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How did you manage to make a huge profit in the year of 1 billion 600 million?

Author: Suqi source: ID:rancaijingo, a famous domestic tide playing company, relies on the concept of "blind box". On the evening of June 1st, the company submitted a prospectus to the HKEx. Prospectus shows that from 2017 to 2019, its revenue gre

iresearch21cn @ 2020/06/03

Dong Mingzhu and Zhang Lei: the advance and retreat of two cruel men

Author: Zhang Chengjie source: ID:wujicaijing, reporters now catch Dong Mingzhu will still entangle her and Lei Jun's 1 billion gamble, but for Dong Mingzhu, the 1 billion topic is like a fish in the fridge too long, she has already disdained eating;

iresearch21cn @ 2020/04/29

Li Jiaqi is a star and Fan Bingbing does live streaming: there is no sense of security in the top stream.

Author: Zhang Chao source: ID:rancaijing, "Mei Mei, April 16th, Jing Bairan will come to Jiaqi live room to interact with you." Countless people have been involved in Li Jiaqi's live broadcast. Since the second half of 2019, the trend of star

iresearch21cn @ 2020/04/18

Rui Xing "self exploding", the next music?

Author: Li Xiaolei Wang Lin Zhou Xiaoqi source: Tech planet (WeChat ID:tech618), if 2000 -2010 is the ten year of PC Internet booming, then 2010 -2020 is the "golden age" of mobile Internet development. Coming in 2020, the next 10 years, the techn

iresearch21cn @ 2020/04/03

Von temple's "B plan"

Authors: the source of salted fish and fish: the end of Wu Duidui (ID:esnql520) 2019, red people have their own new stories. Li Ziqi triggered a discussion on cultural output; Li Jiaqi also had his own voice navigation on the Tucao Conference; Papi sauce

iresearch21cn @ 2019/12/23

HUAWEI, Shang hung Meng

Author: hammer source: NetEase science and Technology (ID:tech_163), a news from Shenzhen special zone newspaper, "hung Meng" has become the focus. According to the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily's report, Wang Chenglu, President of HUAWEI consum

iresearch21cn @ 2019/12/10

Behind the star's fight is the variety show that has been bloated in the cold and winter period.

Author: Ye Yuchen source: first financial YiMagazine (ID:CBNweekly2008) head picture source: the visual Chinese film and TV industry is colder in winter. In November 27th, at the scene of "chasing me", Wang Lichuan, the actor who starred in "m

iresearch21cn @ 2019/11/29

5G has just landed 6G research and development has begun in the era of intelligent networking.

In November 3rd, the Ministry of science and technology jointly organized the launching meeting of 6G technology research and development in Beijing with the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of industry and inform

iresearch21cn @ 2019/11/12