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Russian reconnaissance ship appeared on the US coast, exclaimed "unsafe"

Today's topic: US media: the southeast coast of the United States is in danger. According to CNN, since the middle of December, the Russian Navy's "Victor Leonov" reconnaissance ship has been operating near the coast of Florida. Does the r

jinriyazhou @ 2019/12/21

Shandong ship delivered to China's Navy into double carrier Era

Today's topic the first domestic aircraft carrier "Shandong warship" is listed as the "17" aircraft carrier, the national heavy vehicle. Approved by the Central Military Commission, the first domestic aircraft carrier was named "th

jinriyazhou @ 2019/12/19

In the age of carrier, the Chinese navy has formed a system to independently train warplanes pilots.

Today's Liberation Army Newspaper: the Navy's new naval aircraft personnel training has been carried out in an all-round way. With the Chinese Navy entering the age of carrier, how to improve the combat effectiveness of the carrier aircraft and ho

jinriyazhou @ 2019/12/11

Is it about beating the United States before the end of the year?

North Korea or the launch of a rocket engine near the end of the year, the DPRK announced the successful implementation of the "major test". North Korea has repeatedly proposed the "end of the year time limit" to the United States. So what

jinriyazhou @ 2019/12/10

"Ultimatum" is close to the DPRK and the United States.

Today, the chief of staff of the Korean people's army is not a US privilege. After the US President Trump proposed the possibility of using force against North Korea, the North Korean side made a tough response. On the 4 day, Pu Zhengtian, chief of th

jinriyazhou @ 2019/12/05

It's not money. Readjustment of the ROK US Alliance

Korean media today: the 97% Koreas are opposed to raising the share of defense spending. In December 3rd, the Korea US Defense share sharing took place on the eve of the fourth round of negotiations. South Korean civic groups held a press conference, dema

jinriyazhou @ 2019/12/05

Japanese government buys islands at high prices to facilitate US military training?

Today's topic strengthens the Japanese American alliance. The Japanese government spent 16 billion yen to buy mamao island. This year, the Japanese government confirmed in December 2nd that it decided to buy 16 billion Japanese yen, or about 1 billion

jinriyazhou @ 2019/12/04

Why do farmers lose their debts and enterprises reduce their production? Why do they feel sad at the end of the year?

Today's topic, the number of US farmers bankruptcy has reached a new high of eight years, local time 29, which is commonly known as "black five". The United States began to enter the traditional shopping season. Because Sino US trade frictions

jinriyazhou @ 2019/11/30

China's two largest shipbuilding giant merged with the world's largest shipbuilding group.

In October 25th this year, the official website of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) announced that, after being approved by the State Council, the China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co. Ltd. and the China Shipbuildin

jinriyazhou @ 2019/11/27

Us and Russian nuclear arsenals hide huge risks. Nuclear misjudgement will cause global disaster.

Today's topic Russian media exploration Twelfth Central Research Institute testing nuclear explosion impact protection force, the Twelfth Central Research Institute of the Ministry of defense of Russian Federation, which is an experimental infrastruct

jinriyazhou @ 2019/11/14

The people's air force set up 70th anniversary to speed up the world class!

Today, the air force released the tribute Video: the most powerful aircraft was unveiled in November 11th, the 70th anniversary day of the people's air force. From the founding ceremony, the aircraft was not enough, it could only fly two times. To the

jinriyazhou @ 2019/11/12

Again? US troops in Japan mistaken private land for missiles

Today, the topic of the F-16 aircraft in Japan and the United States misplaced the simulated warplanes in the vicinity of the school. The US fighter plane dropped something again. This time it was a missile, but fortunately it was a simulated bomb, causin

jinriyazhou @ 2019/11/08

5G is coming! How will it change life?

Today's topic Japanese media: China launched 5G commercial service in Japan before November 1st. The 5G package of the three major mobile operators in China was formally launched, causing many foreign media attention and coverage. So how will the 5G e

jinriyazhou @ 2019/11/02

Why did the Russian nuclear power force suddenly become "modest"?

Today's topic: Russian media: "sal Matt" will test the full range test flight in 2021, which is expected to be packed in Russia's business daily in October 30th, quoted by sources as saying that the Russian Defense Ministry will launch the

jinriyazhou @ 2019/11/01

Trump is retiring again. "America's eyes on Russia are gone"?

Today's topic: US media: Trump has signed documents to withdraw from the open sky treaty, and the US is retiring again. Local time 27, the Wall Street Journal quoted U.S. officials as saying that the Trump administration is moving out of the open skie

jinriyazhou @ 2019/10/30

Mutual bright "cards"! The United States and Russia "coincidentally" develop new nuclear weapons.

Today, the bomber bombed 60 km in the 60 km away from the Russian border. This is the closest distance between the US strategic bomber and the Russian airspace during the recent drill. In the past week, the United States has simulated air strikes against

jinriyazhou @ 2019/10/26

The world bank points! Doing business in China is becoming more and more convenient.

Today's topic, foreign invested enterprises in China exceed the global average in terms of investment return. Tesla, the US electric vehicle manufacturer, released 23 quarter earnings in the third quarter of 2019, according to the report, Tesla's

jinriyazhou @ 2019/10/26

Return to Africa? Russian bomber "big battle" landed in South Africa

Today's topic, the Russian -160 bomber flew across the equator for the first time and landed for the first time in South Africa 23. Russia's two -160 strategic bombers flew across the equator for the first time to the African continent. The US med

jinriyazhou @ 2019/10/25

The cease-fire period will reach the US, Russia and the Middle East.

President of the earth today: unless the agreement is implemented as planned, otherwise it will continue to act. According to the agreement reached between the United States and the United States, the 120 hour cease-fire period is before the 22 night. Tur

jinriyazhou @ 2019/10/21

Russia Trinity strategy nuclear drill NATO synchronous training nuclear bombs toss

Today's topic "Thunderbolt -2019" exercise ended Russia's strategic nuclear power quantity brighter time 15 to 17 days, Russia in its territory held code named "thunder -2019" strategic nuclear power exercise, to check the Trinity

jinriyazhou @ 2019/10/20