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Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun made another move; former finance minister Lou Jiwei suggested lowering taxes; the SFC: firmly opposed to the United States politicizing securities regulation.

Good morning! In the last week of May, we are ready to start a week full of energy in the morning newspaper. First, let's look at the macro news: [NDRC: appropriately raising the deficit rate and issuing special treasury bonds are necessary for safety

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/25

Don't worry about Tesla. We always encounter strong opportunities.

With regard to openness, "we used to worry about many things, but nothing turned into reality. Chinese enterprises are strong and strong, which will stimulate the potential of Chinese enterprises. Yin Tongyue also responded to the question of why Cher

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/24

Hundreds of millions of market players, steady! New burden reduction 2 trillion and 500 billion, "real gold and silver" have you arrived at get?

To ensure employment and protect people's livelihood, we must stabilize hundreds of millions of market players and try our best to help enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, and individual businesses to tide over difficulties. What are

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/24

Exclusive dialogue Liu Yonghao: 11 papers on private enterprises, I first time to comb and share a number of WeChat group

On the opening of the two sessions, Liu Yonghao gave an exclusive interview about his views on the reform of the market economic system, GDP growth target, the business environment of private enterprises, the issuance of employment vouchers, the pig raisi

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/20

Just now, HUAWEI responded strongly to the US blockade: we have plans. Is this "spare tire" plan going well?

When the values and contracts of the industry are broken, there will be more than one HUAWEI in the future. Liang Ruiyao, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, Wen Li, editor of Li Wei tou, the source of HUAWEI panorama. On May 15th, the US Department of Co

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/18

High position capital shares of the United States latest exposure: 24 billion heavy stocks in the stock market! To raise 90 billion new opportunities to target Chinese market

"Now is the best opportunity to re position China." Among the top ten top heavy positions in high leverage capital, the stock market occupies 7 seats, focusing on two major areas of Bio Medical Technology and Internet technology. This is also a ne

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/17

Zhang Lei's 27 investment philosophy: choosing whom to work with is more important than the end point.

"One of the most important things in life is to find someone who you really like and who is truly reliable and do something interesting together. Cherish the people around you, because you don't know when to say goodbye. On the road of life, it is

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/14

Lei Jun "gamble" to fourth listed companies, can Jinshan win the knockout?

Over the past eight years, Lei Jun has used his own judgment to make a bet for Jinshan cloud gambling. In the next eight years, in the face of increasingly competitive public cloud market, what kind of answer will Jinshan cloud give Lei Jun? Wang Leisheng

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/09

After selling Jinke shares, Sun Hongbin cash in 6 billion 800 million accelerated to leave, and Huang Hongyun relaxed.

In the past 30 days, the total amount of cash in the stock market has exceeded 6 billion 800 million. According to this progress, the estimate will be completely reduced this year. If the average stock price is calculated at 8 yuan, it will bring about 12

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/08

300 billion special refinancing, life saving funds and struggling SMEs.

Under the impact of the epidemic, searching for "life saving" funds has become a top priority for small and medium-sized enterprises. Some of them are being chased by banks, and some are struggling to save themselves. Others are still waiting for

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/08

Profits fell sharply, and tens of thousands of complaints were encountered.

Jie Xin's Internet gene is not strong, and online transformation has been repeatedly defeated. Under the dual challenge of internal transformation pressure and external "pursuit", can it continue to retain its leading position? Zhang Hong, edi

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/06

Small losses, the market value has shrunk 97%, the way cattle get lost, big shareholders Jingdong will save?

For many OTA companies, the epidemic is like a snowstorm, but for the way cattle, it is like an avalanche. There's not much time left for the former star company. Li Yuan, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, Wen Li, Li Wei tou photo, did you go out to

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/05/02

Dong Mingzhu responded to AUX's punishment: unqualified still reporting; Jingdong confirmed listing in Hong Kong; Tencent Ali 2 billion 300 million rescued Huayi Brothers.

Before the May 1, the last morning post was burning hot, unable to restrain the mood of flying. Don't worry. Let's start with a morning paper. I wish you a beautiful holiday ahead of time! First, look at the May 1 big data. Air tickets skyrocketed

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After rising prices, food and beverage enterprises are facing the key test.

At this time, the price increases hurt the brand image, and it is difficult to bear the pressure of rising costs without rising prices. April and May is the key period for testing catering enterprises. Xu Shuo, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, Wen Jian

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/04/17

Lu Zhengyao's next "hot potato", who will take pan Bao Wo?

Compared with the situation of Chellona car rental from time to time, buyers who are interested in Bao wo have not surfaced. Where will Po Wo go? Wang Xuanxuan, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, Wen Ma Ying Ying photo, Xie Hun Yun is regarded as the 

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/04/15

For the first time in history! Dong Mingzhu took the lead, GREE 6 billion repurchased shares; Hisense responded to the "lay off of thousands of people" rumors; the United States entered a majo

A new week, such as the morning post time, to unlock more real-time information. First, look at the macro news: the national development and Reform Commission and other departments: speed up the technology of digital transformation and research and applic

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/04/13

Out of the dark moment, Wang Jingbo let Inamori Kazuo's five countermeasures fall in Noah.

Wang Jingbo believes that compared with the financial crisis in 2008, the epidemic is not only a black swan, but also a pause in the global economy, which will change the decision-making of many enterprises and countries. Therefore, 2020 will also be a ye

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/04/11

What are the hidden secrets behind Rui Xing's 2 billion 200 million fraud?

Rui Xing Cheng also "data", also lose the "data". Financial fraud will further weaken the image of China's stock market in the international capital market. Chinese enterprises will be more difficult to get capital from international i

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/04/03

BYD "knife", Wang Chuanfu "rectify deviation"

Can Wang Chuanfu lead the company to regain the glory of "battery king" by holding the "razor" blade in one hand and holding the ambitious Freddie battery in one hand? Wang Leisheng, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, is the source of Ma

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/04/03

Millet revenue 200 billion, Lei Jun voted 10 billion R & D; Hengda net profit fell by 50%, Xu Jiayin responded; the college entrance examination was postponed for one month.

In April, we greet the first morning, and greet the dawn with good morning. Although today is April Fool's day, China Business Morning News fidelity ~ first look at the macro policy information: [college entrance examination confirmed postponed! The e

iceo-com-cn @ 2020/04/01