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Exclusive interview with Hongxin Microelectronics: continuous iterative upgrading to create a complete optical communication IC product portfolio

News guide 5g and the new infrastructure of data center as well as Internet applications such as ultra high definition video and VR / Ar are seeking a new generation of communication network infrastructure. High speed optical communication industry techno

iccsz-Group @ 2020/07/10

Special interview: AI bet: focus on laser soldering technology in the field of 5G device subdivision manufacturing

News guide Shenzhen AI Beite focuses on micro precision welding in the field of laser soldering and subdivision, and advances the layout technology reserve to meet the 25G/100G/400G core optical modules needed in 5G construction and the field of wireless

iccsz-Group @ 2020/07/07

An exclusive interview with Zeng Wanfeng: agent is a bridge between customers and suppliers.

What kind of role does the agent play in the optical communication industry? News stone visits member enterprises, Shenzhen Ze Wan Feng, as an agent in the optical communications industry for many years, and now has more than thirty product lines agents,

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/29

An interview with the video company on the trend of optical communications industry

News guide recently, Xun Shi made an exclusive interview to Jiang Si, sales director of Wuhan optical communications test equipment manufacturer, which is a sales representative of Wuhan. The ICC news will be more than half in 2020. With the construction

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/22

Device, Hua Tuo 25G DWDM optical module for overseas batch delivery.

The 25G DWDM module, which is independently developed by news communications, has been successfully supplied to a mainstream operator overseas. The product has also been verified by a well-known equipment manufacturer in. According to ICC's latest rep

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/19

Device NOEIC successfully developed 50G PAM4 transceiver module to carry the national DSP chip.

News announcing NOEIC announced the successful development of 50G PAM4 high-speed optical module. The 50G EML chip and 50G PD/APD chip used in the module are independently developed by China from epitaxial growth to post chip technology. At the same time,

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/17

Report on Zhongtian science and technology: 5G communication network solution building end-to-end network connection capability

Guided by the news, Zhongtian Technology is facing the 5G opportunity and takes the lead in the industry to complete the industry. It will rely on the 5G communication network solution, build the end to end network connection capability with all aspects o

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/14

Core technology empowerment 5G orders growth Hengtong photoelectric help new infrastructure development

In the evening of June 10th, CCTV set out two sets of "economic half-hour" to broadcast the business development of 5G and new infrastructure. ICC news relies on its strong core R & D capability and continuously increasing output. Since this y

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/13

Chip Semtech announces that PAM4 CDR platform launches products in line with Open Eye MSA specification

News guide Semtech announced that PAM4 CDR platform launched two products GN2558 and GN2559, which has the ability of product introduction. The chipset is compatible with the 200G SR4 Open Eye MSA specification. ICC news (compile: Aiur) chip supplier Semt

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/09

Market analysis: LC: the turning point of silicon photonics application and industry transformation has reached

According to the LC analysis of news guidance, the turning point of silicon photonics application and the consequent industrial transformation has arrived. In the next five years, as the optical module market recovers two digit growth, the revenue share o

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/08

Germany technology expert pay Army: 5G/ data center optical module and optical device testing challenge.

In May 29th, the news guide was at the online symposium on science and technology. The theme of Dr. Fu Jun's senior technical expert was "5G/ data center optical module and optical device test challenge". The test challenges, existing problems

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/07

Zhang Zhang, senior engineer of the US group: analyzing the evolution of data center, the importance of independent operation and maintenance of optical modules is becoming more and more important.

With the evolution of the data center network architecture and optical module to the 400G architecture, the importance of optical module operation and maintenance is increasing. The mission focuses on the operation and maintenance of AIOPS and optical mod

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/04

The first online symposium was held successfully. Opportunities for optical communications development under the new infrastructure in the post epidemic Era

News guide May 29, 2020, the first online symposium of Xun Shi to discuss the opportunity of optical communication development under the new infrastructure in the post epidemic era. The conference invited the China Telecom Research Institute, HUAWEI, the

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/01

Equipment 400G Ethernet: a step backward NOKIA is catching up.

News guide 2020 may be an important year for 400G. In terms of 400G Ethernet, NOKIA is lagging behind many competitors such as Infinera, Ciena, Cisco and Juniper. Recently, NOKIA launched its WaveFabric product portfolio. Analysts believe that the new pro

iccsz-Group @ 2020/05/28

An interview with Xun Da Kang: integrating existing advantages into wave field

The news guide reads March and April, and has its own answer in August and September. Nowadays, the fast food culture is prevailing, and there are few enterprises that can persist in intensive farming technology and guard against arrogance and impetuosity

iccsz-Group @ 2020/05/27

Market forecast: demand for optical communications market will recover in 2021

News guide COVID-19 brings opportunities to the optical communications industry by changing the way the world operates and providing important services. At the same time, the interruption caused by it and the delay of many projects in 2020 can not be igno

iccsz-Group @ 2020/05/18

The live broadcast of HSI and you meet 520: explore the next jump of the data center optical network module.

News guide May 20th, Dr. Man Jiangwei, HUAWEI Hass optoelectronics expert, invited you to meet the stone live studio to discuss the next jump of the data center optical network module. Welcome to register! ICC news May 20th, Xun Shi joined Hass optoelectr

iccsz-Group @ 2020/05/08

Technology OM5 optical fiber will become an important choice of data center.

The news guided long fly thinks that the OM5 fiber has the expansibility and flexibility. It can increase the PAM4 rate and increase the number of wavelengths to achieve more high-speed network transmission with less multimode fiber cores. The overall cos

iccsz-Group @ 2020/05/06

Net profit increased 10.56% in 2019, and acquired 70% stake in Sichuan Hua Tuo and improved the industrial chain.

The news guide reading special information achieved a profit of 4 billion 656 million yuan in the year 2019, down 18.40% from the same period last year. Net profit was 346 million yuan, an increase of 10.56% over the same period last year. The main reason

iccsz-Group @ 2020/04/30

Exclusive interview: Newport: using advanced and innovative optoelectronic technology to promote the development of optical communication 5G

News guide read the world's leading provider of optoelectronic products and solutions provider Newport to understand how optical technology products will create value for the next generation of information infrastructure and Newport's vision to he

iccsz-Group @ 2020/04/28