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"Do you want to die in the middle of the night?" On Mother's day, my mother said to me...

Cheap meow daily broadcast: May 10, 2020, May 10, 2020, the 17th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar eight. It's better to be lazy, to smile, to turn around in circles, to avoid holes in trousers, to avoid farts, to avoid annoying mo

jianmeow @ 2020/05/11

"I TM sooner or later want to die laughing in homophonic stem!!" I didn't know it was funny before I opened it. Ha ha ha!

Meow originally thought that homophonic stem is the kind of embarrassing joke that embarrassed the toes to knock out two rooms and one hall. Until today, I saw the homophonic stalk of netizens almost laughing to leave this beautiful world. If so, I would

jianmeow @ 2020/05/10

"I was almost hit by a car just now, and I don't want to do it!" Netizens contribute their most funny takeaway experience...

People can't take away in the rivers and lakes, but sometimes the takeaway cubs that we meet may be a little different from the imaginary ones. Recently, the micro-blog funny list has collected some funny stories on the Internet. After watching the ne

jianmeow @ 2020/05/03

"Mom and dad went home early to open the door and found their girlfriends just wearing them." ha ha ha laughed to collapse the mountain to urge the warriors to die!

You can never avoid embarrassing and embarrassing when you are alive. You never know when it is embarrassed to come. You don't even know how much it will suffocate. For example, the experience shared by netizens @ green crow, "Mom and dad go home

jianmeow @ 2020/04/30

"One melon is not flat, one melon is up again!" These two days are like jumping up and down in the melon fields.

These two days, we are like the melon popping out in the melon field, and the melon popped out is more than one. The indigestion of the entertainment business has been ceaseless. The sand carving badge of the netizen has not stopped to feel the happiness

jianmeow @ 2020/04/27

"Spend 71 yuan and hang 6 girls at the same time?" It's the sea king who broadens my horizons.

Do not think that every day I call you good morning, baby, for you to order milk tea consumption is your exclusive little warm male, you think you swim into the brother's fish pond, in fact, brother is a sea king... Feel today's sand sculpture app

jianmeow @ 2020/04/18

"I didn't know it was funny before I opened it." (second bombs).

Meow view of today's fortune: the 24th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar April 16, 2020 should be happy net lesson, it is advisable to take a shit, it is better to see cheap meow, avoid self scare, avoid your mother's stubborn l

jianmeow @ 2020/04/17

The latest opening way of "yellow long skirt and fluffy hair"! Ha ha ha, was broken by this operation.

Although it has been 4 days since the "light yellow long skirt and fluffy hair" has been passed, meow does not allow anyone to know this stalk. I haven't seen it before. It's a yellowish long skirt and fluffy hair. But meow is never though

jianmeow @ 2020/03/29

Exposure and X treasure customer service sand sculpture chat record!! Netizens comment on opening the world door haha ha ha!

As the saying goes, thousands of millions of X treasure customer service accounted for half of the port meow, there is every reason to doubt that one treasure has been buying Top1 for many years. One of the reasons is that there is a large number of sand

jianmeow @ 2019/12/23

"Where are the students in the cafeteria now being pushed to?" Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's so hard!!

At the end of the year, the aunt of the dining hall also wanted to make achievements. This is not a few days ago. Feel today's sand sculpture appreciation of contemporary sand sculptures netizens are never disappointing: I am too difficult to play the

jianmeow @ 2019/12/21

Netizens angry students will be installed as vice minister of X after the outcome of the big smile turned around!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha

The University Student Union's social appraisal has always been controversial. But it is true that meow is able to make new connections. It is true that it can really exercise itself. However, some students have a sense of superiority in officialdom o

jianmeow @ 2019/12/20

Translation of four generations in English? I was almost laughed at by the netizen's divine translation. Ha ha ha ha!!!

Grade 46 of English as a compulsory grading examination for university students is still difficult for some nude professional athletes. (I didn't say that when learning tyrants) but meow watched the question yesterday and sighed: This 46 level exam is

jianmeow @ 2019/12/16

"What is the experience of girls above 170?" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, netizens commented laughing asphyxiated!

Since ancient times, there is a mysterious metaphysics on the issue of height between men and women: why do 170 boys and 170 girls look so different? Because the netizens now see more videos on the Internet, they always yearn for the height of the first b

jianmeow @ 2019/12/11

"Admission is prohibited under 12 meters!" The snarling of the girl from the chase girl after being scallied by a yellow bull. I laughed till my nose flew.

"Yellow bull", as a girl who likes and hates girls, sometimes makes waves for her sisters on the road full of frustrations. Now she is incarnated by modern Chen Shi Mei. She not only cheats money but also cheats you. Recently, meow saw a star girl

jianmeow @ 2019/12/09

A blind date introduced me to a boss who was bumped into a vegetable by a car? The comments of netizens are too exciting.

Believe in meow's ear, everyone has already been surprised at the puzzling behavior of the blind date. Don't you say much, say that you can go over the source of happiness??? The comments of netizens are also very stimulating. Please respect my na

jianmeow @ 2019/12/07

"Will you give us a way to live?" Once Boys Dress up seriously, they are more powerful than girls.

Now this world, girls are also not easy to come, first of all, the P map has been followed by others. Now even make-up is no better than that! Do you still remember an article that meow has sent before? P figure beauty is no longer the specialty of girls.

jianmeow @ 2019/12/07

The mysterious force from the East -- "uncle in the park" is really amazing!

In the history of human development, there is always a folk rumor, which is a mysterious force from the East. It is observed that at about 7 in the morning, there is a group of haired yellow skinned people with a thermos cup. Under the scorching sun and b

jianmeow @ 2019/12/05

"If you want to be bullied later, find the community, X aunt!" Is the friendship after 05 so funny? Ha ha ha ha ha.

"If you break my sister's wings, I will dispose of your entire heaven". This year's non mainstream quotes will not be unfamiliar to you. But now, in the 9012 years, the younger generation of society who has been talking about loyalty has d

jianmeow @ 2019/12/05

Are all the small X texts being pushed to this point?!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Meow wants to be laughed at by the little x writer now. In order to survive, it is really the best effort. You never know what you are looking at. The little x picture is used to describe what the world is shaking and your mother's words are shocked.

jianmeow @ 2019/12/04

To present the sand sculpture advertisement: laugh at me! What good is it to you? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

As a gold medalist who surfed the Internet 25 hours a day, he was naive to think that he already had a strong psychological quality and would no longer bow to any sand sculpture video. Goose recently saw some of the brain holes in his ad, or he was so div

jianmeow @ 2019/12/01