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Leading the new transformation of medical mode and talking about the new future of social medicine management

Leading the new transformation of medical mode and co operating the new future of social medical services -- 2019 China private hospital construction and Management Summit Forum - Roche diagnostic Innovation Summit held recently in Guiyang, sponsored by t

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/19

Social medicine has been awarded "three armour" once, and a one-time reward of 5 million!

Chengdu encourages social medical practitioners to take an active part in the grading of medical institutions, and give a one-time reward of up to 5 million yuan for newly established social medical practitioners of class three qualification. Author Jiang

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/16

DRG is coming. Medical insurance payment will change dramatically. Do social doctors perform?

Whether you know DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups, according to the disease diagnosis related group), whether you want to know DRG or not, anyway, DRG is coming. Starting from January 1, 2020, the payment of medical insurance in 30 cities will be tested on t

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/14

The latest file is down! 15 policies to promote social medicine, Shanghai clinic open

Since May this year, five ministries and commissions of the country have introduced the implementation of the pilot scheme for the development of clinics in 10 cities. The first implementation plan for the pilot development of Beijing has been introduced,

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/13

Hao Deming: the social development of medicine is facing great development. Three aspects of policy are of great importance.

At present, doctors can be allowed to run medical institutions, allowing doctors to stay in their posts and pay no salaries. Doctors can organize medical institutions, and they will be able to keep doctors in the public hospitals after three months. On 7-

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/12

Talent influx into private hospitals? The National Health Council issued a document that public hospitals will be drawn up or withdrawn from the stage of history.

Perhaps soon after, the establishment of public hospitals will be abolished. The market of doctors' free practice will be opened in all directions. Various favorable factors will encourage a large number of excellent doctors to enter private hospitals

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/11

In 2020, private medical care should be "valuable" in order to make money.

Making money may not be valuable, but money can make money. 2020 is coming. Private medical care needs more money to make money. The shopkeeper mainly talks about the medical itself. Wen / Lin shopkeeper source: "the ID:kanbingtong" has chosen to

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/09

National Health and Health Commission issued: this kind of medical institutions performance appraisal work is about to start! (enclosed with interpretation)

In order to further implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the spirit of the nineteen and nineteen sessions of the second, third and fourth plenary sessions of the party, promote the impl

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/06

The harmonious family home of the "post Fosun era" still faces multiple challenges.

In recent years, non-public health care has been constantly pursued by the policy of "Dongfeng". But even if the brand is strong like a harmonious home, it still faces different difficulties in terms of talent, medical insurance and taxation. Afte

hxyjwcom @ 2019/12/05

The national health and Health Commission announced 10 typical cases of illegal activities. Medical institutions need to be careful!

In 2019, some typical cases of illegal medical treatment were announced. In recent years, with the development of economy and society, people's multi-level health needs have been increasing, and the medical beauty industry has developed rapidly. I joi

hxyjwcom @ 2019/11/12

Pay attention! The number of private hospitals exceeds public, and three alarm lines for medical devices are released.

The number of private hospitals is more than that of public hospitals, but there will be more stringent supervision. 2019 the Hurun rich list announced that the biopharmaceutical industry will continue to flourishing and there will be more entrepreneurs i

hxyjwcom @ 2019/10/12

Ice and fire in society! What is forcing the private hospitals to "go to the wall"?

Dickens once wrote this sentence at the beginning of the book of Shuangcheng: This is the best era and the worst. The current development of private medical care is just like this. First of all, we all know that medical care is related to people's liv

hxyjwcom @ 2019/10/08

A "line" drew 90 thousand yuan heavy punishment! Private hospital management, we must pay attention to these!

Private hospital management is ineffective, even if the "suture line" is not obvious, it may incur more than 9.4 million heavy penalties. Authors: spore fungus has been fined 94250 yuan for a medical institution of the United States because of its

hxyjwcom @ 2019/09/26

Focus on the next draught of medical community: fast recovery private rehabilitation hospital

38 billion RMB does not seem to be a lot, but if the average population to 1 billion 400 million is very small (27 yuan per capita), this is the current situation of the scale of rehabilitation market in China. According to statistics, in 2017, the scale

hxyjwcom @ 2019/09/20

Remember! If private hospitals want to develop for a long time, this iron rule must be owned.

"Norm" refers to the standard of conduct established by a group, which can be formally prescribed by industry or hospital, or can be formed informally. Rule, ruler, mold, mold. Norms are agreed or prescribed standards, which are logical, objective, authen

hxyjwcom @ 2019/09/14

How did the hospital die in 2019? The word "stretch" is dead.

In the first half of 2019, a large number of private hospitals collapsed, and many private hospitals considered this to be the reason for strict regulation and the policy limit of the rural cooperative medical insurance system. Apart from the influence of

hxyjwcom @ 2019/08/26

The survival and development of private hospitals! Make good use of these three magic weapons "circle of powder" countless!

In the new era of private hospitals, the situation is: public hospitals are more powerful, patients choose medicine more rationally, government supervision is more stringent, industry competition is more encouraging, and development transformation is more

hxyjwcom @ 2019/08/25

How high is the income of doctors in private hospitals?

With the further deepening of the medical system reform in the country, the medical industry has undergone tremendous changes at present. It has a huge impact on the income of doctors in the system, especially in public hospitals. The era is progressing,

hxyjwcom @ 2019/08/07

The big supervision of medical waste has begun. Do not want to be fined, these 5 private hospitals must know.

Garbage sorting recently, people all over the country are talking about one thing: garbage sorting. From the beginning of Shanghai to the 46 pilot projects in the whole country, garbage sorting is on the agenda. Some people may still complain, but we have

hxyjwcom @ 2019/07/12

China's medical sector will now be divided into three pillars.

"Doctors must be independent, hospitals should be transformed, medical insurance should be innovated". Xu Yucai, an overseas medical expert in the medical field, has published several prediction opinions on the 2019 medical service. One of them is

hxyjwcom @ 2019/06/17