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"The other party opens a friend to verify, you are not his good friend"? I was actually blacklisted by my blind date.

Love is coming too fast, like a tornado. Some of the blind dates have not been finished yet, but the end of the date is not finished. The reason why the girl is blind by the blind date is why it's so funny. You can never guess what the confusing behav

jianmeow @ 2019/10/09

Become frenzied! Netizens tell us from their personal experience that they must not be able to work with great God skills online.

B-box is a skill that mimics all kinds of rhythms with the mouth, because the performance is too cool to be loved by contemporary young people. Between the ideal and the reality of the goose is always separated by a galaxy. Even the racial black can't

jianmeow @ 2019/09/27

Contemporary boyfriend and girlfriend chat guide! I'll give you full marks for survival.

"Straight man" is really a magical existence, or is committed to an excellent ability of the topic terminator, let the air suddenly quiet, or become a professional fuse, "you want to think so, I have no way" instantly ignite the anger of the girls... Not

jianmeow @ 2019/09/01

Now the driving instructor has been reduced to such a level for his livelihood? Feng Shui turns around...

Speaking of the coach in the driving school, I believe that every learner has had an unforgettable experience of being scolded. That is a walking "Curse" machine. It can be used to curse people. It can be neither heavy nor dirty, but it can make your trai

jianmeow @ 2019/08/31