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Liu Hecheng made substantial progress in the new round of Sino US economic and trade consultations; Jia Yueting and Wei Gan submitted their divorce applications; Chen Feng's son was promoted to Pr

Good morning, the new week is coming again. The morning papers in the wind and rain are waiting for you. Let's see what information breakfast is available today. First, look at the macro news. In October 20th, the sixth World Internet Conference opene

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Smashed iron rice bowl, after "life and death", she used 17 years to build a global medical device leading enterprises.

As the first group of pioneering team members to take part in Entrepreneurship and eat crab, Liu Wenjing started the innovation and exploration from 0 to 1, and led LAN fan medical industry to become the leading industry in the world. Wen Yi, a reporter f

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Is the myth of Softbank shattered?

Sun Zhengyi has made it clear that he will retire at the age of 69. He still has 7 years to carry out his promise to the gold owners with Softbank. Chen Ruiya, Li Biwen, editor of the "Chinese entrepreneur", Liu Yuxiang, head of the photo gallery,

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The 8 technology companies are listed in the entity list by the United States.

"This incident may lead to some globalization of enterprises in the short term, but in the long run, it will accelerate the development of China's self research technology." Wang Leisheng, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, has been confirmed

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1 minutes to break 500 million yuan, HUAWEI Mate30 series was robbed mad; bypassing beat to sell overseas headlines; Hengda responded 30 percent off promotion hardcover repair room.

Friday, friends, eleven long holidays are near! Let's start with two important news: [Li Keqiang: deploy and strengthen market price monitoring, forecasting and early warning, keep prices basically stable and ensure basic people's livelihood] in S

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Steel business variations

To understand the logic behind the tide, finding steel net is the best example. The steel network has gone through the complete cycle of domestic steel business development, and is continuing to explore new boundaries for the development of the industry.

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Zong Qinghou: to do these things well, China's economic development will be better.

I think for the development of enterprises, the core competitiveness must be constantly "innovation" and ensure the quality of products, so as to form a good reputation. Xie Yunzi, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, edited by Xu Xu Tan, the chair

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Why is this old software company getting younger and younger?

Neusoft can live up to today and become a "veteran" software company in other people's eyes because it keeps on living in a young way. Interview with Li Xiuzhi, editor of "China entrepreneur", Editor Li Wei, dictating the source of pic

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In the 35 year, the first in the field of subdivision, the stealth champion received nearly 12 billion words a year.

In September 6th, the "new era of private economy and high-quality development" propaganda activities entered Xiamen, and journalists followed the media group into the Hongfa group. The low-key company is the invisible champion in its field. But many year

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Ren Zhengfei said it would sell HUAWEI 5G technology; the domestic tourism revenue for mid autumn holidays was 47 billion 280 million yuan; the iPhone11 series pre-sale volume increased by 480% over l

Good morning, my friends! On the first day after the holidays, watch a Chinese enterprise morning post, refresh your mind, beat the postganglionic syndrome, come on! During the Mid Autumn Festival, did you go out to play? Do you have your contribution in

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In response to the Sino US economic and trade frictions, these enterprises have expressed confidence, willingness and solutions.

In the "entrepreneurs' economic situation chamber of Commerce", entrepreneurs jointly expressed the idea of "strengthening the main business, not afraid of wind and rain, and struggling to move forward". In the background of Sino US economic and trade fri

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Why did President millet cash in HK $370 million?

In the case of the company's stock price being almost cut short and unable to rebound, the public opinion storm triggered by Lin Bin's small reduction is merely a "protest" by investors to management. Cui Peng, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, is the e

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Suning's 4 billion 800 million acquisition of Carrefour is about to take place; Jia Yueting will set up a personal trust to repay domestic debts; the president of the group of millet will reduce share

Goodmorin, a new day has begun! The weather is cool in the recent season. We must be careful not to catch a cold. Xi Jinping's presided over the fifth meeting of the Central Committee on finance and economics [Xi Jinping]: General Secretary and state of t

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They sell insurance for tens of millions of salaries.

Can people continue to grow up in a crazy way and expand rapidly? Some people claim to be paid tens of millions of dollars a year. Both anxious middle-aged people and ambitious young people have long been perceived by companies as "more successful people

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The new Shanghai free trade zone has landed in port; the oil price has been cut fourth times during the year; HUAWEI has claimed hundreds of millions of dollars to the largest foundry in the United St

Good morning! The new week is about to load more than half. In order to catch up with the pace of time, the morning paper of Chinese enterprises is also speeding up. The dust settled, and the new Shanghai free trade zone will arrive at the port. It will o

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Chinese enterprises are suspending the purchase of new US agricultural products; HUAWEI plans to invest 10 billion in R & D centers; storm investors seek investment.

Good morning! The old rules, let the Chinese enterprise morning paper to open up a day full of vitality! China counteracts the US tariff quickly: "the relevant enterprises in China suspend the purchase of new US agricultural products" in August 5th, Xinhu

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Saving huge -- the biggest car dealership in China was in a precarious situation.

In May, the huge group submitted an application for bankruptcy reorganization. Pang Qinghua, founder of the company, left the company's chairman. Chen Ruiya, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, Wen Ma Ying head photo photography Wang Jia Le Dong! There wa

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The IPO trial committee suspended for the first time in six months; Dong Mingzhu said GREE 100% would not explode; the American Industry Association opposed the US tariff threat to China.

Hello, everyone! Did you go to the movies at weekends? First, congratulations on "Na Zha" breaking through 2 billion 300 million, becoming the box office champion of Chinese movie and animation movie. A new week is coming and new challenges are on the way

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One day, try 20 restaurants. Do you want to do such a takeaway operator?

A work-related injury may be a new profession for gaining weight. Wang Xuanxuan, editor of the Chinese entrepreneur, Wen Zhao, Li Wei, photography, Deng Deng, have you found that when you take a takeaway, you will choose a new store because you have good

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After the initial lifting of the ban, HUAWEI chairman gave the first voice to talk about hung Meng, 5G, talented teenager.

"HUAWEI is in the leading position in the field of connectivity, intelligent technology and cloud computing. It needs a lot of scientists, experts and technicians to solve future development directions, path exploration and technical problems." Liang Ruiy

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