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This big country is not an inch away from the sea, and the country is poor, but wants to build a strong navy.

From the perspective of world history, the development of the army has gradually shifted from the army to the Navy, to the air force, and even to the space forces. As the modern world, the navy is the most important type of military service, because only

hylszx188 @ 2019/10/18

Why is Ahmadinejad called a poor protector? Because he has done a thing, so far loved by the people.

From the point of view of world history, as a leader or president of a country, it needs to represent the interests of the country as a whole. Its greatest aim is to make the country strong and the people rich. But in reality, the presidents of most count

hylszx188 @ 2019/10/09

Among the BRICs, there are already two countries that are not well protected, and are becoming poorer and poorer. Who will be next?

From the point of view of world history, the development of the country is actually the same as that of human development. If we do not prepare for the rainy day, if we can not be vigilant in peace and danger, if we can not sail against the current, we wi

hylszx188 @ 2019/09/29

Monarchs in the Middle East are all rich and rich. Why are democracies poor?

From the point of view of world history, the development of the whole historical process is constantly moving from autocracy, dictatorship and family ownership to freedom, democracy and the public. The modern colonial era was due to the Western liberation

hylszx188 @ 2019/08/17

The most persistent permanent members have been sanctioned, and the economy has fallen by half.

From the point of view of world history, many countries have been produced, and most of them are very fragile. It is very difficult to withstand sanctions and long-term blockades. Especially in many modern countries, even if they are strong enough, they w

hylszx188 @ 2019/08/11

Why is Russia still richer than China after being punished for so many years?

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the whole Russian economy has been hit hard by more than half in the Yeltsin era. In the Putin era, he faced western containment and sanctions, especially from the Georgian war, to the Crimea war and then to the Syr

hylszx188 @ 2019/08/10

The only two countries that can deliver troops in the world, one is the United States and the other is not Russia.

From the perspective of world history, the size of the influence of the modern world depends largely on military strength. Especially for big powers in the world, military power is of vital importance. Especially in the global military delivery capacity,

hylszx188 @ 2019/06/20

The biggest obstacle to Russia's rise is that if it detonated, it could destroy Russia completely.

From the point of view of world history, the rise and strength of a country has never been plain sailing, and it will encounter all kinds of difficulties and dangers. And when each country rises, it needs to solve the biggest obstacle or time bomb. Otherw

hylszx188 @ 2019/06/04

Iraqi intelligence has determined that Iraq beat the United States, Sadam why war?

In the history of the world war on the enemy, victorious, so no matter which one need to conduct an in-depth understanding of the opponent, to determine the specific strategy. If the beat, find each other natural weakness, blow and win. But if it is hit,

hylszx188 @ 2019/05/16

A war in 1979, open the collapse of the Soviet Union's Domino and the Soviet Union, unable to get up after a fall

From the perspective of world history, many historical events that are interrelated and influence each other, especially for the war, that is a profound impact on the world situation, and even some small scale war, the impact on the world situation, now s

hylszx188 @ 2019/05/05

In the 19 year of Putin, Russia has really rise?

Heroes and leaders are very stressed the key role of the ancient Chinese, stressed that "a prosperous, a state funeral, so for the rise and fall of the country, a lot of time directly depends on a leader or the president. If the leaders of powerful, p

hylszx188 @ 2019/04/17

The funeral of Khomeini: 2 million funerals, 8 people were killed and more than 400 injured

From the perspective of world history, and contribute to the evaluation of a person, the core lies in his honor, after the death of airong. The great leader, beloved, and millions of people are generally funeral funeral. The most typical father of India G

hylszx188 @ 2019/04/17

Only the Soviet commander can sit in front of Stalin, Stalin personally decided to give him a privilege

The war victory, the key is to have several world-class commander, led the human defeat of the fascist, to win the final victory, the largest and most authoritative, the majesty of the great leader is Stalin of the Soviet union. Because of the absolute au

hylszx188 @ 2019/04/16

He believed in the end who moved the interests?

From the perspective of world history, the history of the people and for the country, in order to reform, because the powerful interests, and ultimately the miserable fate of ancient China, such as Shang Yang, although fuguoqiangbing, but eventually died.

hylszx188 @ 2019/04/05

This country economic growth in the world, the domestic experts said: fraud

From the historical development of the world economy, many countries have created a record of the most typical in 60 and 70s, South Korea has created a "miracle of the Han River, 20 consecutive years of economic growth rate of the world, the GDP incre

hylszx188 @ 2019/04/03

After the Islamic revolution, why Khomeini for the 300 thousand Baja Iraq believers "spare none"?

From the beginning of humanity, religion became concomitant exist in thousands of years of history, the world has produced many religions. And even the same religion, is divided into many different sects, and denominations with sect of many times that is

hylszx188 @ 2019/04/01

Iran's prime minister is dead: for slapping Khomeini, 2 weeks after being assassinated

From the perspective of world history, the Prime Minister of a country that is under one thousand jobs, is the dream of many people are not set, is a symbol of power and status, dignity can not challenge. But sometimes a prime minister, in the face of rel

hylszx188 @ 2019/03/30

The four countries, the United Nations is not recognized, and their mutual relations, but all of them down

After World War II, the number of countries worldwide have soared, up to now nearly 200 in many countries and regions, the number has been hitherto unknown. But you know, in the UN, in fact, there are many small free from the United Nations outside the wo

hylszx188 @ 2019/03/26

Europe's smart power, the 2 World War is now in an invincible position, very rich.

There is a saying called "wise" in ancient China, it is time to grasp the trend, to follow the trend, depending on the situation, to safeguard their own interests, it is when the world hero, is the most clever. As the country is such a country, no

hylszx188 @ 2019/03/25

The development of Iran good, why does Khomeini want revolution?

Hunger breeds discontentment "that" ancient China, that is to say to the people, the food problem is the biggest problem. As long as the country is growing more and more, it is for the welfare of the people, for the people, good things will get st

hylszx188 @ 2019/03/10