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Why do wealthy people all over the world rush to pay for Mercedes Benz?

Every car brand, every car factory is bigger and stronger by car type. And those brands with longer history and bigger body size must have some models that are crucial to brand development. Some models play a decisive role in brand survival and some are l

gzwcjs @ 2020/05/25

Scheduled to explode, 37 years after listing, Santana needs to be replaced.

Speaking of SAIC's first sales volume? It is estimated that many people will think of Langyi. As for second, can you think of who? And the answer is Santana. This type of vehicle that has been introduced into China since the last century is a truly po

gzwcjs @ 2020/05/21

Hundreds of kilometers 2.8L fuel consumption Land Rover, increasingly subvert your imagination.

Have you ever fantasized about such a scenario that the cars on the road did not roar when the internal combustion engine was making work, and the air was also missing the smell of the volatile oil after burning. The noise decibel plummeted and the air cl

gzwcjs @ 2020/05/18

Mercedes Benz is better than TOYOTA, and the area of the most tyrant is...

Buying vegetables in the north is often several tens of pounds. The South buys vegetables more than two or three jin. The northern baths love to go to the bathhouse. The South bathing in the home is washing the northern cockroach. It is the common insect.

gzwcjs @ 2020/05/17

Joint venture technical endorsement, the minimum of less than 70 thousand yuan, these cars enough to let you give up joint venture cars!

When buying a car, I believe that many people have such experience, holding one hundred thousand yuan, choose a joint venture car, it seems that the price is more expensive, not enough; choose the autonomous vehicle, the price is very low, and even can bu

gzwcjs @ 2020/05/11

Man thirty, what kind of car to buy?

What age is a man at thirty? Many people will naturally think of this as a year of independence. Confucius once said: fifteen, aspiring to learn, to be thirty years old, and forty to be puzzled. Today, the first group of 90 people has already entered the

gzwcjs @ 2020/05/10

More and more fire! About 300000 this car is pressing for the crowds to win the market.

Introduction: Ru honey, the arsenic Model 3! It has to be said that Model 3 is really a "magic" model, which can achieve "Taishan collapse before the same color", while bearing the pressure generated by various negative news, and on the ot

gzwcjs @ 2020/04/27

Liar! About 200000 of Volkswagen SUV claims 7.8 seconds to break 100. After the test, I took it!

Many consumers who do not know much about car knowledge are mostly from other people's mouth to understand the type of car, and the developed network is now full of this large number of keyboard players. Many of these keyboard players have not touched

gzwcjs @ 2020/04/20

What are the true stories of car sales that make you stop buying cars?

If one person tells a lie, he will spread second lies to round his first. After that, there will be third lies to circle second. Life is sometimes like this. Many people are always lying. And the most frequent contact with the scene is to invite you to ha

gzwcjs @ 2020/04/18

6 reasons for not buying joint venture cars, 50 thousand, these domestic cars are excellent! ​

With the confidence of national brands and the oppression of joint venture brands, these domestic cars have been struggling to express themselves these years. From design to materials, from configuration to overall quality, they have been upgrading themse

gzwcjs @ 2020/04/17

Lengthen 55mm, or 150 thousand, the handsome to dare not recognize the joint venture B car to return to the king?

Back in 2011, at that time, the B models sold in the domestic market, such as Camry, Passat and so on, all took the golden mean as their responsibility. The business atmosphere was strong, and the mature and steady consumer groups were the target of their

gzwcjs @ 2020/04/16

In March, domestic car sales fell by 40.4%, and Volkswagen's car sales increased by 9%.

By the middle of April, many people's rhythm of life has been restored to the state of years ago, but temperature measurement and masks are still reminding us that "today is still a special period". Even so, there are still a lot of consumers

gzwcjs @ 2020/04/11

The price is really not expensive. The 69 thousand and 800 cars are the light of epoch-making Chinese products.

In various segments of the market, joint venture brands have always been the object of pursuing and learning their own brands. During this period, the independent brand has been improved step by step, and the next step has been continuously taken. The str

gzwcjs @ 2020/04/11

Thoroughly refresh your cognition! 50 standard luxury SUV only 246 thousand and 800?

The introduction of luxury market has become a battleground for new soldiers. Many manufacturers have launched their own products, but professors still have some criticisms about the market. So there are these situations: if you want to have a luxurious i

gzwcjs @ 2020/04/02

Money doesn't necessarily have to buy BBA. These SUV are more powerful.

Because BBA is the choice of most people, but the professors think they are not unique, so the last time the professor recommended several more advanced SUV. The book comes back: money doesn't necessarily have to buy BBA. These SUV are low-key and hig

gzwcjs @ 2020/03/16

The same 150 thousand budget, of course, buy a more high-end SUV!

Want to buy six high-end 5 large SUV? Professor "price" to help you teach limited subsidy 70 thousand, help you grab the star LX! Professors subsidize 70 thousand, 50 percent off buy high-end smart SUV! For many consumers, about 150 thousand of th

gzwcjs @ 2020/03/09

11 million sales, 1 minutes to sell 1! What is the magic of this Honda SUV?

Comfortable runabout-vehicle, from the literal meaning of these words, we can easily understand that it represents comfortable and light traffic vehicles. If not, who would have thought that CR-V is the abbreviation of this English word? It redefines the

gzwcjs @ 2019/12/06

200 thousand of Chinese cars have a lamp value of more than 30 thousand? It's still the cheapest...

The biggest drawback of all expensive things is that they are expensive, and there are no other shortcomings besides expensive ones. But in my opinion, expensive things are more expensive than life. For example, the selection of the following wave car is

gzwcjs @ 2019/12/03

The lowest 70 thousand, ten hot 7 SUV, which car's third row can only sit the dog?

Lengthening, lengthening and lengthening. Nowadays, the replacement of a new car can never be separated from a topic, that is, widening and lengthening. But the reality is that most of the cars have enough space inside the car, or even slightly overflow.

gzwcjs @ 2019/11/27

If these cars stop production, their opponents will have to wake up with laughter.

In the film and television works, when the cautious and upright people fail to come to the end, we will have the feeling of sighing with the audience as the audience; but when the bad people are defeated, it is our general cognition that we have to blame

gzwcjs @ 2019/11/25