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Predictions come true! The price of oil is going to drop tonight. (prompt for limit number)

According to the national development and Reform Commission, a new round of oil price adjustment window will be opened today (October 21st) at 24. According to the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission, international oi

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/10/22

[992 hint] the next statutory holiday will have to wait for next year! Big data tells you what happened in this golden week.

Today's October 8th is the first working day after the National Day holiday in October 8th. According to national holidays, it is necessary to go to work on October 12th (Saturday). This also means that the next holiday is new year's day. 2019, th

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/10/09

There are two kinds of life in the world, one is town life, the other is life.

Those years in the town are beautiful. It is as natural and cordial as old friends I have not seen for many years. I do not need to wear gorgeous costumes to see it, nor do I need to speak about worldly boast. When I see sunset, alley, sheep, smoke and sm

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/10/07

A luxurious flat villa, enjoying a wonderful life golden week 12883 yuan / rise, miss is no!

Every city has a model of the age of pride. It is the landmark that most people look forward to. From the world to China, different levels of peace speak of the same pride. No.1 Tomson Yi Pin Tang Chen is located in Binjiang Road, Lujiazui, Shanghai, with

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/09/29

Tomorrow is no limit! There are more than 60 National Day holidays! You need to know about these eleven holidays.

The annual National Day golden week is coming soon, and the scenic spots and travel agencies will soon usher in the peak business season. A few days ago, Ctrip released the national day tourism forecast report, which showed that "2019 National Day hol

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/09/29

Diffusion! Shijiazhuang people living in the old house. Good news!

How long have you lived in your house? 6 years, 8 years, 10 years or 20 years? There are problems that cannot be overcome by the following trees: unreasonable space planning, insufficient light, poor ventilation and aging facilities. In fact, many old hou

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/09/07

September 9th deadline: 36 yuan 16 live broadcast class, senior teacher please go home! (containing 4 physical schoolbags)

Have children found the right way to learn? Has interest in learning improved? How to train children's interest in learning correctly today, tell you 109 special grade teachers, in-depth perspective of the proposition thinking, a comprehensive solution to

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/09/06

Mighty! Shenzhen armed police joint exercises to deal with riots! (video)

In August 29th, the armed police and public security forces gathered in Shenzhen to train a large number of troops to riot, and the riot was drills. The scene was fierce, and the "thugs" wore a yellow safety helmet, carrying umbrellas, sticks and burning

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/08/30

The PLA troops stationed in Hongkong organized twenty-second rounds of rotation (Atlas), and the Macao troops organized twentieth rounds of rotation.

The Chinese people's Liberation Army stationed in Hongkong began its twenty-second rotation operation since entering the Hongkong early in the morning on the morning of 29. This rotation is based on the provisions of the Garrison Law of the Hongkong Speci

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/08/29

The environment of the university is not long, but the city is full of human aesthetics.

2017, Rong Chuang is stationed in Shijiazhuang, and will make a new life center with the city's cover. The three is the Dacheng center, which aims to achieve the vision of participating in urban growth with constant self-renewal. On the development of the

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/08/25

Admit it, that's why you fled the city.

Through the midsummer, the summer weather is cold and hot. It's a good time to go out to celebrate the world. Coordinate 40 kilometers west of Shijiazhuang, Wen Tang Town, Hengda ten Li Wen Tang net red residence to fight card! Driving to less than an hou

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/08/21

Super value, 59.9 Yuan Chang eat old Chongqing chafing dish 3-4 people meal! Speed limit!

- today, eat the old hot pot Let's Go in Chongqing. The original price is 175 yuan -3-4 people's package now only needs 59.9 yuan to click on the picture to buy the package. The contents are as follows: Nanshan must be: Laojun Mountain beef 1 yuan 49 yuan

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/08/13

How to avoid the worry of formaldehyde in new house decoration? At home, it is more healthy except aldehyde.

We try every means to escape the annoying haze and automobile exhaust, but often neglect the indoor killer, formaldehyde. It is classified as "toxic carcinogen" by IARC, an international cancer research organization (WHO). Many people usually decorate the

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/08/04

Hongkong army official Xuan: don't forget your heart and guard the Xiang River!

The official "Xuan Xuan" of the Hongkong troops was released at 8 p.m. on July 31st evening. @ the Hongkong army released the propaganda film "not forget the early heart to guard the incense river". As of early this morning, the video click volume has exc

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/08/01

Hebei! 1770000000000!

In July 30th, the Information Office of the Hebei provincial government held a press conference on "Hebei's national economic situation in the first half of 2019", which initially accounted for 1 trillion and 770 billion yuan in the first half of the year

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/07/31

[to the tide net red card] the water wood age + Ding Fu Ni strong help, the first forest lighting Music Festival in Shimen shook in August.

This summer, it is doomed to be extraordinary! In July, the forest lighting show on the curtain was still flare up in the voice and circle of friends. Come on! Now! August 10th 19 points -21 Chinese music best combination [water wood age] strong visit to

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/07/29

"It makes people laugh!" Last night's news broadcast told a ridiculous thing.

Last night, @ CCTV news reminded: today's news broadcast is a ridiculous thing in the "rice". If you listen to it, don't "spray rice". It turned out that the news broadcast in July 25th broadcast an international sharp comment, "who is bullying around the

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/07/26

Hot wire! Domestic oil prices will usher in the fourth reduction in the year. (prompt for limit number)

The report of the 21 issue of the economic reference daily, entitled "the fourth reduction of domestic oil prices in the coming year", was reported in the June issue of the economic reference daily. The article said that "economic reference da

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/06/22

When you rush to vote, cover your stomach.

Do you remember how that night's prison friend was burning Shijiazhuang? (PS: don't think too much...) on March 8th and 9, the happy twist "prison friend" was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Shijiazhuang people's hall.

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/06/08

Buying a car? Why is the public welfare now?

The whole department cleared up, missed no more! In June 2nd, Hebei Jizhong 4S shop north second ring and West three Zhuang Street intersection northwest corner of the top 50 enrolment has more surprises, scorching summer days also can not resist friends&

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/05/29