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Three things determine the pattern of life.

The anchors are easy to read. Everything you experience will affect your life pattern. Vision determines pattern, and big pattern accomplishments life. The people you met, the books you read, and the way you walk through, constitute the pattern of your li

hbfabu @ 2019/12/13

How much do you account for the 12 manifestation of high EQ?

Anchors Zhu Fubin source: Bi reading good book guide wants to be based in this society. Besides ability, EQ also plays a decisive role. So what are the characteristics of people who can improve EQ or who have high EQ? 1 no complaints, no accusations, sayi

hbfabu @ 2019/12/01

Training allowance 100 billion! Who will benefit? Look at Hebei people!

Professional skills upgrading action! You know what? The state devoted 100 billion yuan from the balance of unemployment insurance fund, and spent 3 years to subsidize skills training for 50 million people. This is the "315" project of vocational

hbfabu @ 2019/11/27

Large range of rain and snow approaching Hebei! Shijiazhuang the day after tomorrow or snow? And these precautions should be done well.

Affected by the strong cold air, yesterday, most parts of the province appeared the lowest temperature since this winter. Do you feel cold? Cold air force, temperature diving this week's key point: will keep cold! Xiao cloth reminds you that cold is t

hbfabu @ 2019/11/26

Rain + snow! Local to heavy snow! Hebei welcome large rain! It will soon be winter, and these things should be remembered.

Here, Xiao Bao asked if the parents had been cold and dry for almost two days. The East and West cold weather was increasing. The cold air in the East affected the northeast and North China to cool down. The lowest temperature in the central and northern

hbfabu @ 2019/11/07

Be an adult who can carry things.

ID:wennuan-312: do you have such a feeling that sometimes you are very tired and tired at work, and want to stop and rest, or simply quit your job willfully? Heavy family burden, so that you have to grind hard, have to bear the weight of the front row, ha

hbfabu @ 2019/11/07

Weigh! The 10 sector of the state + Hebei and other 6 provinces and cities jointly issued the article. For this matter

Recently, the 10 departments of the Ministry of ecology and environment, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and the people's Government of 6 provinces and municipalities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei jointly issued th

hbfabu @ 2019/10/18

Just now! 2020 national civil service recruitment notice issued! Registration from Ming Dynasty.

Just now, the website of the state civil service bureau announced the announcement of the civil service examination of the central government and its directly affiliated institutions in the 2020 year. With the help of Xiao Bu, the government will organize

hbfabu @ 2019/10/14

The 4 sentence is to let you see the truth of the work.

Anchors LAN Xuan source: People's Forum Network (rmltwz) is busy, and busy with no time to grow up, some people say: the process of work is not a good growth process? That's true, but there are limitations. Why? Each job must involve a large propo

hbfabu @ 2019/10/09

The latest heating notice of 11 cities in Hebei! Heating price, charging time... You must know these!

Today, 22 hours and 6 minutes, we will usher in the cold dew cold spell "cold dew" is the cool to the cold turn since then, the autumn is like the season of blood, after the cold dew, the morning fog fall gradually, the dusk temperature drops sudd

hbfabu @ 2019/10/08

Just publicity! Hebei intends to identify 17 provinces to demonstrate. Refueling for home

A few days ago, from the website of the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial finance department organized the second batch of declarations for demonstration bases of strategic em

hbfabu @ 2019/09/19

On this day, every Chinese should remember it!

The anniversary of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan in September 3rd was a day that every Chinese should remember. This is an unconditional surrender. 74 years ago, in September 2nd, Japan officially signed the surrender letter. 14 yea

hbfabu @ 2019/09/03

Ministry of education's latest warning! It's about every student in Hebei! Schools, teachers and parents should look at them.

Recently, the website of the Ministry of Education published the "prevention and control of bullying violence, building a sunny and safe campus on the campus" - the fifth warning of the Education Steering Committee of the State Council in 2019. When the s

hbfabu @ 2019/08/25

It is not only polite to receive your reply.

Anchor: maybe ten: ID:duhaoshu (1) don't know if you often encounter people who don't like to reply to information in your life. If you notice your work in the group, he will not reply later, so that you do not know whether the mission is successful or no

hbfabu @ 2019/08/10

The Ministry of Education issued a reminder! It's about children's safety.

With the advent of August, many students have nearly half of their summer vacation time, but the safety issue must not be ignored. In August 1st, the general office of the Ministry of Education issued the "tips on summer safety work for primary and second

hbfabu @ 2019/08/02

Central dispatch! Put an end to "parent homework" and strictly prohibit the publication of student rankings! New changes in children's schooling and teacher treatment

In July 8th, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued opinions on deepening education and teaching reform and improving the quality of compulsory education in an all-round way. "Put the sports subjects into the school entrance examination an

hbfabu @ 2019/07/10

Coming! 2019 Hebei college entrance examination, one minute, one schedule!

Hebei's college entrance examination results can be inquired! I believe the candidates now know their marks! How did the candidates test in the whole province? One minute, one schedule, fresh out! Come and have a look. In 2019, colleges and universiti

hbfabu @ 2019/06/23

Just announced! Hebei 2019 mid-term exam essay! How would you write?

The Hebei mid-term examination was held in from June 21st to 22nd. From the Hebei Provincial Education Examination Institute, the number of applicants for the Hebei provincial entrance examination has increased by 115 thousand over the past year. Accordin

hbfabu @ 2019/06/21

Early warning! It's about life safety, especially children! Hebei starts special action!

Hebei has entered the flood season, and also to the high season of drowning. According to authoritative statistics, drowning has become the first killer of primary and secondary school students. A few days ago, Hebei launched the 2019 south to North Water

hbfabu @ 2019/06/20

Hebei's heavy new deal! There will be new changes in your post appointment, salary and title evaluation.

Recently, the provincial people's Social Affairs Office issued the "Implementation Opinions on giving full play to the role of the market and promoting the smooth and orderly flow of qualified personnel", encouraging talents to "move".

hbfabu @ 2019/06/01