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How high is the income of doctors in private hospitals?

With the further deepening of the medical system reform in the country, the medical industry has undergone tremendous changes at present. It has a huge impact on the income of doctors in the system, especially in public hospitals. The era is progressing,

hxyjwcom @ 2019/08/07

The big supervision of medical waste has begun. Do not want to be fined, these 5 private hospitals must know.

Garbage sorting recently, people all over the country are talking about one thing: garbage sorting. From the beginning of Shanghai to the 46 pilot projects in the whole country, garbage sorting is on the agenda. Some people may still complain, but we have

hxyjwcom @ 2019/07/12

China's medical sector will now be divided into three pillars.

"Doctors must be independent, hospitals should be transformed, medical insurance should be innovated". Xu Yucai, an overseas medical expert in the medical field, has published several prediction opinions on the 2019 medical service. One of them is

hxyjwcom @ 2019/06/17

Analysis of the current situation and development trend of China's private medical industry market in 2019.

The development trend of private medical care is becoming more and more popular. In 2018, policy incentives continued to increase private hospitals, which refer to hospitals outside the state-owned and collective sectors, including joint ventures, stock c

hxyjwcom @ 2019/05/31

Hasten to collect! 76 answers to hospital sense control and management in hospitals

Recently, an outbreak of nosocomial infection in the Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University was notified by the national health and Health Commission. The incident was an outbreak of nosocomial infection caused by enterovirus (echo 11), which resu

hxyjwcom @ 2019/05/30

The national version of medical conjoined construction began to pilot. What is the impact on social medicine?

Introductions, in May 23rd, the national health and Health Commission issued the circular on pilot projects for the construction of urban medical consortium, and issued a pilot project for the construction of urban medical Consortium (hereinafter referred

hxyjwcom @ 2019/05/24

The truth is that 80% of non-public medical care is not medical.

The topic of non-public medical practice is very difficult. The truth is that 80% of public health care is not yet a "difficult" for medical authors. When they chat with non-public medical practitioners, they often speak a word of exportation. If

hxyjwcom @ 2019/05/18

Public private to rectification! Ban serious hedging department, medical insurance bureau punch!

Hospitals and departments can not simply rude off; and for the medical institutions, whether public or private hospitals, hospitals in the new era of health insurance, legal compliance management is a long live king. Source: see medicine Author: Xu Yucai

hxyjwcom @ 2019/04/28

Development strategy 2019 private hospitals: scissors or go?

In recent years, more and more reports about the expansion of public hospitals, such as the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University with "four Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital Zheng", construction of the Pudong new Insti

hxyjwcom @ 2019/04/13

National Commission Wei Jian: thorough investigation of the illegal medical institutions!

The "Circular" clearly, in the current medical conditions, can cure myopia. Finishing: primary care physicians commune recently, social institutions often have some claim to completely cure myopia in children, in this regard, the National Commissi

hxyjwcom @ 2019/04/08

People's Daily: good policy, shehuibanyi still need to continue hard!

Guide social forces to run medical institutions more easily? The patients are willing to institutions shehuibanyi doctor? How practitioners feel, what are your expectations? Reporter Zhang Danhua Zhang Wen "in a few years to see the patients more, our

hxyjwcom @ 2019/04/04

The precursor of hospital closures: your hospital is not too good, because "management"!

Determine the future of the hospital staff, often those obscure "devil details", such as complex process, difficult to cross sectoral cooperation and so on. With the changing of national policy, the increasingly fierce competition between hospital

hxyjwcom @ 2019/03/24

The construction of hospital culture which is stronger? The hospital was named the national health commission!

Last year, the National Health Commission issued "on the investigation of characteristics of hospital culture construction bulletin". At the end of 2017, the health care system launched the hospital construction work characteristic hospital cultur

hxyjwcom @ 2019/02/21

The medical profession development trend Chinese 10 forecast! Medical or a big development!

Source: Department of Neurosurgery professor Song Donglei Author: Song Donglei with the holidays coming to an end, I have to start the "fate". Department of Neurosurgery academic conference in Xiamen, in addition to academic speech, I was asked to

hxyjwcom @ 2019/02/11

2019 to sell the country to private hospitals, special rectification, performance appraisal of public hospitals (with 55 detailed index)

After the special rectification activities of the state will be in private hospitals for a period of 3 years, beginning in 2019 will also start the performance evaluation of public hospitals. Wei Jian: the National Commission on working performance 2019 s

hxyjwcom @ 2019/02/01

Lack of talent, lack of health insurance, lack of funds! The cracks in the survival of private hospitals also needs "to help one"

Author: Wang Junping this paper originates from the people's daily, central kitchen health 37 studio C public hospital overcrowding, private hospitals in a deserted house. The same is the hospital, why such a big gap? At present, private hospitals in

hxyjwcom @ 2019/01/24

The or canon values, method! What is the key to the success of private hospitals?

Annual sales of nearly 20 billion of the "right to health" fell, once brilliant, now the enterprise collapsed and founder, executives were arrested this confirms the sentence, "saw him rise from seeing his dinner guests, he saw the building co

hxyjwcom @ 2019/01/22

The 3 day bursts of 4 documents! Shehuibanyi portfolio.

Introduction: in 3 Shanghai bursts of 4 documents, the development of shehuibanyi again played a combination of boxing, vowed to shehuibanyi a place in the end, surprising! Author: Xu Mu (medical commentator) source: "medicine" micro signal in Jul

hxyjwcom @ 2019/01/21

Open Wei Jian Commission, insurance bureau 4 conference released a major signal! The private hospital in 2019 to do so!

At the beginning of this year, the State Department of Insurance Bureau Weijian Commission, held a series of meetings in 2019 4, the "medical health work" has made the corresponding planning reform, the future development of shehuibanyi, private h

hxyjwcom @ 2019/01/17

Public hospital reform is "pride", it is time to study the private hospital practice!

Health care reform in public hospitals, private hospitals should learn what to do? Author: Chen Jinsong source public number: doctor Chen Jinsong 1 study private hospital cost accounting strictly. Cost accounting of private hospitals is very fine, to buck

hxyjwcom @ 2019/01/08