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Who did the Indian defense minister meet in Russia? How high is the rate of Russian made weapons and equipment of Indian army? Indian Ambassador to Russia talks about India Russia military and militar

Author: after the conflict between China and India in the "kalwan Valley", Indian defense minister rajenat Singh hastily led a delegation to Russia, not only to participate in the Red Square victory (commemorating the 75th anniversary of the victo

huayujunshi @ 2020/07/11

The new turn of Australian Defense and army

Author: Iron current on July 1, local time, the Australian Department of defense released the 2020 national defense strategy revision and the 2020 force structure plan. According to the two major strategic documents that determine the future development d

huayujunshi @ 2020/07/10

Defection to the Russian police! It's not. How long will it be hidden?

Author: roswen, Zhu Changsheng, Russia is really calm! One year ago, the American police officer, who was forced to fight against corruption in the US Navy, sought refuge from the US police. He may not be a big man, and his influence and importance are no

huayujunshi @ 2020/07/09

US Army's operational concept in 2040

Author: Yu Baolin, the United States is making plans to further develop the armed forces and their equipment. Network technology and artificial intelligence, which can perform broad-spectrum tasks, are the focus of its development. Although only part of t

huayujunshi @ 2020/07/08

The reaction of lieutenant general Peter F Rev is a little fierce.

Author: Russian Russian relations with the United States are more wonderful. President Trump has made no phone calls to Russian President Putin since this year to talk about global strategic stability, world oil market price stability, mutual anti epidemi

huayujunshi @ 2020/07/07

Russian media analysis: will China and India fight? What are the capabilities of the two sides?

Compilation: Luo Si Wen, Russia's "viewpoint newspaper" 26 June 2020 issue issued an article entitled "will the world face the threat of a big battle between China and India?" In the article, Alexander Timoshin, a Russian military expe

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/29

Moscow has lowered the threshold for nuclear weapons use, and the new nuclear containment policy is full of bright spots.

Compilation: the source of rescue: Russian military Messenger, in June 2nd June 11th, Russia adopted the new national policy basis of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear containment (hereinafter referred to as the policy basis), which significa

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/28

India army and China India border are busy increasing troops, and southwest war is tight?

Author: Yalu Jun, according to the India Tribune 20, the India army has mobilized troops to assemble the front line, and the scale of troops stationed in Ladakh has doubled. The military has taken over the highway leading to Leh, and a large number of inf

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/23

The United States withdrew from Germany and touches the sensitive nerve of European defense.

Author: Shen Xiaoquan (senior researcher of Chinese think tank and researcher of world affairs research center of Xinhua News Agency) President Trump confirmed in June 15th that the United States will reduce the number of US troops in Germany from 34 thou

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/21

Russia's reflection on the Sino Indian border conflict and the problems we see from it

Author: Luo Siwen and Zhu Changsheng on the evening of June 15th, because of the Indian army's cross border provocation caused the conflict between China and India, the Russian government and the media gave the necessary attention, expressing their st

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/20

How long can the hegemony of the United States remain unchanged?

Author: Ye Zidan, many people are analyzing the prediction, how long can the hegemony of the United States continue? But most people, even a lot of big coffee, are only talking about how the American hegemony will be going with the method that they think

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/17

Russian parliamentarians: talk about friendship with the United States, but prepare for a long struggle.

Author: Oleg Morozov, member of the Council of international affairs of Russia's Russian Federation Committee, recently made an exclusive interview with Russia's national television station ("Russian -24"). He expressed his views on how to

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/16

Inspiration from the US Air Force speeding up the hypersonic missiles

Author: Xu Bingjun (senior researcher of Chinese think tank, military academia, researcher of Xinhua think tank, academic Plus, observer network, and Phoenix columnist) the HAWC hypersonic missile plan previously announced by the US air force. (US Air For

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/15

Us think tanks' judgments and suggestions on Sino US game

Author: Wood A few days ago, the senior research fellow of the Hodson Institute of the US think tank and Patrick Cronin, the chairman of Asia Pacific, published an article "do not misunderstand that China really wants to rule the Pacific". It call

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/13

The advanced tanks in the US are about to be delivered, but ultimately it is difficult to change the fate of the targets.

Author: Zhang Hao recently, a major event took place in the field of the world army. The US Army's newest M1A2C main battle tank began to be delivered. The most powerful M1A2C main battle tank was delivered to the eighth cavalry company in the Third B

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/09

Russian President Duma said that the United States saw blood and bones.

Author: Vyacheslav Volodin, President of Russia's State Duma (lower house of parliament), has made a great deal of comment on the United States. Although not long, it can be said to hit the nail on the head. "Democracy and achievement in the Unite

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/08

Why do you need to "pull" when you can't understand India?

Do you know what the most arrogant sentence Nehru has ever said? Many people in China may remember that Nehru in India said this: "India is either a world class power or a dead person." This is a famous saying he said in the development of India.

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/07

What is the purpose of the United States stepping up its withdrawal and promoting nuclear construction?

Author: Xu Bingjun (senior researcher of Chinese think tank, military scientist, special researcher of "Xinhua think tank", academic Plus, observer network, and Phoenix columnist) recently, the United States has continued to move around the issue

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/06

Russia will no longer exist without strong national defense.

Compile: the source of saving forces: Russian military messenger "May 27th Russian army building thought should be highly consistent with the nature of future war and global confrontation style. As the saying goes, "generals are always preparing f

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/04

What is the reason for Russia's continuation of the Red Square parade?

Author: Xu Bingjun (senior researcher of Chinese think tank, military academia, Xinhua news agency, "think tank" special researcher, academic Plus, observer network, and phoenix net columnist) according to Russia's news agency, Putin announced

huayujunshi @ 2020/06/01