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I hope that even at the last moment, I did not violate the original intention of loving you.

Today is May 20th. For lovers, they may miss the Valentine's day after February 14th because of the epidemic situation; for electric business, it may be another celebration of riveting sales; for most ordinary people, it may be some day in May. Whethe

ikanlixiang @ 2020/05/20

"I love you, mom, even if you don't give birth to me."

When you came to this world, mom was already a mother. From birth to growth, your mother is your most inseparable family member, but you can't avoid being absent from your mother's first half of life. The chasm of time divides you into two generat

ikanlixiang @ 2020/05/10

Cui Wa, an old friend of the Chinese people

Trevor Noah, a famous African American talk show host, Chinese netizens are more accustomed to calling him Cui wa. Just one or two months ago, you can find only one or two odd single entries in the video website, and by this time, this number has changed

ikanlixiang @ 2020/04/15

Fashion, a game of narcissism and company.

Nowadays, every life scene has a specific product belonging to this era. Walking in the mall, you will see the tea and Popmart on the top of your head. On the other side, your smartphone is hung with WeChat, Taobao and jitter for several times. Just a few

ikanlixiang @ 2019/12/10

"After thirty years of life, why must we have an answer?"

Now, what do you think of when you are 30 years old? "30 years old, how can we get a firm foothold in a big city?" "30 years old, still single, will I be lonely forever?" "Will I be replaced by young people in the company after the age

ikanlixiang @ 2019/12/08

On the road of overwork, we can not stop.

Last week, Gao Yixiang suddenly fainted while recording a variety show "chasing me". After more than three hours of first aid, he died at the age of 35. The program is recorded late at night and requires great physical exertion, which may be the c

ikanlixiang @ 2019/12/05

Nothing in the world is difficult, if only willing to give up.

Maybe you have the same feeling. Now, more and more frequently, from friends circle and micro-blog, I see a sentence like this: "I have given up XXX" - abandoning the work in the system, giving up marriage, giving up staying in the first tier city

ikanlixiang @ 2019/12/03

"Entertainment death" reality show: why do we like others' lives far more than ourselves?

"We like to see reality shows. We like to surround other people's micro-blog, WeChat and friends circles. We seem to be trying to see other people's lives in various ways. This is the cultural characteristic of our time -- a collective peep. T

ikanlixiang @ 2019/11/29

Marriage is just an additional question of life.

Not long ago, British actor Emma Watson, in an interview with Vogue magazine, created the word "self-partnered" to describe the current single status. When she was about to celebrate her 30 birthday, she confessed her age anxiety. "By the time

ikanlixiang @ 2019/11/21

Wang Peiyu: there is no love in Peking Opera.

There is a familiar saying that "love is the eternal theme" in literary works. This is certainly true, but it is different from many people's impression that in the traditional opera of Peking Opera, it is impossible to see love. It can only b

ikanlixiang @ 2019/11/04

For freedom and equality, mankind should overthrow the traditional work system.

Love and work are the two great mountains on young people. The former is the same topic as human history. It has nothing to do with the changes of the times, but the latter is different. As for the present work system, it is only two hundred or three hund

ikanlixiang @ 2019/10/11

When women are no longer satisfied with being "amused"

Last Sunday, the talk show conference ended in the second quarter. Despite the emergence of several female comic actors, such as "chasing star girl" Zhao Xiaohui, "driven marriage girl" Yang Li, and the characteristic twin performer Yan Yi

ikanlixiang @ 2019/09/26

Why economists' forecasts are always inaccurate?

In many people's minds, economists deal with numbers, such as securities market, bank interest rate, price index, foreign currency futures and so on. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Since economists do all these things all day long, they m

ikanlixiang @ 2019/09/18

"I have long since concede my life in a regular way."

Recently, people often see the topic of "social clock", and the concept of "social clock" is new and old. The "social clock" was once again heated up. It may start in informal talks. Chen Ming summed up the "what age to do" in the parents' mouth into the

ikanlixiang @ 2019/08/25

Can we use the most despicable means to be noble minded? One thousand and one nights

Kissinger, a former Secretary of state and an international diplomat, is not very good at his native American reputation. When a reporter visited him, he asked, "do you think you are a Machiavelli character? Are you very influenced by him? " Kissinger, of

ikanlixiang @ 2019/08/22

Dou Wentao: the despising chain of the music circle is just a grand misreading.

Recently, with the explosion of summer in the band, the concept of "band", which has belonged to the minority, has once again entered the public eye. It seems that every year people say that the spring of minority music is coming. In early 17, a folk song

ikanlixiang @ 2019/08/07

Ci Weiledui, who used to be young, is still young.

Anyway, the summer of the band is coming to an end. In the eleventh stage, each band was asked to sing encore, the song that he wanted to sing or not to sing. The hedgehog chose "the sound of life". This song comes from their album of the same name, "the

ikanlixiang @ 2019/08/04

The educational anxiety of Haidian parents and Shunyi mothers is the weakness of the contemporary middle class.

"When children are born, they are placed in a long-term competitive environment. To put it plainly, these parents want their children to acquire knowledge for the purpose of "winning at the starting line", and the aim of receiving quality education is to

ikanlixiang @ 2019/07/11

Liang Wendao: energetic young people and their experience of studying in the United States were blocked.

"They know that these children may be the ones who can change China next generation. As a well-educated American elite, they are curious about China on the one hand, and on the other hand they feel that it is their duty to help the ancient civilizatio

ikanlixiang @ 2019/06/08

New version of expired Fairy Tales (adapted version for over age children)

Today is the June 1 children's day. At this time, the normal public number will choose to send some children's stories to cure. But because our readers are generally over age, we decide to adapt some childhood expired fairy tales for us. 01 the go

ikanlixiang @ 2019/06/01