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Why can't Britain be happy to have double carriers?

Author: Li Jie (senior researcher of Chinese think tank, military publicity expert, chief science communication expert of national military strategy subject, national defense education teacher storehouse storehouse expert, Naval Military Academy Research

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/23

Silly? It's not Trump's "dead hole" that you are poking.

Author: Chen Li Li in December 18th, the US House of Representatives "master" Ms. Pelosi, using the advantage of the Democratic Party in the house of Representatives, forced the impeachment of the incumbent president Trump, and poked Trump hard. W

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/20

What did Putin mean in this meeting?

Author: Zhu Changsheng, executive secretary of the Chinese think tank, researcher of Eurasian Institute of the State Council Development Research Center and special research fellow of the center for International Strategic Studies of the Shanghai Research

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/19

You can't mess up the "Ba tie".

Author: Chen Li Li, according to Pakistan's today's Pakistan, reported that Pakistan's former president Musharraf was sentenced to death by the court. This is a thing that scared the world! Do you still think you are not chaotic enough? Which

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/18

It is time for Kangxi to recover the "eight keys" of Taiwan.

Author: when Chen Erli was still in high school, "two principles" when he looked through the history of China, he found an interesting thing. Huang Tai Chi led the eight banners to enter the customs and took the Central Plains at one stroke. He fo

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/17

How much cost does the United States make on the Taiwan issue?

Author: Chen Er Li Zhang Di card must find out! 1 when will the Taiwan problem be solved? How to solve the Taiwan problem? A key prerequisite for making decisions is to figure out how much money the American guys are willing to sacrifice. This card must b

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/14

Ma Long is not easy at the end of the year.

Author: Shen Xiaoquan (senior researcher of Chinese think tank and researcher of world affairs research center of Xinhua News Agency) entered the December, and French President Ma Long's internal affairs and diplomacy were not easy. At the NATO summit

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/13

The United States dreams of hunting under the Arctic ice.

Compilation: the source of rescue: Russia's "military and political analysis". In recent days, the French media carried out a lengthy report on the 3.7% reduction in the budget of the French Polar Research Institute in November 29th, and consi

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/11

Democracy is not mistaken by "democracy".

Author: Zhan Dexiong (senior researcher of Chinese think tank and researcher of world affairs research center of Xinhua News Agency): Source: 2019-11-11, "Southern magazine" has witnessed decades of international situation and can not complain. Th

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/10

"Our army was on the edge of collapse": a historical reflection from the Russian general chief of staff

Compile: source of rescue: Russian military messenger November 20, 2019, Makarov's chief of staff's pain. Not long ago, when he met with members of the Russian military chiefs club, the former chief of staff (2008-2012) Makarov general introduced

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/04

The revival of the Chinese nation is an opportunity rather than a challenge for Japan.

Author: Peng Guangqian, director of the Chinese think tank, according to: in December 1, 2019, the fourteenth forum and international symposium co sponsored by the research network of Northeast Asia and the Institute of Global Institute of international r

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/02

Be careful! Some people have regarded war as an investment!!!

Author: there are tens of millions of reasons for Chen Erli's war. But some people, just one, dare to button up the trigger. For thousands of years, wars in China and foreign countries mean destruction and life. But only 200 years ago, Americans were

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/01

How does Turkey test S-400 with us fighter? The United States and Russia are pinching their sweat.

Compile: rescue source: Russia's "military review" in November 28th, Russian military experts believe that Russia's fulfilling the contract to provide 4 S-400 ground to air missile camps to Turkey will pose a great threat to the Russian na

huayujunshi @ 2019/11/30

Memories of the Chinese Air Force: from air combat heroes to air force commanders -- Wang Hai

Author: Xu Bingjun (senior researcher of Chinese think tank, military scientist, special investigator of Xinhua think tank, academic Plus, observer network, and Phoenix columnist) Wang Hai: a Chinese air combat hero in the age of jet, an air hunter who ma

huayujunshi @ 2019/11/27

Military and political training has become an important part of Russian military training.

Authors: at the end of 2018, the Russian army announced the outline of the Russian Federal Armed Forces' military and political training in 2019. This is another important step taken by the Russian army after the resumption of the General Administrati

huayujunshi @ 2019/11/25

President Peng Guangqian was invited to attend the "2019 NetEase future conference" and keynote speech.

In November 23rd, in the beautiful West Lake, the NetEase group and the Hangzhou Municipal People's Government jointly sponsored the "2019 NetEase future conference". Ding Lei, founder and chief executive officer of NetEase company and member

huayujunshi @ 2019/11/24

The United States and Russia are at the North Pole.

Compilation: source of rescue: Russian military and political analysis. In October 21st, the United States coveted the Arctic. In May of this year, he put forward a new Arctic strategy and incited the media to preach the US ownership of the Arctic. This i

huayujunshi @ 2019/11/14

What is the "blue dot network"? The United States also wants to use new "East" to fight against "one belt and one road".

Author: Chen Erli, what do the Yankees fear us most? What is the purpose of making every effort to build the "first island chain" and "second islands chain" by Americans? It is nothing more than to contain China. What is the purpose of con

huayujunshi @ 2019/11/13

Why do we set up the General Administration of military affairs? Resist the West!

Author: Zhu Changsheng (Executive Secretary of the Chinese think-tank, Eurasian Institute of the State Council Development Research Center, special research fellow of the international strategic research center of the Shanghai Research Institute) Russian

huayujunshi @ 2019/11/12

Chinese Air Force memory: commander of air force shining blue sky

Author: Xu Bingjun (senior researcher of Chinese think tank, military academia, special researcher of "think tank", Xinhua Plus, observer network and Phoenix columnist): with the founding of new China 70th anniversary, the new China Air Force has

huayujunshi @ 2019/11/11