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Indie Focus #97: active brain is no harm.

This time, Focus only introduced two games worth playing, because for a long time, they inevitably attracted my attention. Although there are slight flaws or regrets, the quality can be assured, and all of them need brains to play. Mindustry if you see fr

indienova @ 2019/12/23

Weekend video game highlights #27

Trash SailorsTrash Sailors is a chaotic cooperative survival Roguelite game, which can be played together by two people. The player plays a wreck survivor in the game, floating on the raft in the water world. In order to survive, find places where you can

indienova @ 2019/12/22

2019-11 media score

The 2019-11 media score will be released at the beginning of each month, and the game with enough media scores will be summarized here. The total score is from the Metacritic website. Here we list the scores of Switch, PS4, XBox One, PC and iOS platform g

indienova @ 2019/12/21

EPIC Games Store 2019 holiday sale has been opened.

EPIC Games Store 2019 holiday sale EPIC Games Store 2019 holiday sale has been opened. The time is eastern standard time December 19th (20 hours in Beijing time) to January 1st. Apart from a large discount, the sale is excellent.

indienova @ 2019/12/20

Don't miss the first adventure game based on machine learning.

Money, to some extent, can do whatever one likes. So, ordinary people can only do whatever they want in the game. But this is also a discount. It's hard to play a game that allows people to really act freely. "High degree of freedom" is a rela

indienova @ 2019/12/17

Translation: how to design a level for platform games?

Diorgo Jonkers original address: link address in last article, I told you 11 tips for making interesting platform games. The article introduces the widely used game design. This article introduces in detail the process of designing the level for platform

indienova @ 2019/12/16

Can you play pure and open world games?

Recently, a free game with a name came home to Steam. The game is called Open World Game: the Open World Game, yes, it is called "open world game". The Open World Game, as the name suggests, this should be one.

indienova @ 2019/12/13

Unity use skills to gather #3

It shows that the Unity skill set will organize and collect the skills and experience of Unity development. The developer of this development technique is the independent game developer Federico Bellucci. The translation of this part has been authorized b

indienova @ 2019/12/12

Today's strong gear: Hades (Haddis)

Hades (Haddis) comes from Supergiant Games, even if you don't remember who they are, but mention their previous works, you will know: Bastion, Transistor and Pyre. "Hades" is a special Rogue.

indienova @ 2019/12/11

Development log: the birth of the Dyson ball project!

In the future, mankind will enter the advanced civilization, create the virtual world, and successfully transfer the consciousness. In order to ensure the operation of the virtual world, man made the first Dai son ball to provide energy for the supercompu

indienova @ 2019/12/09

Weekend video game highlights #25

Children of SilentownSilentown's children are an adventure game, telling the story of Lucy. Lucy is a young girl who lives in the deep part of a village and lives in the forest where monsters are inhabiting. It is not uncommon for people to disappear

indienova @ 2019/12/08

Guide to independent game development

Note: the article is from the member log book, and the title is from Twenty20 subscription. It has been five years since the beginning of the game development, and sometimes I think that if you give some advice to yourself now, it might be a little help.

indienova @ 2019/12/07

Indienova Weplay! Welcome to play with us!

Let's come to Weplay! Exhibition time: 7-8 December exhibition venue: the development of indienova's several members (craft, Erufu, MrUp, virmint, etc.), the developer of Shanghai SELF, the development of the bear paw and the bewitching Raksasi.

indienova @ 2019/12/04

About the development of lightweight Roguelike game, Captain Rogge

1. the project is set up on the 17 national day, and the National Day holiday is 7 days. Using the time of the vacation, I made a hole in my home brain and spent 2 hours producing several concept maps. (many of the concepts are used later in the game). At

indienova @ 2019/12/03

Member Games: Neon abyss

Note: the information listed here is the information submitted by the developer himself at indienova. The game may still be developed and perfected, and the specific content and performance (or even playing) may vary after the official sale. Development t

indienova @ 2019/12/02

Weekend video game highlights #24

Recompile (recompile) controls a self-conscious intelligence program that escapes from the deleted fate in this category of Rhodes / Devil city style hacker adventurous work. The story of recompilation (Recompile) takes place in the complicated three-dime

indienova @ 2019/12/01

Nova express: a new type of game?

Of Bird and CageOf Bird and Cage is a very special game, it is a unique music based action adventure game. The game itself is a two hour symphonic metal rock concept album, and there are many big names involved in the recording, such as the new gun band (

indienova @ 2019/11/30

Member development log: we are playing games.

This is a nearly RPG game of old round combat. We don't have any earthshaking ideas that can change the world, nor do we have a brilliant world of art. We just want to use this most traditional way of playing to tell the players a relatively exciting

indienova @ 2019/11/29

2019 Steam autumn sale has already begun.

Have you been waiting for a long time? The autumn sale of Steam finally started in 2019. The duration of this time is: 10 a.m. on November 26th - 10 a.m. December 3rd (PT), that is, Beijing time November 27th 2 a.m. - December 4th 2 a.m.

indienova @ 2019/11/27

Group role play and obedience based on civil rights war

Such an interesting phenomenon often appears in the War of Rights. The players are surprisingly willing to obey the commander's instructions or to seriously direct the soldiers, and have completely integrated themselves into the role of the soldiers /

indienova @ 2019/11/25