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[buy three to send two] crispy, small yellow croaker, refuse to fry! Crispy crisp crisp crispy crispy.

Stay up late to catch up with drama, what do you eat in your office? Of course, we have to choose non fried crispy yellow croaker. They want to eat snacks, do not want to gain weight, eat it too well, eat it too crispy, fish is sweet enough to eat small y

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/05/27

3 minutes of nutritious meal, less oil, healthy eggs, pie, soft and crisp outside.

Click on the picture and watch the live broadcast. It's a day's plan that a morning breakfast can give us a full day's nutrition after a night's sleep and bring us all the energy of the day. So what's your first impression of breakfast

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/05/26

On the 23 day, 3 new confirmed cases were added, and 1 local cases were in Jilin. Hebei no new! (prompt for limit number)

From 0 to 24 May 23, 2020, no new cases of coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in Hebei Province, no new deaths were reported, and no new suspected cases were reported. From 0 to 24 May 23rd, 0 cases of asymptomatic infection were reported in Hebei Provi

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/05/24

Don't eat lobster outside! The crayfish tail can be eaten at home, spicy, spicy and spicy.

Summer is coming. No one will miss the crayfish. Spicy spicy spicy taste of buds, the temptation of the red tongue and full of crayfish is really let people want to stop, but they always do too much trouble, suddenly want to eat, but also a careful prepar

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/05/18

Shijiazhuang people pay attention! The latest dental benefits are being released. Per capita subsidy is 3100 yuan. No limit to household registration.

The national health and Health Committee issued the "health oral action plan (2019-2025 years)". The action plan is clear, and by 2020, the level of oral health care of key groups such as children and the elderly has been steadily raised. Aged 65

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/05/15

Just now, Beijing's primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and universities have returned to school time.

At the news conference of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work held in Beijing today, Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the spokesman of the Municipal Education Commission, said that the vari

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/05/14

This lotus root starch is very special. It can eat 11 kinds of nuts and dried fruit. Supplement daily nutrition needs!

In the spring, a bowl of hot and hot lotus root powder is translucent, with a light lotus root and a spoonful of honey or brown sugar. It is sweet and warm. It is surrounded by spring breath. The old saying goes: spring health, summer nourishing, autumn h

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/05/04

Newest! 4 cities in Hebei announce the list of medical institutions for nucleic acid testing.

Shijiazhuang recently announced the city's first batch of new crown pneumonia nucleic acid testing medical institutions list of the city's Shijiazhuang health and Health Committee. Details are as follows: in order to speed up the diagnosis of new

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/05/01

New regulations of Hebei! Since May, motor vehicles do not meet this standard and will be scrapped. Authoritative interpretation comes!

In January 11, 2020, the third session of the thirteenth Hebei Provincial People's Congress adopted the regulations on prevention and control of emission pollution of motor vehicles and non road mobile machinery in Hebei. This is the first local regul

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/18

Super large pieces of flesh, sweet and crisp! 0 preserves Dangshan yellow peach canned, the child rest assured big stuttering!

The products of the 5 year old Dorset yellow peach can be sold for a long time. Some old customers say, "I don't remember how many boxes I have eaten at home. In this season of fresh yellow peach, try the canned yellow peach, especially appetizing

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/13

Important! The national highway carries out "100 day action" to investigate 5 types of vehicles.

Along with the continuous improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the acceleration of economic and social order, and the free passage of all vehicles on expressways, the traffic volume of highways continues to rise. Recently, in view

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/13

Hundred years of technology inheritance! This millennium rice cake can taste the taste of grandma.

Speaking of "pastry", I don't know what people will think of. Is the "green bean cake" that is imported? Is Q soft glutinous rice cake? Or Cantonese style "turnip cake" or "plum blossom cake" with obvious local characte

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/12

Sweet exploded golden silk sesame jujube, donkey hide gelatin + red date, raise Qi and blood!

As the old saying goes, "eat three dates a day, youth is not old." Fresh jujube is sweet and juicy, and a lot of people love to eat it, but without fresh jujube, dried jujube and jujube become your choice. Ordinary jujube taste is single, too swee

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/11

Heavy official propaganda! The opening hours of Hebei are confirmed.

The announcement of the opening hours of the spring semester in 2020 by the Hebei Provincial Department of education is to do a good job in the spring semester start of all kinds of schools in the province in 2020. After the study, it is announced as foll

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/09

Driving test, "two education" study, inter provincial and long-distance passenger transport...... Shijiazhuang's business has been restored in an orderly way.

The Traffic Management Bureau of Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau has announced the orderly recovery of motor vehicle driver examination business and the "two education" on-site learning announcement. The vast number of motorists and candidates

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/08

April 8, 2020 0 points: another Wuhan moment

Source: People's daily, NetEase Da Da driving test, "two education" study, inter provincial and long-distance passenger transport...... Shijiazhuang's business has been restored in an orderly way. Net transmission of Hebei to start school,

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/08

National mail! 88 yuan scramble filet steak + black pepper steak 10 combination pack! Imported beef from Australia is fresh and tender. More sauce, knives and forks free!

For a few days, I haven't eaten beef steaks, and I've never eaten beef stew, and I have a lot of gravy and fine taste. It's a joy to eat. When can I come back? Actually, I don't have to eat a steak in the western restaurant myself at home.

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/06

Mourning across the country, half mast and mourning!

Today, the national and foreign embassies and consulates are flown at half mast, and the whole country stops public entertainment activities to express the deep condolences of the people of all ethnic groups to the sacrifice of martyrs and their dead comp

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/04/04

Delicious yogurt with crying! We have your breakfast!

For breakfast, the office worker's brain circuit is breakfast = early rising = sleep not enough = emotional out of control = see who is indifferent to fast-paced life, breakfast is too late to eat yogurt grain Grain - ready to eat nutritious meal has

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/03/30

Can not miss the explosion of dried fruit, eyes closed to buy can not be wrong!

Is greedy and afraid of fat? Is there no solution? Don't be afraid. You can eat food and welfare. ~ Xinya fruit is beckoning to you. The selection of high quality fresh fruit gives you different taste experience. It has real fruit, sweet and delicious

hbjtgb992 @ 2020/03/28