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How memorable is the most memorable meal you've ever eaten?

Maybe you can come to my house and try my mom's banana, black sesame, green vegetables, pork and fried rice. I stir fried fans, a chopstick is a plate with my boyfriend to eat hot pot, ordered a few ice powder, drank a few mouthfuls, sneezed, and then

hahabzc @ 2020/05/24

Tell me about the embarrassing experience on the bus.

In the last row of the study, a roll of flowers rushed to the front row of the first row of aunt, and the aunt looked calm and asked, "whose flower roll?" When I was riding with my classmates, many people had no hands. I grabbed my classmates'

hahabzc @ 2020/05/17

Do you know how many of the 10 children are?

In the park, a child riding a bicycle almost hit me. (mild tone): you must bump into me and slow down. The neighbor loquat is ripe, and my sister and I joked that I want to eat loquat, oh, my sister in the middle class of kindergarten said: "it's

hahabzc @ 2020/05/11

Tell me about those memories related to roller skating.

Studying to learn roller skating and then learning to split up the second year of the year, a roller skating rink at my doorstep broke my left hand fracture and went to the provincial hospital for bone setting. The doctor did not pick it up at the beginni

hahabzc @ 2020/05/10

Tell me about your experience of giving wrong directions to others!

When I was asked how many buildings I had in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I just pointed out that when people left, I was able to respond. The direction was to see the new students in the primary school of infertility, asking for direction

hahabzc @ 2020/05/01

What experience does a heart have? What tacit moments have you experienced?

Research and friends at different times, without communication, bought the same brand of ugly clothes in the mall at the same time. In junior high school, she helped me pack my schoolbag and told me, "Oh, what's so much of yours?" I even under

hahabzc @ 2020/04/24

What kind of experience is it like being a transparent person?

Research is probably sick, not to go to school except for the same table no one found that junior high school three years, because it is short hair, every time the whole class girls go to dance or show, only I and a bunch of boys in class, I remember when

hahabzc @ 2020/04/18

Tell me about the history of life you want to destroy.

When I was a kid, I was eating and pulling in a latrine while I was silly. Emmm should stand up and do Diego when he saw the last episode of Diego. Then he said to my brother, "I'm Diego!" This moment I am also the light "looked at the pri

hahabzc @ 2020/04/17

Let's talk about the great deeds of learning tyrants around you!

In the last second, we chatted together and ate things together. Next time, the teacher asked questions. She raised her hand to answer mathematical physics. At that time I always talked, and then the teacher in charge of the class transferred me to the sc

hahabzc @ 2020/03/30

Tell me about your most terrified experience.

At four a.m., I saw my mother come out and saw my mother standing in the dark with her hair in her pajamas and asked me how I could not sleep. The most horrible horror movie in the world is a mouse hiding in the clothes. Then I put on that dress. Ha ha ha

hahabzc @ 2019/12/23

Tell me about your first experience of flying.

I remember that the stewardess gave me a toy that my brother could not speak at that time. But I played all the way to expect the stewardess to give me something to eat, and pretend to be carelessly disturbed by her at that time. It seemed that she was on

hahabzc @ 2019/12/21

What was your first date scene like?

The study didn't talk about love, but once she went to the playground for a walk. She said it was cold. I wrapped it tightly in my coat and said, let's go back to the temple gate, the big night, the first date, or the first love. He kissed me, or

hahabzc @ 2019/12/20

Talking about the moments that are sweet to children?

Study the bus seat, Mom: Thank you, aunt. He: Thank you, sister! Mother is the child of a beautiful sister's colleague's family, and her mother's tutoring job is going to collapse. She talks loudly to the little boy and says how it can't h

hahabzc @ 2019/12/19

How many strangers have you met before? ​​​​

I don't know how to choose fresh vegetables. How can I choose fresh vegetables? How do I choose the most delicious garlic and ask me how old this year is? I doubt that my mother-in-law would like to introduce me to her.

hahabzc @ 2019/12/11

Let's talk about those pictures that you can't forget in your memory.

Study the eight gale of our school, and blow it up for a little girl 150. The picture of a little girl who has not been touched up for about one or two seconds has just arrived at the picture of cockroach on the bare feet of the Australian home hostess. I

hahabzc @ 2019/12/10

Tell me about the most tragic thing in your mind.

On the day of the study, the leader was scolded to cry. When he was crying, the leader went away and cried in the evenings. Fortunately, he didn't order a cake. Otherwise, he was told that he was scolded on the birthday. He would feel very embarrassed

hahabzc @ 2019/12/09

Tell me about the performance of a boy you've seen in love.

My boyfriend knew that I had knitted a scarf for my ex boyfriend. After I said that I was not good enough to trouble blabla, I recently talked to my phone that he needed something to warm his neck. I am really angry and have a big fight with me. I am a st

hahabzc @ 2019/12/08

Tell me about WeChat's experience of being talked up.

The research asked me a few points. I told him with his cell phone that he took out his cell phone and said it was very clever. I also added a WeChat. In the hospital, a man asked me to take the WeChat result. I gave a WeChat receipt code to him. Not long

hahabzc @ 2019/12/06

Talk about the experience of being biased.

Studying my mother spent 100 to buy meat for the dog, give me 5 yuan and let me buy instant noodles to eat. (I should have slept in a kennel. My mother gave me eggs for my sister to eat chicken. When I was playing with Diao Chan's raw skin, no one wan

hahabzc @ 2019/12/02

Let's talk about what you discovered but didn't break the window paper.

My grandfather accidentally broke the lid of the pickle jar for fear of being scolded by my grandma to my grandma, saying that it was broken by my cat. I saw it, but I could only pretend that I didn't know that I knew she was pulling up my bed curtain

hahabzc @ 2019/11/30