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Vegetables buried in the soil are very strong against cancer and high in three. Eat a meal for three days.

The nutritional value of winter bamboo shoots is very high. It has the reputation of "gold clothes, white jade, and vegetable". It is different from spring shoots and summer shoots. The "low-key" ground is long underground and has not yet

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An orange tastes 5 flavors, but it can't eat with it. It hurts the liver. Tell the people around you quickly.

Oranges are sweet, sour and nutritious. They are essential for many people to "winter fruits". Although the orange is not big, it is full of treasure, orange flesh, tangerine peel, tangerine seed, orange peel, tangerine peel and processed orange p

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When she was 45 years old, she was diagnosed with uremia as soon as she was admitted to hospital, only because she neglected an unremarkable disease.

Frequent micturition, lack of strength and poor complexion were not good enough to eat. On the afternoon of December 18th, Zhang Minou, deputy chief physician of Department of nephropathy, municipal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, looked at the

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Anti influenza for children! Dong Youqi, a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Ningbo, opened up a prescription, and the parents turned around.

Source: figure worm creativity recently, the number of patients with cold fever has been rising rapidly due to factors such as weather, viral activity and so on. To prevent influenza, we must prevent today's invitation to the national intangible cultu

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The best match of wolfberry is not chrysanthemum but it! Nourishing blood and tranquilizing the mind, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, drinking and getting younger

When it comes to nourishment and nourishment, wolfberry is absolutely a "immortal fruit". Wolfberry is rich in carotene and a variety of vitamins, it can better nourish the liver and kidney, improve eyesight and nourish blood, and can enhance peop

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Winter is the "killing hole" for the elderly? Pay attention to these 6 points, and spend the winter safely!

Entering the winter, whether in the news or in the periphery of his life, it seems that the news of the death of the old man has been seen three or three times. He often listens to others: old people are sad. Is winter really a bar for the elderly? Source

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If you want your child to grow taller, this doctor's father's advice must be kept well, big health 208.

Health and big coffee Ren Yu: Deputy Director of Chinese medicine division, Zhejiang Lvcheng cardiovascular hospital children's diagnosis and treatment center deputy director is taller, taller, long stature is the eternal topic of parents, every year

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There is a "special clinic": someone just admitted to hospital and asked to leave the hospital. Since yesterday, it has been officially opened to the public.

Many friends who visit the anorectal department seem to talk about topics in their private places in consulting room or therapeutic room, and even take off their pants for doctors to examine. The anorectal Department of the third people's Hospital of

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Why do so many people get gout now? Half of the 6 reasons are related to eating.

At two o'clock in the morning, the patient was suddenly awakened by a sharp pain. The general pain of dislocations first comes from the big toe, and then moves between the ankle, the calf and the joints. The patient trembled and his body was slightly

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From fatigue to sudden death, there are only 5 steps! 15 body signals, one, you should rest.

In order to adapt to the development of the times, people's pace of life is faster and faster, and the pressure is also increasing. The biggest feeling of many young people is "tired" everyday. However, most of them think that they are young,

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Dabao congenital deafness, the two treasures in the abdomen are deaf children! Data show that over 80% deaf children are born by normal hearing parents.

The first child produces a deaf baby. It is pregnant again after two years. The fetus in the abdomen is still deaf. Gong Gong, who is 38 years old, really can't figure out why her husband and her husband are hearing properly. Two successive fetuses ar

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Standing on the chair and riding slowly on the chair, if you want to keep your neck and lumbar spine young, learn the good way of the director of the massage department. Keep your health big coffee 20

Yang Da Luo Hua: Director of the Tuina Department of the Chinese medicine hospital, the director of Chinese medicine, an adjunct professor of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, and a supervisor of master's degree. The massage department of Hangzhou

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The original "heart" really will be "broken", middle-aged women quarrel after chest pain, feel all want to die, was sent to the hospital first aid! The incidence of this disease is 7.5

When it comes to grief and anger, people use the words "heartbreak", "pain to the inability to breathe" and "broken heart". In fact, the heart is broken, what is real in life? Recently, a more than 40 year old woman in Hangzhou who

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The first big patch in winter is not the bird's nest nor the ginseng, but this homely dish! Four high and low prices run away cancer.

We describe things cheap, usually say the price of cabbage, it can be seen how cheap cabbage is in the hearts of people. But it is such a cheap Chinese cabbage, praised by all generations of doctors and nutrition experts. "100 dishes are not as good a

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Eat radish in winter? It turned out to be this radish. With one thing, the effect is amazing.

Winter is a good season for health preservation. But winter is also the season for the body to easily generate internal fires. Therefore, there is a saying that "people eat radish in winter and eat ginger in winter". In winter, eating radish is a

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The 25 year old guy has a bigger chest and milk. Hospital investigation, the problem is in the brain.

Mr. Wang, 25 years old, has always had a hard time saying: after more than one year of work, he gained nearly 50 pounds. What is more embarrassing is that his chest is also increasing. He even produces milk. In order to do plastic surgery, he went to the

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Massage? Yoga? Do rice character exercises? Massage expert Du Honggen: away from waist pain, this sport is the simplest and most reliable. Health care big coffee 205

Du Honggen, director of the Tuina Department of Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, director of traditional Chinese medicine, tutor of master's degree, Shen's tutor genre inheritor, head of "Shen Jingyun's famous tradit

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Beijing confirms two cases of plague. How is Zhejiang? Provincial CDC experts: not seen in Zhejiang after 1950

A few days ago, the Beijing Chaoyang District government website announced that in November 12, 2019, 2 people in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xilinguole Meng sunI Left Banner were diagnosed by the expert consultation and diagnosed as a confirmed

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Grandpa's negligence almost destroyed the eyes of the 2 year old baby. Ophthalmologist: there are many "weird" cases.

On weekdays, children love to play and make trouble, but adults' attention can be troublesome if they drop off from time to time. Recently, Dr. Chen Shu, head of ophthalmology in the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University, was receiving pat

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The 23 year old girl felt a lump in her chest and didn't care. After six months, she was diagnosed with malignancy. Experts: early birth and two children can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

"You can tell us where you are uncomfortable or when you are in trouble." Every Thursday, there will be a group of angels in the breast surgery ward of the Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. They will take their family members wit

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