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2020 provincial arts and science line statistics, the highest 45%, come to self-examination!

How many provinces and cities have entered the enrollment database of this high school in 2020?? Pay attention together! Note: the data in this paper are based on the number of applicants and segmented table data published by provincial examination instit

gzxsjzh @ 2020/08/10

Henan a county high school entrance examination results serious brush screen: 11 people more than 700 points! School photos in the early morning, shock countless parents!

Source: primary school learning platform, ID: xxxuexiziliao this year's college entrance examination score line and examinee's results have been announced, and candidates are choosing the right University and major for themselves. At the same time

gzxsjzh @ 2020/08/08

Six million college entrance examination students are not eligible for undergraduate, 90% because of this! ID card 2002-2006 candidates, must pay attention to, or really not good university!

Recently, college entrance examination students all over the country are busy filling in the application form! But there are more students who have no choice but to study again or drop out of school! According to authoritative data analysis: in 2020, ther

gzxsjzh @ 2020/08/02

Heavy weight! Qingbei and other schools to strengthen the foundation of the program line exposure, registered students earn a lot! New high school grade three must see!

With the announcement of the university entrance examination scores of Tsinghua University and other provinces in China, the list of university entrance examination candidates has been announced! Please enter the registration system for information. There

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/30

Write a letter full of energy to your father after the college entrance examination!

Lele: in the two weeks since the end of the college entrance examination, we have met no more than five times. Each time we meet, we have fixed two sentences: "where's my mom" and "Dad, I'm out of money.". I wanted to have a good c

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/26

From 410 to 675 in the college entrance examination, I used these four methods to attack 985 schools

Today, I want to talk to you about college entrance examination. The reason why I wrote this article is because of the frequent changes in the national college entrance examination in recent years. Some sensitive parents may have already sniffed out the r

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/25

express news! Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other 10 provinces and cities have announced the 2020 college entrance examination score line

The scores of the national college entrance examination will be published from July 22, 2020. As of the time before the publication, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Chongqing, Gansu, Ningxia and Yunnan have announced the results of

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/24

From July 22, we will provide a special welfare for students aged 12-18! 9 yuan means 16 courses for famous teachers in the north of Qing Dynasty!

How did the first runner of the counter attack become? Hebei arts champion Gao chuxuan: Chinese 139, mathematics 141, English 147 ~ Shandong arts champion Tian Jingshuang: Chinese 137, mathematics 145, English 144 ~ why the No.1 scholar has never partial

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/22

Heavy weight! Just released the college entrance examination form! Be careful

Hebei Provincial Education Examination Institute issued the latest: 2020 Hebei Province Colleges and Universities Enrollment voluntary fill in the grass form, please check in time! The examinees in other areas also have step reference significance. In the

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/21

How to spend the summer vacation in new high school? All the students should learn from each other

First of all, I would like to congratulate all the first year students of senior high school. After the struggle of the high school entrance examination, we will come to an end with our study and life in junior high school, and rush to high school In the

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/18

How can the college entrance examination volunteer not suffer losses? We must take a look at this strategy~

Nearly 30 years of education experience has helped countless candidates to apply for the college entrance examination. Some of them succeeded in "985" on the edge, while others were frustrated that they failed by one point. However, no matter how

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/14

There are 332 days before the 2021 college entrance examination. The major events of candidates are summarized every month, and the important events are clear at a glance

Note: the time node of this paper is sorted out according to the previous years. The specific time arrangement in 2021 should be subject to the official regulations and the latest arrangement of that year! The period of July to August is very important to

gzxsjzh @ 2020/07/11

People who share the college entrance examination will share the arrangements for the 10 days before the exam. Every day, it's really too detailed.

When the college entrance examination is coming, the detailed schedule of daily exam is listed, so that we can improve and correct psychology, physiology and review scientifically and efficiently. 1 general rule 1. don't learn new things (or difficult

gzxsjzh @ 2020/06/28

Just notice! The entrance exam is 60 minutes ahead of schedule this year.

Just now, Guangdong, the second largest province of the college entrance examination, announced that the entrance time of Guangdong college entrance examination was ahead of schedule to 60 minutes before the examination. In addition, candidates must be re

gzxsjzh @ 2020/06/26

2020 when the college entrance examination is conducted, these matters do not directly affect admission.

At present, Shandong, Hunan, Beijing and other provinces and municipalities have issued the notice of the college entrance examination, so as to confirm the physical examination work plan, and the examination results of the college entrance examination ar

gzxsjzh @ 2020/06/21

Do not wear masks in college entrance examination? What changes are there in the propositions? Five heavyweight reminders! Don't hurry in June, cool in July!

This morning (June 19th), the Ministry of Education held a press conference to introduce the work arrangements for epidemic prevention, organization and implementation of the college entrance examination in 2020. As to whether the college entrance examina

gzxsjzh @ 2020/06/20

Just now! The Ministry of Education issued a notice of heavy lifting, and there are new changes in the college entrance examination.

Reporters on the morning of 19, held at the press conference of the Ministry of education, this year, the number of college entrance examination enrollment is 10 million 710 thousand, an increase of 400 thousand over last year. There will be more than 700

gzxsjzh @ 2020/06/19

Who killed the pupil, Mike Kexin?

-01- Mike Kexin, a little girl in grade five in Riverside primary school, Jintan District, Changzhou, Jiangsu. At 3:14 p.m. on June 4, 2020, after two Chinese classes, she rushed out of the classroom and climbed up the railing. 15 seconds later, she misse

gzxsjzh @ 2020/06/16

2020 the college entrance examination is the most complete guide to university professional choice. It is time for candidates and parents to make preparations.

How to choose the school and professional 1 for the college entrance examination students, first of all, clarify the difference between engineering and science. The science belongs to the research type, the working place is mostly indoors, the general des

gzxsjzh @ 2020/06/07

The second wave of autumn and winter epidemic is certain. Zhang Wenhong recommends the college entrance examination students: don't panic, forget it!

At this stage, epidemic prevention and control has been normalized, and most primary and secondary schools have resumed classes. How to prevent and control campus? Will there be another second wave? How to prepare for the examination? Let's listen to

gzxsjzh @ 2020/06/04