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73 thousand and 800, these cars you buy me recommend, really buy, I do not buy.

When you want to buy a car, if you don't understand anything, then you will definitely consult with your friends who know the car, or check some information on the Internet. But after the study, you will find that there are always some models. When yo

gzwcjs @ 2019/10/21

Monthly sales of 0 units! The gas field does not lose Audi A7, but the super ox riding race only runs 280 thousand times, but is it disliked by the Chinese people?

To say what car is the first choice of the young middle class, the answer is not unique, but Audi A4L, Cadillac ATS-L and other naked car about two hundred thousand yuan entry level luxury cars must be among them. There is a tendency for car companies to

gzwcjs @ 2019/10/18

Super tough! The Chinese luxury SUV of the 2.0T+ motor has taken a new record.

Some things, it never exists to defeat all opponents. It looks at the whole era. Just like a PHEV model, it has entered the desert for an unprecedented time. It has opened the desert cross country era of hybrid SUV. Its name is VV7 PHEV. Every year on Oct

gzwcjs @ 2019/10/09

How many cows are there in China? Production and sales for 10 consecutive years the world's first!

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. As a Chinese who loves cars, we can not help but recall the development process of new China's auto industry. Since the founding of new China, China's auto industry has gone through a

gzwcjs @ 2019/10/02

About 200000, the budget should be driven to be comfortable and cost-effective. How can these B cars be missed?

Not long ago, Skoda's new express was listed, with 22 upgrades and improvements in all aspects to attack the B class car market. However, the joint venture brand B class car market strong gathered, not easy to pick. Consumers at this level always want

gzwcjs @ 2019/09/24

In those days, 800 thousand landing depended on robbery. Now about 300000 is too expensive.

In the early years, the domestic car market is not yet mature, and there are few models available for consumers. Therefore, the price of vehicles will generally be more expensive. Some very popular or scarce models even need to increase the price of cars.

gzwcjs @ 2019/08/24