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Q2 profits of the three operators soared

Despite the impact of the epidemic, South Korea's three major operators achieved double-digit growth in operating profits in the second quarter of 2020. On August 7, South Korea's three major operators announced their performance in the second qua

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How far can MEC go in 5g?

Mobile edge computing is the product of ICT convergence. Combined with the increasingly mature SDN / nfv, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, 5g network has become the key infrastructure for digital transformation of various industri

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China Telecom transmission equipment construction and supervision centralized procurement in 2020: 31 companies won the bid

On August 3, China Telecom announced the successful candidates of transmission equipment installation engineering construction and supervision centralized procurement in 2020. The contents of this project include: China Telecom's ROADM network expansi

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It's been a tragedy for a month, but the broadband operator has been informed

These two days, a French netizen's broadband complaint hit the Internet. As a Chinese communication Wang, I can't help exclaiming "admiration". What happened is like this... The French netizen's broadband was cut off. He complained to

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What is the focus of 5g in the next phase? Huawei Guoping: focus on industry application and help operators succeed in business

With the freezing of 5g R16 standard, 5g has officially entered the second stage, which means that 5g will further step into a thousand lines and industries, enabling the digital transformation of the industry. What is the focus of 5g in the next phase? H

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Any enterprise can build its own 5g! There is a kind of 5g private network called local 5g

As the old saying goes, 5g is the 5g of Qianxing Baiye. In the future, there will be a large number of 5g private enterprises. Recently, a report on the global expenditure of 5g research will exceed that of the global public network in 2036. The deploymen

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F5G is the cornerstone of new infrastructure, and the era of Gigabit broadband is irresistible

What is F5G? Reviewing the development of network, mobile communication has developed from 1g, 2G, 3G to 4G, Wi Fi has developed from 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n to 802.11ac, optical transmission network from PDH, SDH to OTN / WDM technology, optical access

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5g R16 is frozen. What will R17 say next?

We are entering the 5g era of intelligent alliance of all things. Things will become more and more intelligent and will communicate and transmit data to each other. But communication requires a global language. This "common language" is the 5g sta

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Build new ecology together, China Unicom takes the lead in layout of MEC edge cloud Era

ICT is moving from centralized cloud computing to distributed edge computing. Different from centralized cloud computing, multi access edge computing (MEC) sinks the computing power and application of cloud to each node in 5g network, making it closer to

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"5g base station" made in Vietnam

"With 5g network equipment and terminals made in Vietnam, Vietnam has mastered the most basic components of 5g ecosystem, which is very important for 5g business later this year." Vietnamese media reports. Recently, at an exhibition held at the he

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Deutsche Telekom: committed to multi supplier strategy

On July 8, Deutsche Telekom's official website published an article entitled "diversity rather than dependence", which aroused widespread concern in the global telecom industry. The main contents are as follows: 1. Deutsche Telekom has been co

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5G no longer relies on operators. 50 companies have been granted self built private networks.

5G is not just an operator, but the vertical industry can own its own 5G private network. In the era of 5G, as the global carriers build the 5G public network, in Germany, a number of 5G private networks, which are independent of the operator's 5G pub

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How much value can 5G bring? 5G is the 5 great opportunity.

What value can 5G bring? We often say that 5G is merging with AI, cloud computing and other IT technologies at the junctions of the times. It will not only bring richer and more enjoyable experiences to consumers, but will also jointly promote the digital

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5G 2B business success lies in the edge of cloud network convergence.

Is there a picture that makes you instantly understand the difference between 5G and 4G? Photo reference source: Nikkei news and 4G are mainly facing the 2C market. The biggest value of 5G is in 2B government enterprise market, and the 5G 2B market is fra

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To build a new 5G ecosystem, terminals and talents can not be reduced.

Unlike 234G, 5G connects objects from "people" to "everything". The market extends from 2C to 2B, into vertical industries such as smart factory, smart city, intelligent medical treatment, and so on. Now, driven by the new infrastructure p

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NOKIA and Broadcom cooperate to develop 5G chipset

In June 15, 2020, NOKIA and Broadcom announced that they are collaborating in developing advanced semiconductor technologies, including new customized SoC processors, which will be integrated into NOKIA's "5G Powered by ReefShark" products. Th

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6G requires 100 billion base stations.

Recently, the "Nikkei Asia review" reported that with the multinational business 5G network, 6G technology competition also started. In the 6G battle, South Korea and China are in the lead. Japan's goal is to catch up with China and Korea, whi

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Wi-Fi 6 era, you need such a switch!

Looking back at the history of Wi-Fi development, from 802.11b evolution to today's 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), the bandwidth capability is multiplied by generation. With Wi-Fi upgrading from 802.11a/b/g to 802.11n, and then evolving to 802.11ac WAVE1 and WAV

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The world's first liquid cooled 5G base station is commercially available, saving electricity by 30%.

A few days ago, Finland operator Elisa announced that it has deployed the world's first liquid cooled 5G base station. Elisa said that this is the first commercial liquid cooled 5G base station in the world, and there are no similar products in the wo

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What does NOKIA think of Open RAN?

O-RAN seems to be getting more and more popular. A few days ago, GSMA also announced that it joined the O-RAN alliance. Among the four big device makers, NOKIA is the most active Open RAN promoter, participating in the technical research work of all O-RAN

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