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Mom, it's the highest paid job.

Mother's daily test is the most difficult. I heard God can't be everywhere, so she created her mother. The word "mother" is only a cry, and it also feels choked up in the throat and touches the heartstrings. The passage in "answer 1988

iBrainBaby @ 2020/05/10

Is the child getting up early, especially rubbing it? Wake up science, and give you a mother's kind morning.

At 7:00 in the morning, my mother called out Niu Niu to get up. Niu Niu hum hum, refused to rise. Mother dressed up Niuniu and pulled up Niuniu. Niuniu sat at the bedside in a daze. At 7:15, my mother was worried. "Niu Niu hurry up, I will be late for

iBrainBaby @ 2020/04/26

A refusal to explore the child's desire, will not let the child lose curiosity? (expert curiosity quiz)

Curiosity is the nature of a baby. Proper curiosity can also develop every aspect of the baby's ability. But if parents do not treat them properly, they will easily put their children in danger. For example, in 2017, a media in Hunan reported that Xia

iBrainBaby @ 2020/04/25

Don't force the child to recall his pithy formula again! The key to true mathematical enlightenment is to cultivate children's thinking.

Speaking of mathematics, do you have a close mind? Ah, count arithmetic, add, subtract, multiplication and division! Ah, logical thinking, solid geometry! Oh, children can't learn math well. How important a person's mathematical ability is, parent

iBrainBaby @ 2020/04/19

The 16 houses must have an activity with their children. How many have you completed?

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the Journal of science pointed out that global long-term or interval social isolation may need to continue until 2022. Washington state has announced that all schools will not start until January 2021. On the s

iBrainBaby @ 2020/04/17

Tsinghua University Zhao Yukun: pay attention to training quality, not teach children knowledge.

Parental anxiety is a worry about parents' uncertainty about their children's growth. In order to eliminate this worry, parents always have to design their lives for their children and ask their children not to deviate from it. Anxiety, tension an

iBrainBaby @ 2020/03/14

A letter from little love to mothers (live welfare, group guide)

Dear mother, good letter. Recently, how can animals be saved at home? Tomorrow is the 38 women's day, a special and ordinary day. You know what? In fact, the full name of women's Day is "38 international working women's Day", which was

iBrainBaby @ 2020/03/07

How to raise a self disciplined and confident child? This book is worth 8.4 cents and is now freely available to you.

Do you usually encounter such scenes: tell your baby not to throw toys around, but throw toys at you. When you say to your baby angrily, do you know if you hurt your mother? The baby just chuckles, or lets him not play with a water gun in the room, but th

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/22

What kind of education should be given to children? How to be a good parent? Columbus columnist recruitment

The world is changing rapidly and education must change. But for twenty-first Century, what kind of education do we need? What is the purpose of education in the context of current social change? What knowledge should children learn? The answer is differe

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/22

The daughter said, "I hate you..." Why do we often fail to communicate with our children?

What is the most difficult thing for AI Bei Rui editor to recommend? Is it the baby's baby feeding when she was little, or was she crying after she grew up? Many parents say that when they were young, they passed away for more than a year. But when he

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/20

The girl peeped at the neighbor's home on the windowsill. It's forbidden to watch animated movies 100 times. (with animation resources)

01 children all over the world love cartoons. How rigid are they to animated films? How fanatic? Look at the divine operation of the 3 year old girl and you will know... Photo source: when micro-blog sees this news, I can't help laughing. My father is

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/19

Female student suicide in Peking University: we all owe our children a sex education class.

01 during this period, friends circle was discussing the news of "Peking University Girl Bao Li was killed by her boyfriend's mental torture." Mou Linhan, a girl student in Beijing University, was constantly instilled in her "more than one

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/18

Dr. Liu Jianhong: teach children to be organized, as long as you use this tool.

Little love said: "Ai Bei Rui 4th anniversary Thanksgiving Thanksgiving festival is coming to an end!" countdown to the end of 2 days! Low price spike, cross category reduction, VIP discount three fold discount invite you to enjoy how to make chil

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/17

China's PISA score is the first controversial issue in the world. This is the kingly way to improve children's learning efficiency.

01 recently, the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) released the results of the 2018 International Student Assessment Project (PISA). PISA claims that it will assess the ability of 15 year olds to read, mathematics, science liter

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/13

What did AI BEIR do in the early education field in the past four years? What ideas have been adhered to? (with the lucky draw)

Hello, dear Bao Bao, mom. I am Wang Wei, master of psychology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am a worker in the field of brain and cognitive science for more than ten years, and also a mother of a female treasure. Over the past few days, AI Bei Rui

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/12

How to make children speak, read and read efficiently? Here are 10 dry goods to solve all your confusion.

Recently, the opening of the love Baini 4th anniversary Thanksgiving feedback activities, little love is more active, every day in addition to help you select early education toys, is to help mom and dad to answer all kinds of parenting problems. Actually

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/11

Kindergarten scores, children scored 0 points, so I saved the child's self-confidence.

In the movie "Milky Way cram school" starring Deng Chao, editor in chief of AI Bei Rui, there is a sentence that prick up the hearts of many parents: we are all learning to be parents at one time. For the first time, it means lack of experience an

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/10

What is the baby afraid of? Using this method to communicate with children is very effective.

What is the child's fear of? In December, the problem of "member day" was concentrated. Many parents mentioned this confusion. For example, when a baby meets a problem, it says "I will not" or "Mommy does it", or diverts attent

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/08

Are you yelling at the children again? It's not your fault.

The child who controls bad mood is troubled by his parents for life. Then he knows how hard it is to hold on to his children. Just like a recent news, Ms. Liu in Shanghai tutored her children to roar, but her grandmother laughed at me: you have today. Bec

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/07

After mom, I found that the world owes "bad" temper, and mother apologizes.

Before mom, many people were determined to be a good mother and give their children the best. But when you find your mother, you find that your children's life is a lot of chores and chores. You have to take into account the child's scientific nur

iBrainBaby @ 2019/12/06