourth tariffs on goods exported

jinriyazhou @ 2019/06/19

How many HUAWEI phones are made in the US? Industrial chain breaks and hits American Enterprises

Today's topic: US media: a lot of parts of HUAWEI mobile phones are made by American companies, and the US government's ban on HUAWEI has also made American businesses miserable. Next, we will disassemble a HUAWEI mobile to see which hardware and software

jinriyazhou @ 2019/06/15

When 5G knocks at the door, someone embraces someone who tries to "stifle".

Today's topic: British media: HUAWEI is working with multinational car companies to develop an autopilot car when 5G knocks. Are you ready? According to British media reports, HUAWEI is committed to applying 5G technology to the field of automatic dri

jinriyazhou @ 2019/06/14

Each F-35 needs half a ton of rare-earth, US media worries, trade friction, and national defense.

Today's topic, China's rare earth exports in May, compared with the 10 official figures released by China's official No. 10%, showed that the number of Chinese rare earth exports in May and year-on-year showed a decline of over 10%. This group

jinriyazhou @ 2019/06/12