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Apartment master Isay Weinfeld's new work is completed. Low-key luxury should be designed like this.

Apartment design Jardim Apartment is familiar with Isa Wernfeld (Isay Weinfeld). The designer knows that although his works are always very simple, they are actually full of surprises. He is one of the top architects in Brazil. Known as an apartment maste

insidehome @ 2019/12/23

The modern texture of the top floor apartment, glass armrest makes the staircase transparent.

To share a design inspiration with you everyday in a free space series life is the unique feature of the modern wind top level apartment project in Ukraine studio MONO architects. With the careful consideration of space and the use of advanced materials,

insidehome @ 2019/12/21

100, industrial wind LOFT, so designed super fan!

Every day I share with you a design inspiration. The residence in St Paul, Brazil, is a young couple's home. The design of the house is flip 100 arquitetura, the house is divided into two layers, the lower is the living room, the upper is the rest are

insidehome @ 2019/12/21

The villa is simple and white. It is no longer "cold" but warm and simple.

The simple villa Australia Residence minimalism has always been a fixed collocation of "cool" architecture, but today this mansion is far more than simply contracted to cold buildings, wrapped in pure white geometric shell, and is a warm and pleas

insidehome @ 2019/12/20

The country house is more comfortable than living in a mansion.

Every day I share with you a design inspiration. Today, this house is located in Seattle, Washington, USA, because it is built on sloping land on the lake. Therefore, it is the main purpose of the design team to ensure the guests' vision to enjoy the

insidehome @ 2019/12/19

Breaking the conventional design, such a family has a tune.

Villa design Design of Villa is located in Leeton Pointon Architects + Interiors of Australia, and is an award-winning design firm. Their design works are very distinctive. Whether they are Ocean View Villa or urban apartment projects, they will come from

insidehome @ 2019/12/16

Old house transformation, simple design + skylight, perfect solution lighting problem!

Every day, I share with you a design inspiration. This house was originally a Vitoria style townhouse. It was designed by FLOW Architecture and Magrits on a tree lined quiet road in Kensington, London. The design team not only carried out a thorough spati

insidehome @ 2019/12/15

65, knock out the partition wall and use the curtain to make the door, so it is not wasteful to design 1.

Every day, I share with you a design inspiration. This apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine, which is called EGR, with an area of 65. It is a family of young couples designed by ALEXANDER IVASIV and YULIYA TKACHENKO. The layout of EGR is very compact, th

insidehome @ 2019/12/12

The more simple, the more advanced.

Arquitectura Sergio Portillo (SAP), located in Moscow City, was founded in 2014 by Sergio PortilloAlarc n. They are good at combining different projects to integrate the natural environment in order to present the best knot.

insidehome @ 2019/12/10

Golden section of the row of apartments, hidden lamp belt to make space more advanced!

Every day I share with you a design inspiration. The Jingan apartment is a townhouse in Shanghai. The villa is 6 stories tall. The developer is the interior design of Huarun group, which is designed by Mason Studio with exquisite and compact layout and wa

insidehome @ 2019/12/10

The designer exploded 306 to LOFT and made 600 pairs of glasses with glass interlayer.

The transformation of apartment Printing House is a challenge that designers love. It also tests designers' skills and needs to express their living space according to their living habits. Today, I would like to introduce the transformation of this ap

insidehome @ 2019/12/09

156. Make a grille and move the door indoors to make the space more flexible.

Every day I share with you a design inspiration. This top-level apartment is located in Moscow, Russia. The design area is 156 apartments by decoradesign. There are two modern design styles. The whole apartment looks fine and atmospheric. The first floor

insidehome @ 2019/12/08

Less than 50 bedrooms, a bedroom plus a balcony is nice and practical.

Sharing a design inspiration every day is an ingenious way to break the monotonous pattern and make the space to the extreme. It can make the space look more spacious and reduce the center of gravity of the living room. It makes people feel safe and very

insidehome @ 2019/12/07

The loft of 79 is designed with style.

Design inspiration is shared with you everyday. This apartment is located in Gdansk, Poland. It is a building with a loft of 79. The design is made by RACA ARCHITEKCI. The owner is a musician and often travels on business. They want to make their home fee

insidehome @ 2019/12/05

117, light industrial apartment, the shelf is so easy to play.

Every day, I share a design inspiration for you. This 117 bedroom apartment is designed by the Ukraine studio SVOYA studio for a young couple. The layout of the apartment is unique. The layout is unique in that all spaces are designed as a stepping stone

insidehome @ 2019/12/05

99, two rooms, one hall, remove the TV wall, practical and spacious.

Everyday, I share with you a design inspiration. This residence is located in Shilin District of Taipei, Taiwan, China. The area is 99. The original house designed by the creative design company is a standard three bedroom two hall space designer. In orde

insidehome @ 2019/12/04

70, the Nordic wind LOFT, the height of 5 meters is too big!

The red brick building, built in 1912, was built by architect Arvid Bjerke. The Swedish real estate company Stadshem Fastighetsm Fastighetsm kleri transformed it into LOFT. Each apartment has an area of 70 hectares. The original appearance of the apartmen

insidehome @ 2019/12/02

60 light luxury apartment, mirror screen makes the living room even bigger.

Every day I share with you a design inspiration, natural materials, mix and match metal and stone. There is always a special temperament. The Ukraine team Studio design #HDm2 uses light colored wood to build the modern apartment house for the overall spac

insidehome @ 2019/12/02

These 3 sets of houses full of retro aesthetic feeling are very charming in every design.

Every day, I share with you a design inspiration. In recent years, designers of simplicity, fashion, elegance, beauty and retro beauty have brought new ideas to the interior design industry. Today let's learn a Katarina Rulinskaya, a high-yield beauty

insidehome @ 2019/11/30

With an arched door and a wall panel, the temperament of the family becomes graceful at once.

Every day, I share with you a design inspiration. TBHCo designers are responsible for the renovation of Broolyn's Brown apartment building. Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol are responsible for the interior design of the Greek townhouse in 1845, integr

insidehome @ 2019/11/30