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Two HA alone at home, did not expect to drown the house, the owner went home ignorant.

Recently, I saw a netizen's crying almost killing me. She came out of the cage and went home a few hours later. She turned into a pond at home. It turned out that the goods had escaped from the faucet and found it wrong.

hsqgx520 @ 2020/06/27

Xiao Er HA is always attacked by a dog, and his friend is puzzled.

Gou Ma: it's so dark. Surely not my cub! Since it is not my baby, it is not allowed to tear down my home!

hsqgx520 @ 2020/05/10

Two HA and uncle together to collect junk, will also help to see tricycles, dog son is also picked up.

There is a husky in Vietnam, which subverts everybody's understanding of it. It sounds like an exaggeration. What's the difference between this husky? It turned out to be a rejected dog. The pet owner picked it up two years ago. As to how old it i

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/23

Husky flew to the shit officer, but the brakes failed, and the tragedy ended.

Are you ready to catch us? Here we come! If you're not ready, that's the end. In fact, raising Husky is also good, that is, there is a bit of money to shovel shit officials.

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/20

My sister bought a husky, and she wanted to give it away after three months. What is this experience?

Some time ago, I saw a friend circle of a network friend who said he had added a new tiger. So I couldn't help paying attention to its dynamics. I didn't expect the ending to be undisappointing. A little expression, a look at the goods was not ver

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/14

Netizens bring two ha into the mall, resulting in a big joke, dog son collapsed!

A little dog can't love a little expression. It's afraid that a lot of demolition money can be restored. Two ha: big brother, do you say that dogs will die?

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/12

Without raising husky, you never know how much it will be "Sao".

Hi, everyone, I'll show you a hanging dog head who is kicking my beautiful head, melon seeds and hemp. This cage bit me! Do you want to feel the touch of my teeth? How do you do! (this is not a static picture) slightly slightly, has the ability to hit

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/06

Husky suddenly fainted, and the shit officer hurried to check what was going on, but the next second...

"How many times have I told you not to tear down my house and take my words off the hook?" "What do you say? I feel dizzy and I can't hear you clearly." Elmar, is everything okay? "Lie down quickly," "nothing great, take a

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/04

Two Kazakhstan bite his small toothpick, the owner post help, netizens: want to enter the palace as a civil servant

Suddenly saw a netizen sent out a help post, said it was his own two Kazakhstan and bitten the dog. He was very distressed. But when he saw the content of the post, he couldn't hold on laughing. What did you say, and the dog would start his own JJ? Oh

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/02

Worried about the two Kazakhstan family, the new yoga ball to give it, resulting in "tragedy".

A sister recently thought of a bad idea because she prevented the two Kazakhstan family. The owner immediately thought of the yoga ball that he had just bought. Host: it's very simple, that is to consume some physical strength. Then less than 3 minute

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/01

Two ha saw pigs in the countryside. It followed the road all the way.

Two ha: Hey, I've eaten pork, but I've never seen pigs walk!

hsqgx520 @ 2019/11/26

Two ha ran away with the country dog and found it after three and a half months.

A little brother raised a "peach face" husky. PS: there may be Allah's genes (hybrids). Host: it is very warm to people, and very quiet, and will not casually shout. Not long ago, the pet owner opened the yard door and asked two ha to play wit

hsqgx520 @ 2019/11/25

De Mu was very upset recently, and was recognized as "mother" by "little bit".

The pet owner raised a German animal a year ago, but recently she had a new idea because she suddenly fell in love with the ugly dog. I did not expect to bring back the puppy, but De Mu began to "bother" because it was a puppy (Pug) as a mother, a

hsqgx520 @ 2019/11/23

After raising husky, you no longer want to have other dogs.

It's fun to raise husky, but no other dog can give it!

hsqgx520 @ 2019/11/21

Two ha IQ is very low? How will the toy ball fall into the pool and feel better in physics than me?

A pet owner raised a highly valued husky, and his intelligence quotient was not low. Last time, two ha's toy ball fell into the pool, you know, this is its favorite toy. So the dog was very anxious, but soon it was quiet again. It tried to find a way

hsqgx520 @ 2019/11/14

Two, after being a mother, can we open the wild belt model and can the little baby dog grow?

Two ha, looking at the baby crying for food, thought, "what is this thing?" I press! I throw it away! I bite! I'm hungry! Tow away! Wa: the child of husky is too south!

hsqgx520 @ 2019/11/13