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The 7 year old boy could not stop his nose bleeding. His mother panicked and took nearly 30 blood tests to see him. Raise your hands, raise your head and stop bleeding. Don't rely on it!

"Doctor, the child has nosebleed for three or four months, and the last 10 days can't stop. What is the disease?" On the morning of August 21st, Ms. Chen, in Yueqing, Wenzhou, brought her 7 year old son, Xiaojin (a pseudonym) to the specialist clinic of d

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Wet in autumn! People with these symptoms are too dampness! Learn to fight poison.

Although it is already autumn, we are not feeling cool. Yes, Li Qi is not the concept of Meteorology coming to autumn. Besides, the summer heat is getting heavier and heavier. So many people are still wet and hot. Photo source: the hot and humid performan

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Ice cream popsicles do not leave their hands. The air conditioner fans are fully open, and many of them are buried. Rheumatism immunology expert: summer should learn to be hot and healthy 198

Wang Xinchang: Doctor of medicine, postdoctoral, director of traditional Chinese medicine, master's tutor, national key discipline of the Chinese medicine administration and the leader of the specialty specialty, the director of Rheumatology and Immunolog

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The 6 parts of the body are too clean, but they are easy to get sick. Many people have caught up.

Many retired people are very clean and even have a little cleanliness. Sometimes, too much love is just the opposite. The 6 parts of the body are too clean, but they will become a cause of disease, and even let the disease go on and on. Come on, check, ha

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Children who do not like reading are mutated to learn tyrants during the summer vacation. If they go to the hospital for investigation, they should be careful.

Children like reading. This is something many parents love to see. However, Ms. Chen felt a bit abnormal because her son suddenly became obsessed with reading. Recently, she took her child to the hospital. The extroverted boy is suffering from "emotional

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Proper "starvation" has 7 advantages. Subtract the body to make life healthier.

"Did you eat?" This courtesy, often spoken by Chinese people, is enough to show that people pay much attention to food. "Who can not eat? It's just that the appetite of modern people is getting bigger and bigger, and eating better and better brings proble

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Hangzhou woman was sent to ICU in the middle of the night. She almost lost her life. In order to cure her stomach trouble, she swallowed it. Don't do it again!

In the summer of scorching sun, many people want to clear up the fire by eating supplements, and some people even want to treat them in this way. There is nothing wrong with the idea itself, but if we blindly mess it up, the cost will be great. (a picture

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The 100 sentence of ancient people's health is that good health is a great achievement. Pass it on to the people around you.

The ancestors have summed up many practical experience of health preservation, and every sentence is the cream. After reading, you will find that regimen is so simple. Photo source: photo network 1 thousand health care, ten thousand health care, mentality

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Wear a shoulder shirt to show fat, lower your head, leg, leg, cramp... This may be related to a bag on the neck. The massage specialist teaches you 5 minutes a day to relieve your neck and worry about

Chen Peng, the deputy director and deputy chief physician of the massage department of Zhejiang hospital, woke up with a grin and a stiff neck. These worries may be related to the riches and necks on the neck. Deputy director Chen Peng said, now too many

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A total of 10 children arrived in the morning, and the dog injury clinic entered the peak period. Which animals bite the rabies vaccine, which do not need, CDC experts for you one by one.

When summer comes, dogs begin to feel restless. Recently, some netizens broke the news that in the Chaoyang Ginza of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, a dog bite incident occurred. Two women and women went to the roof to receive clothes, surrounded by four dog

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Why diabetes is common in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and obesity in waist and abdomen is common? Health management expert Li Li: it has a lot to do with these points: health care big coffee 192

Li Li: medical doctor, Professor, assistant dean of Health Management School of Hangzhou Normal University, deputy director of health management department, director of preventive disease and health management center, Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Norma

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From now to three days, drink it every day! The disease can be swept away in one year.

Summer is coming. It is estimated that many people know that they want to drink mung bean soup. In fact, from now until the third day, it is the best time to drink ginger and jujube tea. Drinking it not only invigorating the stomach, draining the dampness

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It never occurred to me that the skin of this fruit could make the blood vessels rejuvenate! It's a pity to throw it away!

In the summer, pitaya is a good idea for many people, but under normal circumstances, the skins are always thrown away. Photo source: take pictures of net real! Because pitaya's peel is very nutritious, and it doubles nutrition by eating, especially f

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If both husband and wife are simultaneously diagnosed with intestinal cancer, will it also be contagious? Doctor: this habit hurts them!

Not long ago, a couple from Taizhou almost discovered the origin of colorectal cancer simultaneously: why is it so creative? Zhou Wei, chief physician of Department of general surgery, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University School of

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After 40 years of age, life is at a high risk stage. We should guard against these 3 diseases. Take a look at your family's health.

As the saying goes, age is a pig knife, knife knife to urge people to old! But in fact, aging is not terrible. What's terrible is the health problems it brings. If it is a minor illness, a small pain, it can be restored to health through treatment. Bu

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A grain of mulberry 7 herbs! Now eat, just season! Miss, wait for another year until today.

Sang Kan, also known as mulberry, as early as more than two thousand years ago, sang Kan is the emperor's imperial tonic. Mulberry special growth environment determines that sang Kan has the characteristics of natural growth and no pollution, so it is

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The first choice is to pass through the summer. Drink it with water, drink 2 jin of oil once, and protect your heart from cancer.

These two days are obviously hot and dry. Balsam pear is the most common food for health and diet in summer, but the bitter taste is not liked by everyone. In fact, summer use balsam pear whether to cook or soak water, the nutritional value is very high,

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Loquat is just in season, so it's healthy to eat and burn, but remember not to eat this part.

Loquat is rich in all kinds of nutrients needed by human body, and is a nutritious and healthy fruit. From 5 to June, loquat ripening is also known as "three friends" with cherry and Mei Zi. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "loq

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Eggs are eaten by everyone, but not everyone will eat them. Nutrition expert Yao Qinghua: there are so many principles to eat eggs. Keep healthy big coffee 189

Health big coffee Yao Qinghua: the Department of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine of the cancer hospital, director of nutrition department, director of traditional Chinese medicine, doctorate, master's tutor, director of the Departm

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Four brothers are slow in action, the second brother can only ride in a wheelchair. Three brothers have to stick on crutches. A family of three brothers suffers from Parkinson's disease. Can Parki

When the three brothers were forty years old, they had an obstacle of action. In the end, they could only get Parkinson's disease by wheelchair and crutches. A 90 year old guy also had problems such as slow action, and was also diagnosed with Parkinso

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