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How to play outdoor games? The member of the Ai Rui member looks back.

Yesterday, (October 8th) members of the Ai Rui member were broadcast live. Did your parents watch it? During this period, miss Xu Yihong, a course designer of AI Bei Rui, talked with you about super and interesting activities, and can also bring outdoor a

iBrainBaby @ 2019/10/09

To cultivate math tyrants, you must accept these points of age.

1 Let's talk about mathematics. Let's talk about mathematics and mathematics. Speaking of mathematics, this is a topic that easily causes anxiety among mom and dad. The parents of the chickens worried that they were not enough to brush their children's qu

iBrainBaby @ 2019/09/04

How to help the baby language enlightenment? This book condenses the 30 year Research Report of Professor California University, and it is free to you.

Mom and Dad, good weekend. Today, AI Bei Rui combined with Hua Zhang psychology brings you the language of your parents -- 30 million words to create a stronger learning brain, by Dr. Dana Suskind, founder of the 30 million lexicon of University of Chicag

iBrainBaby @ 2019/08/25

Do you dare play with these toys? Enlightenment from early education in Finland

Mom and Dad, good weekend. Today I want to talk to you about a topic: toys. Children love toys. As parents, we can't wait to satisfy our children's desires, and buy him a basket of toys to play with. But little ancestors often play less than 3 minutes or

iBrainBaby @ 2019/08/18

How can we listen to children's reasoning? Psychological mother tested this communication method effectively.

Nowadays, when many parents are not able to take care of their children, they will no longer give their children a fat beating like the older generation, but will be able to bear their hearts and give their children reason. I thought you had been guided b

iBrainBaby @ 2019/08/03

AI Bei Rui Jingdong flagship store came to celebrate the mood of the whole series of boxes down and down.

Emotion is very important to children's development. Especially at the age of 2-4, the child's mood is at the critical stage of development, and the problem is frequent. How to cultivate children's emotional brain and improve their emotional power? The an

iBrainBaby @ 2019/07/28

After so many years of hard work, I finally succeeded in becoming a child who I hate with my children.

AI Bei Rui editor recommended parents, and I believe that few of them did not fight with their children. You say, "hurry home!" The child said, "no, I want to play! You said, "play the wrong place just a few times!" The child said, "I've played the piano

iBrainBaby @ 2019/07/12

Game therapist: why does baby new toy play for only three seconds, but plastic bottles can play for half a day?

One day, a mother chatted with Xiao AI and said such a thing: the girl is now 10 months old. She thinks playing with her is a very frustrating thing. Why? Because I can't feel the child's routine. The toys she bought had only three seconds of heat

iBrainBaby @ 2019/06/22

Gaining new knowledge! What does the "college entrance examination" look like around the world?

Today is the first day of the college entrance examination. In the day of the national college entrance examination for the whole people, we will talk about the foreign "college entrance examination". Is there a "college entrance examination&#

iBrainBaby @ 2019/06/07

Is afraid to teach them! Those who are scare children, then how?

1 do you have any special things to fear? Spiders, cockroaches, caterpillar? I have a friend who is particularly afraid of cats, from fear to. Now 30 years old, still did not dare tell the cat with a cat under the eaves, too close she can frighten hair up

iBrainBaby @ 2019/05/15

Treatment of child conflicts of 5 social skills

Love Beirui recommended a while ago, love Beirui launched Tsinghua daddy Zhao Yukun teacher "the children were playing, but also taught him to fight back! "The children will only destroy you teach this, many mother sent a message: the character of

iBrainBaby @ 2019/05/11

This holiday let your child "boring"?

May Day holiday is coming, mom and dad are going to take the children out to play? Willing to spend idea for children, give you praise! But, do you know how the child wants a holiday? Do you know how the child wants his journey? Here is a copy of the "

iBrainBaby @ 2019/05/02

How to cultivate the children's social force in the game? .

Love is the child's nature, there are psychologists believe that the best learning is in the game. To cultivate children's social skills. Here, maybe some parents will say, I do not know how to play with the children, only looked at the side, even

iBrainBaby @ 2019/04/15

Who said not good baby daddy! Can you say with dad psychology will play to parenting

Why do other people's children learn what is fast, my children always remember just learning content? Why is everyone else's child is easy to concentrate, my children are easily distracted, it is difficult to concentrate? In fact, these are associ

iBrainBaby @ 2019/04/14

Qingming is approaching, how the child for life education?

Qingming is approaching, there is one thing to mention, that is life and death education. See the "life and death" two words, many parents may have to turn off this article. Don't worry, you don't want to see why the children's life an

iBrainBaby @ 2019/04/04

China year published 40 thousand kinds of books, you know how to choose their children?

The ancients said: loose sound, sound, sound, sound stream crane...... All the sound to clear, and the sound of reading. The children love reading, is rich. We all expect that their child is a "Little Bookworm", while the Jewish nation came to ear

iBrainBaby @ 2019/04/03

Naked, loan repayment meat! The parents teach the financial class, don't wait to give children cheats, profiteers!

1 "naked loan" is a word we are not unfamiliar? Without collateral, only the borrower ID card hand nude will be able to borrow money. What kind of person, how to meet the difficulties, in this way to borrow money? Is the life force, no way to live

iBrainBaby @ 2019/04/03

In 1 years of scientific development plan, how to change a 0-6 year old baby?

What is the scientific development plan? In Europe, the scientific development plan is very popular. Nearly a hundred years of the birth of Houston child development plan, plan, plan and other cutting-edge beginners a lot of scientific early education pro

iBrainBaby @ 2019/04/01

The American elite also forced the EVA class class? Standford Dean in reflection

Love Beirui recommended a child is born, the parents is when we make a life plan for the children to bend over backwards. When the mother even gave up his life, just as a child. Did you ever think that we can not accompany the child for a lifetime. Childr

iBrainBaby @ 2019/03/29

51 to four days off, go out and play with children, how to let him remember?

Two days ago heard a good news: the holiday this year to 4 days! Very happy, can take the baby out to play together in a circle! In fact, the child before the age of 2, I seldom travel with him. Go out of trouble! Clothes, milk powder, diapers, wipes, wip

iBrainBaby @ 2019/03/27